Cotton PJs

Once again this is adult erotica dealing with ageplay. It’s not about incest or anything other than two adults having fun.

So it was Friday. He got to the room first and hoped she wouldn’t have to fight the traffic too bad. She was planning on leaving early. There were a few things to do before she got there. Ropes needed to be tied to the legs of the bed because like most hotels the rooms there had fake headboards. And a few toys to lay out on the spare bed. Lubes, and butt plugs and that sort of thing along with some spanking implements.

He showered. It was like 105 in the shade so another shower couldn’t hurt. Of course the room was nice and cool. Thank goodness. He had more time to kill so he put on a pot of coffee and watched the ladies play golf on the golf channel. Boring to most, yeah, but he liked it.

She came in finally, a little red faced from the heat of just taking her bags out of the car and into the motel. He hugged her sweaty back and gave her a kiss.

“Good to see you again. Daddy missed you so much. We need some ice. Why don’t you cool off with a shower while I go get some ice. When you are done put on those sunflower pajamas I bought for you. And get under the sheet. Don’t put a bra on though. You know Daddy doesn’t like bras. Panties are ok.”

“But Daddy, I need a bra now. My breasts are so huge and my nipples well, you know how they get. Can’t I wear a bra please? I feel naked and naughty without one.”

“Nope. Do as I say. You can pull the sheet up over you but I don’t know why you are worried. They are thick cotton winter pajamas.”

“Ok Daddy, but don’t tell anyone.”

“Of course not. What we do doesn’t leave the room.”

He left and she got in the shower and made the water as cold as she could stand it. Of course this make her nipples hard and she pinched them. Hoping that Daddy would play with them later. She just didn’t want to seem like a slut. She washed her shaved pussy and her clit was already throbbing. She was a good girl and didn’t cum in the morning but she did last night. As usual.

He piddled around the kitchen area until she was done and in bed under the sheet. He undressed and crawled in beside her.

“Turn over girl and rest your head on Daddy’s chest.”

“Daddy, you took your shirt off?”

“Yes, I took everything off.”

“Oh Daddy, that’s so wrong.”

“Why? Don’t you remember last month? All the naughty things we did all weekend. You weren’t shy then.”

“I was a first. And besides, it’s not nice.”

“But I bet you miss sucking on Daddy’s big cock.”

“Don’t Daddy. Don’t talk nasty.”

“But you sucked it so good. So many times I lost count. I bet you want to suck it right now. It’s hard like you like it. Just touch it.”

“Mmmm it is hard Daddy. Just like my nipples get hard.”

“Did you pinch your nipples last night when you touched yourself?”

“What Daddy? That’s so wrong. Why would I do that?”

“Because you do it every night. You told me that last time. You weren’t lying were you?”

“No Daddy, I can’t help it. It’s just the way I am.”

“Well, I was going to let you suck my cock again. But if its so wrong maybe we’ll wait until next month.”

“Daddy! No! You know I was just pretending to be good. I’m still your little slut. And it does need sucking right Daddy? Are you full for me again?”

“Yes, but the night is young. Show me your breasts.”

“Oh God, Daddy, no. They are huge and ugly and my nipples are like ice cubes right now. Please just let me suck it and I won’t be so shy after that.”

But Daddy just rolled her over on her back and pulled the top over her breasts without bothering with the buttons. Then he sucked and nibbled on her hard nipples like only he knew how while pinning her arms to the bed. She felt helpless yet so excited. She squirmed underneath him and wanted his big cock inside her.

“You have waited too long so now it’s my turn.”

Daddy pulled off her bottoms and panties at the same time. She tried to stop him but it was too late. He rolled her over on her side and pried her legs open and got into a sideways sixty-nine. Her hungry mouth engulfed his Daddy cock but she knew she’d be too excited to please him. For now. As his tongue was pressed to her aching clit and she was getting herself off by moving underneath him. He lapped down to her wet slit and stuck his tongue deep in her pussy just to taste her. She wanted it back on her clit. She knew how quickly he could make her cum and she wanted it bad. With a mouth full of cock she didn’t bother to ask. She just moaned into his cock and her whole lower body trembled as she had a strong orgasm. Much better than her slutty finger could ever give her.

“Now you are ready to suck me off slut?”

“Oh yes Daddy, please let me suck you dry and lets fuck everyway we can and you can spank my ass and fuck it too if you want. I’m not a good girl and I don’t even want to pretend to be one with you today Daddy. Use me for your pleasure.”

“Well you are right about my balls being full. It would be a shame to waste all that Daddy cum, now wouldn’t it? Of course I’ll have to spank your ass for being such a naughty little cocksucker after I cum. And I might just have to lick that pussy again. But tie you up and lick it for my pleasure before I get you off again. You can suck me now.”

She sucked Daddy so well. Made he wonder how she did it and he thought maybe she should write a “how to” book rather than think about that he just laid back and enjoyed it. It felt so big and meaty in her mouth and she couldn’t wait to have him claim all her holes. But that first suck she really enjoyed. How he made her stop sucking right before he came and just exploded in her mouth.

“Come here and give Daddy a kiss. I want to taste my cock on your tongue and hold off a little longer before I feed you my dinner.”

He could taste his cock on her lips and tongue. Not as sweet as her pussy juice but not unpleasant either. He wrapped his hand in her hair and guided her head back down there. He followed her motion for a bit then pressed a little deeper like he was fucking her face. She wet her finger with her pussy juice and titillated his anus. That sent him growling over the edge and he came what felt like forever.

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Enjoy your weekend


So there she was. Tied to the bed. Blindfolded. The ankle restraints were connected to thigh restraints that kept her knees in a fully bend position then tied down to the bed spreading her legs so her puffy pink pussy was completely exposed to any mischief Daddy could conjure up. She was waiting for the clothes pins he liked to use. Or perhaps some dripping wax and ice.

But he had an evil plan tonight. A not so nice one. Assorted rubber bands. He was making a slingshot looking thing with the band between the V of his fingers like we all did as a kid. Or most of us anyway. The he started popping her with it. Sensitive areas like nipples, inner thighs, shaved pussy, and pussy lips. She didn’t like it and cringed every time his fingers pressed against her skin knowing the band would be pulled and released with a “Pop.”

But he just laughed each time when she whimpered.

“Who says this is all about you, anyway, my pet? Daddy can do anything he wants. Within reason of course. You do have your safe word but also you have pride and don’t want to think you need it. How about right here on your erect clit?”

He popped her hard right on her most sensitive part. Her whole body almost came off the bed.

“I know what you are thinking. Just let me get a hold of one of those bands and show him how it feels. Two bad we aren’t switches.”

She felt the cool lube being spread on her naughty anal opening. Then probing by one of Daddy’s fingers.

“I’ll make you a deal. And you know my deals with you are always carried out. I’m going to lube up the big plug. And by big I mean not the little jeweled steel one but the one I use to get you ready for my cock. If you can take it without acting like a baby and I mean no vocal sound at all, the rubber bands will be put away. You can fight the ropes and move your hips but not a sound from your mouth or throat. Think about this being World War Two and there are Nazis in the next room and we’ll both die if they hear you. I’m not going to ease it in real slow or jam it in quickly. Just steadily push it in. I think you can handle it. I’ve fucked your ass enough to where you should be able to. So not a sound, ok?”

“Yes, Daddy, anything to make you stop that mean play.”

“Well, we aren’t done here, but I promise no more bands if you are good. Here we go. It’s nice and wet and so are you.”

She tensed up when the fat part disappeared in her ass but didn’t dare make a sound. He patted her ass and stepped away to wash his hands.

“Guess how many fingers I’m putting in your pussy?”

“Two Daddy?”

“Nope, just one. Don’t know why you think they are so big. This is what two feels like.”

She whimpered because his fingers did hurt for some odd reason. Then relief as they were pulled out. Having her ass plugged made her cunt even tighter. She felt the wet fingers pressing against her mouth and sucked them in.

“You like the way you taste, don’t you my nasty girl?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“We still need to find some pussy eating cute female to suck on your pussy while you suck my cock. I know you don’t have a bi bone in your body but I guess it turns you on if it turns on Daddy, right?”

“Yes Daddy. I’ve thought about it more than once.”

“Some things are better left to fantasy. But you do taste so good. I’d like a second opinion one day. But lets continue on. See how many clothes pins your pussy can take today.”

“But Daddy, you said you’d be nice if I took the plug?”

“I said no more bands. Come on, you like this. It gets you so wet.”

Normally Daddy put the on really slow but this time it was like he was in a hurry and it made it hurt all the more. But at least no more damn popping with the evil bands. The two on her nipples hurt pretty bad because he put them both on at the same time with no warning.

“I thought you liked to be tortured? Maybe if Daddy licks your little clit you won’t notice the pins so much.”

He just touched his hot tongue to her clit and she started moving her hips. That’s really all he ever had to do to get her off. It took a few times to figure that out but once he did he could get her off at will. Then he stopped for a second.

“Now I know you are going to ask to cum soon. And I’ll say yes when you do, but wait until my cock is inside you to stop cumming.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He went back to licking her clit as he slowly fucked her ass with the butt plug. It didn’t take her very long.

“May I cum, Daddy?”

He didn’t answer. He just pulled all the pins off her pussy and plunged his cock deep in her cunt. She started to cum and then she screamed when he jerked the clothes pins off her nipples. He kept his cock deep inside her so she couldn’t push it out with her strong muscles, but she did push the plug out. He waited until all the contractions stopped and then freed her and rolled over on his back.

“Now finish Daddy off with your slutty mouth and enjoy his three day load before he fucks your ass in a little bit.”

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Snowy Anal Fuck

It was snowing in March. Not unusual for the North Carolina mountains. They were heading up for a week at a cabin they reserved for a couple of nights. It was on the way so she picked him up. By the time they got close to Franklin it was snowing but the weather guys said no more than two inches or so. But it was pretty. Huge flakes the size of sand dollars almost.

The cabin was very nice. It had two fireplaces, on in the den and one in the Master bedroom both ready to light with just a match. A huge heart shaped bathtub was in the bathroom. No neighbors within sight and down the hill was a mountain lake with a dock on the property.

They lit the fires then walked down to the boathouse and pulled a couple of chairs out on the dock to watch it snow for a while. Quite a change from midsummer of 2010 when it got almost too hot to even breathe.

Daddy was getting cold so they headed in. He ran a bath with some green nice smelling bath salts. He slowly washed her and shaved her legs in a pampering way. Then it was her turn to wash Daddy with the soft sea sponge.

They dried each other off and headed for the bedroom. It was a nice canopy oak bed probably a hundred of more years old. He helped her into bed, pried open her legs in a sideways sixty-nine and started licking her puffy shaved sex the way she liked it. She was very sensitive down there but Daddy knew just how to drive her crazy. He made her cum three times then he rolled over on his back so she could concentrate fully on his cock.

She loved sucking Daddy’s cock and did it better than anyone. But that day, she was so turned on it was pretty obvious just with the enthusiastic way she was sucking it. Like it was turning her on more than usual. Before long he was cumming down her hungry throat.

They were both hungry so they went into the kitchen and made a couple of wraps to eat. They had stopped at a deli on the way in. They made the mistake of not eating the first night they spent together so they always made it a point of eating after that.

They sat on the large leather couch watching the fire. He opened her robe and started sucking and nibbling and biting on her hard nipples. This always drove her crazy.

“Sit on my cock, baby. Ride Daddy’s big cock.”

Her wet pussy slid down Daddy’s cock until it was all the way and hitting that spot inside her as she slowly seductively danced on his cock. Something about his cock just felt almost too good when she was on top.

“Daddy, may I cum please?”

“Yes, if you want, just don’t stop fucking my cock until I tell you. I don’t care how many times you cum.”

She lost count of how many times she came and was just glad she didn’t gush all over the nice couch.

“Get on the rug baby. Let me fuck you from behind so Daddy can cum.”

He fucked her hard, almost violently from behind slapping her ass and calling her every dirty name he could think of. His thrusts slapped against her in a body thud almost pushing her off the rug. He grabbed her hips and helped her fuck back as his cock was like some piston from a callous machine that just wouldn’t quit. She tightened her cunt trying to help Daddy to cum.

Abruptly, he pulled out and greased up his cock with the lube on the side table and quickly explored her ass with a wet finger. Then he slammed his cock deep in her ass. She wanted to scream as if felt he was splitting her in two, but it quickly subsided and felt good.

“Yes, Daddy, fuck my ass, Sir. I want your cum there deep inside my naughty little hole. I took it well, didn’t I Daddy? Is my ass tight for you?”

“Fuck yeah, you little anal slut. It’s so fucking tight and you did so well. Feels so good I’m going to cum soon. I’ll hold it still like we do in your mouth so you can feel every pulse, every squirt. Nice girls don’t like to get fucked this much in their ass, if at all. I’ll have to spank you later.”

“Cum Daddy, please. Come in your dirty slut’s ass. I want all your cum. Please?”

“I’m going to cum!”

He grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her head back as his cock emptied what cum he had left in her tight sweet ass where only his cock had ever been.

“Oh God, Daddy, I felt every squirt. Please leave your big cock in while I touch my clit. I want to cum on your cock so bad.”

“Ok baby, but that might want me to keep fucking it after you cum.”

“That’s fine, Daddy; it’s your ass to fuck.”

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Tonight Daddy took her to a bdsm club. They didn’t stay long, an hour or so. And she would never want to play in public anyway. Daddy isn’t into the public scene much either.

When they got back to the room, Daddy tied her standing to the bathroom door using the over-the-door D hook he had made. Her legs were spread wide by the spreader bar. Wrist restraints clipped to the D ring with a panic snap. He wrapped the cotton scarf around her eyes a couple of times and tied it off at the back of her head.

“Some clothes pins would feel nice on those nipples I bet,” he said as he pinched her hard nipples between the sanded wooden ends.

“So you are inspired tonight, Daddy?”

“I’m always inspired. Your ass looks so hot tonight. I think I’ll have to fuck it later. Right now I want to spank it a few times.”

He slapped her ass hard. Each cheek about fifteen times then he pressed his body against hers. She could feel his hot hard cock against her ass and it made her even wetter. He bit her shoulder and squeezed her breasts. The pins were making her nipples ache. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back.

“Don’t worry. Just the flogger tonight. No scary toys or ugly red welts. But I reserve the right to change my mind. Did you notice how the cute little boyish looking slave girl with the big breasted Domme kept looking at you? I think she wanted to eat your pussy. I almost asked the Mistress if she would allow it. Of course I’d have to coach her on how to do it properly since your puffy little pussy is so sensitive. Who knows, you might enjoy it if you had my cock to suck on while she was doing it”


“Not to be mean Daddy, but I think you were just having wishful thinking. You have a thing for lesbians I know.”

“Eh, I don’t know if that’s true or not. Perhaps. Maybe more so just to observe one enjoying your sweet pussy. But yes, just a fantasy.”

He began to flog her upper back, buttocks, and thighs. Not very hard, in fact she wanted harder but she knew he was just warming her up. He reached down and filled her wet juicy pussy with a big Daddy finger.

“You are wet. All this slut lesbian talk huh? Or just being with Daddy?”

“Mainly you. But the thought of you watching a girl down there and getting hard does excite me at some level.”

She waited for a response but he just flogged her harder. Concentrating more on her ass and upper thighs. Using a figure eight stroke that hit her both coming up and down and once in a while he would purposely wrap the tails hard on her shaven pussy which stung a little. The harder he hit her the less she seemed to feel it. Like she was floating away. But she was brought back when he removed both the pins letting the blood flow back into the nipples, then attaching them to her sensitive pussy lips. He added more until her pussy looked like some perverse wooden flower.

“You like it when I do perverted things to your little virgin pussy don’t you?

“Yes, Daddy, your virgin pussy gets so wet. Take it tonight Daddy. I don’t care how bad it hurts. I’ve been wanting it all week.”

“You are so naughty. I think I’ll spank you with the scary quirt?”

“No Daddy, you promised. Please, I’ll be good.”

“I didn’t promise, but if you take it like a big girl I won’t be too hard on your sweet sexy ass.”

The evil double tongue of the quirt made a loud popping sound every time it hit. She bit her tongue trying to not cry out because that would make things a lot worse. His hand tangled in her hair and pulled hard as the blows increased in intensity. She knew there would be black marks there by Monday and her poor pussy lips were being to ache as well.

“So tell me about the boss that used to make you let him rub your nipples if you wanted to get off early.”

“Oh Daddy, no, that was so long ago. I’m a good girl now.”

“The bad thing is you liked it. You’d go home and rub your little pussy each time until you came.”

“But Daddy, I’ve changed really. Never let another boss do that and it was so long ago.”

“Just because Reagan or whoever, it doesn’t matter, was president doesn’t make it right. You are getting the paddle and you better not cry.”

She didn’t cry but she whimpered as the paddle smacked both cheeks hard about twenty times leaving it inflamed. But mercifully he stopped and with warning starting removing the clothes pins slowly like he was enjoying it. He got her down from the door and freed her legs.

He carried her to bed and laid her on her side. Spread open her legs in a sideways sixty-nine and began licking her clit just like she liked it. She sucked on his cock without him asking. It didn’t take very long. Way less than a minute.

“Please Daddy, may I cum?”

“Yes, cum now but you only have thirty seconds to cum before I start licking again.”

He brought her to orgasm four times until her legs were shaking. Tired, he rolled over onto his back. She climbed on top of him and grabbed his cock with her hand.

“What? You don’t want to suck Daddy’s cock first?”

“No, Daddy, I want your cum inside me. Please? You know I’ll suck it all weekend. I want your cum in my virgin pussy, Daddy.”

“You can try but I’m not sure it will fit.”

“I know it’s so big Daddy. If I can just get the big head in I know I can. Help me Daddy. Pull me down on your cock. Make me take it.”

He grabbed her by her womanly hips forcing her down onto his cock. It pinched really bad going it until it got wet with her juice then it felt so good.

“Now I know how you are. You can’t cum until Daddy is ready to cum with you so don’t even ask. It feels so good and tight and wet it won’t be long. Fuck Daddy’s cock and make him cum. Come with me, you little virgin slut.”

Daddy’s cock always made her cum so fast with her on top but she was determined to wait. She was doing math in her head trying not to cum while fucking him so good so he would. She knew he was full of cum and could come fast. She made her pussy as tight as she could.

“Oh damn, that’s good girl. Just a little bit longer. That’s it, fuck Daddy’s cock. Almost there. Ok, cum with me baby. Cum hard all over Daddy’s cock.”

She screamed and for only she second time in her life, she gushed all over his cock as his cock filled her with cum. She knew she was making a mess but it felt too good to get embarrassed just yet. He came really hard, too, the hardest she ever saw him cum and that turned her on even more. She finally rolled off and turned away in a fetal position.

“It’s ok baby, you squirted again, no big deal. Big squirty mess but you know I like it. Go take a shower and you’ll feel better. We’ll let this bed dry out and get on the other one.”

She just whimpered and headed off for the shower.

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The UPS guy

So this time he got to the room first. Soon after, she got there with enough luggage for a month’s stay in Europe, but it was only a two night holiday. Daddy smiled knowing that’s just the way she is.

He had a towel spread on the floor about four feet from his chair. Knowing she was a germaphobic.

“Have a seat on the towel. We aren’t in any hurry.”

He was shirtless. He kicked off his shorts and briefs, squeezed some lube in his hand, applied it to his hard member and started stroking his cock, stopping once to get it extra wet.

“You like watching Daddy stroke his big cock, don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Most girls would be shocked but you are a naughty little shameless slut who can’t keep her hands off her little pussy, aren’t you? I’m trying to decide if I want to blow a hot load of cum all over your pretty face, or let you go wash your ass and go in the shower with you so you can get my cock and balls all clean for your slutty little mouth. Of course there are other options. Two other holes that are always ready and willing to serve me. You know you are mine, don’t you? Just because I don’t use the term Master, doesn’t mean I’m not your Master. It’s just that the Daddy thing turns us both on. Funny that it took my blog for you to even figure that out. The missing X factor in your horny little existence. Master was always very harsh to your way of thinking but Daddy, well, Daddy always loves you right? Keeps you safe and protects you. Then there is the darker side of you wanting to please Daddy. To do unspeakable things in private. The dirtier the better. Of course I could let you lay your head over the side of the bed and lick my balls as I rub my cock. I used to do that long ago before I met the virgin even. Shoot my cum down your naked body. But you aren’t naked are you? Go ahead and get naked for Daddy.”

Not her favorite thing, getting naked while Daddy watched but she was turned on by his glistening cock and the dirty talk.

“It’s a shame to use my hand when I have you here. I’ll tell you what. We’ll go shower together and I’ll think about letting you suck my cock when we are all clean.”

She washed his cock, balls, and ass. She felt a little violated when he had her grab her ankles and he forced a big soapy finger up her ass several times but turned on at the same time. The dried off and got in the big bed.

“Just lay your head on Daddy’s chest and lightly play with my cock. For your pleasure, not mine. Pretend like you are touching it for the first time. Learning how it feels, the texture of the soft skin, the meaty heaviness you love inside your tight pussy so much. Feel my smooth balls I shaved for you last night as well.”

“May I suck it, Daddy?”

“Do nice girls suck their Daddy’s cock? You don’t think it’s bad?”

“Yes, Daddy, but I’m a bad naughty girl with no self control. When I see a good looking man I look for his bulge. I know it’s wrong. I cheated on you last week only in fantasy. The good looking UPS guy walked by and I thought about him fucking me over my desk. He didn’t speak and I didn’t know his name even. After he came he made me get on my knees and clean off is cock and he called me a dirty little slut and said my Daddy should have raised me better.”

“Let me guess. Then you went to the bathroom and rubbed your little clit at work?”

“Yes, Daddy, I’m so ashamed. You can spank me if you like.”

“I can spank you anytime I wish. But since it was all in your mind and you were honest, I won’t punish you for it. And as much as I would like to make you wait, I’d only be hurting myself if you didn’t suck my cock now. So suck my cock you bad bad rotten sex starved slut. Make Daddy cum hard like always.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

She loved sucking his cock. More than just about anything. Especially when she knew his big balls were full of Daddy cum.

“You like it when I pull your fucking hair don’t you slut? Don’t answer. Don’t you dare take your mouth off of Daddy’s cock. Suck it good too. One hundred percent effort or you will get worse than a spanking. I bet part of you wanted that big load all over your face in the floor and dripping onto your full breasts. Then having Daddy feed you every drop he could scoop up with his fingers. But I also know you like to drain every drop. You are so greedy. Spit out my cock and tell Daddy you love every second of sucking my cock.”

“I love every second of sucking your cock, Daddy.”

“Then get back on it, you hussy. I haven’t licked your ass in a while. Not really good for my pleasure. That’s so wrong but I like it. I think you like it too now that I took your anal cherry. Since you know I’ll fuck that tight ass when I’m done. Yeah, you can feel my cock getting harder in your mouth from just me thinking about your tight ass. I probably need to spank it as well after all those dirty thoughts about the UPS guy. Not only thoughts, but running to the bathroom and rubbing one out. Yes, I think that is in order. Keep sucking girl. Don’t slow down. But you know, I should eat your puffy little pussy first. Not sideways sixty-nine like you like it, but tied to the bed and eaten for my pleasure first. The bad way all the other boys ate it who didn’t understand your pussy. It’s Daddy’s pussy and only he gets it. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. Swallow it all baby. Every last drop. Ok, stop sucking I’m going to cum now.”

He came so hard and powerful since all the stroking had primed him. She felt her clit throb too as he emptied is load into her waiting still mouth. She knew very soon he’d tie her arms and spread her legs and he would assault her little pussy with his mouth and tongue. Roughly as if orally raping her. Then when he got his fill of her he’d every so gently lick her clit knowing she wouldn’t last a half minute. And her ass, damn it needed a good and deep fucking making her feel like he was splitting her open but then feeling his cock pulsing inside her ass when he came was pure heaven.

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Since you like to take your time when you masturbate, you can take your time while Daddy sucks on your nipples and talks dirty to you. Tell you want a nasty little slut you are for masturbating in the bed with Daddy. Making your nipples feel like only I can. But you better not rush. You aren’t going to get to cum for at least thirty minutes. Let you start with your panties on since you like that so much. Later, when they are nice and wet I’ll take the off and stick my big fingers in your pussy and have you guess how many are up there. And maybe put one up your tight butt just because I can. If I get tired I can rest my head on your thigh and watch. Remember you have thirty minutes. Don’t even think about asking before then.

After about fifteen minutes I could stop the timer and get you to suck Daddy’s big cock off the clock. That always gets you wet. Tell you its not only wrong to suck on Daddy’s cock, but it’s wrong and not natural to like it as much as you do either. You miss Daddy’s creamy cum in your mouth, don’t you? You still think about how much it turns you on to be still and feel Daddy’s cock fill your hungry little mouth with Daddy cum. I’m getting so hard just thinking about it. I need to shave Daddy’s balls again too. I think it’s true that shaving makes hair thicker because my balls are so hairy right now.

After I cum I guess I’d have to spank you for being such a cock sucking little slut. And even harder for bringing up sucking another cock besides Daddy. I know Daddy wouldn’t come up with that idea so it must have come from your dirty mind. Scares me to think there might be even dirtier thoughts you are afraid to share with Daddy.

Then maybe I’d tie your legs wide apart so I could see that shy little puffy pussy. Leaving you one hand to play with your clit. Maybe take a few turns with Daddy’s tongue while I’m there. Not too much though. You still have some time left.

Tell Daddy when you need to come so I can shove my big cock up your cunt as you start to cum. I write about that a lot but have never done it. I bet you would like that. Feeling Daddy’s big cock impale you as you begin to cum. Filling you up so well. So deep. You can’t cum like that by yourself. A toy just isn’t the same as Daddy’s big hot cock.

Then you could clean all your cum of Daddy’s cock so he can put a condom on and fuck you really hard. You need to be fucked really hard with Daddy’s voice growling in your ear telling you what a naughty little slut you are. And that later I’m going to force my big cock into your virgin ass no matter how much it hurts. Plant my seed there after I fuck you for a while. Telling you how tight and hot your slutty ass is and that you’ve wasted all this time not fucking Daddy with it but that will all change. You’ll now give me your ass each time we see each other and you will look forward to it more each time.

And pussy torture. I’d have to tie you down really good for that. Clothes pins and/or other evil clamps I might have found at Home Depot. Nipples, up and down inner lips, a few maybe on puffy outside. Take a few pictures so you can see what a naughty pussy looks like. And a little paintbrush the size artists use to “Paint” your clit with. That might make you cum off the bed. Have done that once or twice Had someone get their arm free of the rope she jerked so hard years ago. The first sub before the virgin.

And spanking. Ankle restraints tied to the legs of the bed with you lying over the side, legs spread wide. Use a few scary toys. Not extremely hard or anything. Taking little breaks where I shove my cock in your pussy from behind. Maybe fuck your ass enough so I can get it in that way. All naughty and spread and wide with Daddy fucking your tight anus. Pretty good stuff. Cum in your ass or pull out and shoot my cum up your slutty back. Thought about having your ass ready and first fucking your pussy then using your ass only when Daddy is ready to cum. Shoot my cum up your hurting ass and then pull it out before it even has time to relax.

Well, guess I’ll go cuddle with the boy cat. The girl hogs me most of the time and he gets jealous and won’t get near us. Or maybe he just doesn’t like her much.

So about 800 words are all you are getting tonight. But at $0.00 it’s a bargain.

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Beach towel


Lots of hits tonight. Once again, the Daddy series isn’t about incest but adults having fun pretending.


So I spread a large beach towel on the carpet of the hotel room for you to lie on and masturbate for Daddy. I’m sitting on the couch sipping coffee and reading, occasionally looking up at your cunt spread wide and your little fingers rubbing your hard throbbing clit. You are, of course, three shades of red from embarrassment, but after a few minutes being the slut you are, you are totally into the pleasure of it.

I toss you the small steel butt plug and a bottle of lube and have you plug your ass with it and lie on your belly with your ass pointed to me and have you keep rubbing your clit. Your cheeks naturally open wide and I can see the ruby jewel sparkling in your anus and your fingers working your clit feverishly.

“You like being Daddy little slut, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Doing everything I say. Not only being a nasty little girl but having me encourage it. You were a naughty little girl I know. Still are in some ways. Over all you are a very good girl. I guess you could have turned out to be a real slut instead of just Daddy’s slut. Now turn back over and open up that puffy pussy with your fingers. So me that wet little hole you like fucked so much. Pull it open wider with your fingers so I can see the hole. That’s it. Now put two fingers. You can’t cheat here like on the phone. That’s it, get them in deep. Now suck them off for Daddy. Taste good doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“But very naughty. Stop touching yourself. I gave you long enough to cum. You’ll just have to wait. Go crawl to the bed and bring me back the riding crop in your teeth. No, now that you have it, turn around and crawl backwards so I can watch your slutty ass the entire time. That’s a good girl. I’m going to have to fuck that ass today. You like that now, don’t you slut? A good ass fuck every time we meet? Rhetorical question, slut. Do you want all of Daddy’s cum today? I’ve saved it up for days just for you.”

“Yes, Daddy, may I suck your big cock please?”

“You can taste it. Take it in deep then straddle Daddy’s cock with your little pussy. That’s it suck it deeper. Now get top and put my cock in. But don’t move your hips. Don’t move at all baby. All I want you to do is to use your pussy muscles to squeeze Daddy’s cock. You have been practicing right?”

“Yes, Daddy. Oh Daddy it feels so good. Fills me up just right. Can I fuck it, Daddy? I’ll do it good.”

“Nope. But I will squeeze your nipples like this. So hard. You love that I know.”

“Yes, Daddy, make them hurt.”

“Squeeze my cock harder. I want to feel it. I bet if you just rocked a little you’d cum so hard. Such a slutty little girl for Daddy’s cock aren’t you?”

“Yes, for your cock Daddy. Slutty bad girl. Why did you want the crop?”

“So I can spank your ass while you suck my cock here in a minute. But I want you to cum first. Ask for permission though.”

“I can fuck you, Daddy? Yes? Please?”

“Yes fuck Daddy’s cock. You fucking whore. Nasty little bad girl with dirty thoughts all night long from reading Daddy’s blog. Rubbing your little pussy raw. God, I want to pinch off those pretty pink nipples.”

“Oh Daddy, may I cum? Please?”

“No, not so fast. Stop moving your hips if you have to.”

She whimpered. So close to cumming.

“I thought you liked to draw it out longer?”

“When I masturbate. Not when I fuck your cock. Will you let me cum this time?”

“I might. But you have to fuck it harder. Like you really want it.”

“Yes Daddy.”

She bit her lip and bounced really hard up and down Daddy’s big cock. She tried to wait. Tried to think of something else but Daddy’s cock felt so good. It always had felt that good for some reason.

“Please Daddy? May your dirty little slut cum hard? Please?”

“Fight it a little longer.”

“But Daddy I have been! Please? I need to so bad!”

“Ok, you may cum.”

She threw back her head and came violently on Daddy’s big cock. It felt so good to finally cum. She would have cum in the floor had she known he would had made her wait so long.

“Now lie flat so Daddy can beat your ass while you suck me off. Suck it good and make Daddy cum fast. My balls hurt.”

She loved sucking his cock about as much as anything they did. But she almost bit him when he hit the cheek of her ass hard with the crop. Then the other cheek. Back and forth like he was some kind of evil machine but she didn’t dare slow down. She knew it would be much worse if she lost her concentration. His free hand tangled in her red mane and pulled hard. Her nipples were already sore against his thigh. Her ass now turning red in spots from the exquisite English crop.

“I’m so horny today slut. I can wait to fuck your pussy hard and make you cum again. I love when you finally cum after I pound it hard for about fifteen minutes. And I still want to fuck that red ass later too. I’m getting close. Cup your little hand around Daddy’s big balls very gently. Oh fuck, yeah. I’m going to cum in your hungry little mouth just like you thought about last night when you masturbated. Oh yes, stop and wait for it.”

He came so hard. Shooting into her mouth almost faster than she could swallow him down. God, she loved his cock and how much he came. Only she could make him cum anytime at will. Until his cum was barely a trickle.

“Very good. For a reward I’m going to spread you wide on the couch with the ropes and restraints and give you a nice clit orgasm with Daddy’s tongue. Just like you like it. Then if I can get you just right where your puffy pussy is leading the way, I might give it a good spanking with the crop when I’m done. Well, since pussy torture turns you on so much, we’ll play with the clothes pins before the spanking and I’ll take some pictures of your slutty tortured pussy. I’ll put the big plug in your ass as well it to get it ready to be fucked. I know we have all weekend but I want to use the rest for some serious pussy fucking. After I fuck your ass, you can clean me off in the shower and then put my cock in your mouth. So naughty.”

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They took turns driving to the Atlantic coast. Away from all the nasty BP oil. With her dog in the back seat. The resort had some pet rooms and he knew her mind would be divided without her baby girl.

So it meant for a few extra stops at rest stops but she was a pretty good travel companion. Soon they were in the low country of South Carolina and could smell the salt air.

Once they checked in they dropped the bags off in the room and took the dog, we’ll call her Mandy, down to the beach. She seemed happy to be out of the car and fascinated with the incoming waves. Without the leash she might have gone for a swim.

They stayed longer than they expected and both were a little sweaty. So they shared a shower while Mandy napped on the foot of the bed and then they both joined her for a nap. Of course she would have sucked Daddy’s cock if he had asked but they were both pretty tired. It was a long trip and they left hours before the sun came up.

As usual, she had hogged the bed leaving Daddy about eighteen inches to sleep on. He woke up first and started the little hotel coffee pot. Mandy jumped off the bed and looked like she wanted to go to the bathroom and he was surprised when she let him take her. Normally the dog had severe separation anxiety if she was out of sight of her Mistress. Or slave perhaps. Somehow I think Mandy was the pack leader of the two.

She did pee pretty fast when they got outside and she was ready to get back to the room. Lazy bones was still asleep so he poured a cup of coffee and watched Fox News while he could. After the mug he got back in bed.

He sat back against the headboard and woke her up by grabbing her hair and guiding her head to his hard cock. While this might seem chauvinistic he was after all the Daddy and there was little she loved more than sucking on his cock anyway.

“Don’t get to comfortable. Take off those panties and straddle me in a sixty-nine then suck my cock. Don’t worry, I won’t lick too much so suck it good.”

She whimpered but complied. She didn’t like being so exposed. Daddy could see everything about her privates. And she could feel his big fingers opening up her little pussy. It was worse than being at the doctor but she tried to focus on his hard cock and not think about it. He watched her little finger go to her pussy and swirl around her vagina getting all sloppy wet and then she eased her finger into his tight ass without asking if it was ok.

This wasn’t highly unusual but meant she had woken up in and naughty mood. He figured what was good for the gander was good for the goose so he wet his own finger in her cunt and eased it into her ass up to the second joint or so.

“You seem to be in a mood. I think later today after lunch I’ll fuck your ass. I’m sure it needs a good fucking before it closes up to my big cock again. You like it in your ass now, don’t you girl. Spit out Daddy’s cock and tell him you like it up the ass.”

“I want your big cock up my ass today, Daddy.”

“Get back on that cock where you belong, you little whore. You three holed pleasure slut. Oh yeah, you are going to be my total slut today when we get back from lunch. That means no walking, only crawling. That means I cum in every hole and deep in your pussy as well. Make you squeeze all that cum into Daddy’s hand and drip it into your little mouth like you are a SlutBird. I think I’ll let you jerk me off too while you tongue fuck Daddy’s ass. You know how hard that makes Daddy cum. Oh yeah you suck Daddy’s cock so well. Don’t you dare take Daddy’s cock out of your slutty mouth when I’m done cumming either. Not until I say so.”

He started spanking her ass which only made her suck harder. She was so fucking hot. She could feel his cock growing larger, the big head swelling even more.

“I’m going to cum!”

She secretly smiled. She already knew. Like a good girl she stopped sucking and felt the endless squirts all messy in her mouth and throat and the wonderful essence of Daddy sliding down filling her and making her a very happy girl. He spanked her hard the entire time.

“Now hump my tongue like you do the pillow when you are on your period and need to cum.”

That made her blush. Daddy knew too much, she thought. She had never done it before but once she felt Daddy’s hot wet tongue on her throbbing clit it felt better than any pillow could. He squeezed her ass at the same time and she could feel the soreness of his spanks and his excitement over the fullness of her sweet ass and she thought of him fucking it deep and that thought sent her over the edge and she moaned deeply into his cock and came harder than she had since she saw him last.

“Is Daddy’s cock still hard, slut? Shake your head if it is.”

“She shook her head yes.”

“Put it in your pussy. Face away cowgirl style and ride Daddy’s big cock.

As she straddled his big cock he grabbed some lube from the nightstand and lubed up her tight ass. His big finger went in just after his cock was in her pussy.”

“Oh God, you need to feel this baby. Put your finger in your ass and feel Daddy’s big cock in your little cunt.”

“They swapped out fingers and she could feel him though the thin membrane so thick and hard.”

“Ok, that’s enough. Now ride Daddy’s cock. I know a slut like you can’t go an entire minute without having to cum. I can feel your naughty ass sucking on my finger already. Now pinch your nipples hard like Daddy pinches them. You like that don’t you? I’ll make them nice and sore before we leave.”

She was moaning. Fighting it. Wanting to prove to him that she could last longer but it was no use.

“Please Daddy, may I cum?”

“Yes, since you asked so nicely.”

He was pretty sure she squirted some as she started to cum. Not the flood like that first time though. He let her ride out the orgasm then he wrestled her down, got on top of her and fucked her hard until they both came together all sweaty and breathless.

Mandy slept through it all.

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New post

will be up soon! Before True Blood!

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mean Daddy

This day she was to get to the hotel room first, shower, and get into bed naked with just the sheet over her. Daddy would get there soon after.

She was already wet as she waited. Because of there schedules they had missed a whole month. She had pretty much rubbed her pussy raw waiting, but I guess that was true most of the time.

She couldn’t get Daddy’s cock out of her mind. It was very thick, but seemed to hit the right spot each time he fucked her. In fact, she always came hard on top and rarely was able to last an entire minute. The first time she gushed causing a flash flood warning for Gwinnett County. But that hadn’t happened since. Good thing, she thought because it did embarrass her to no end.

She was a paradox. Shy, extremely at times, but always as slutty as slutty can be in her private thoughts. She still didn’t like to expose her naked sex to him. Often covering it with her hand. She preferred when he pried her open like he was making a wish with a chicken bone. The feeling of his forcing naughty things on her. But left on her own, her thinking could be as naughty as naughty can be.

Meanwhile he was excited as the sign came in to view. Soon he would be with his little slut who would do anything to please him. He knew she would be naked. That her ass that only he had fucked would be clean enough for his tongue if that pleased him. And her mouth which never let him down would be ready to suck it as many times as he could get it up. And that sweet pussy would be wet and ready for anything.

He got the card from the front desk and hurried to the room. She was there in bed smiling. He ripped the sheet off her body.

“Spread your legs and show Daddy that pussy, you cunt. Show me that fuck hole. Open it up with your fingers. That’s a good girl. Or a bad girl I guess. Do nice girls show their Daddy’s their pussy like that? I don’t even think many whores do that. But I asked you to, didn’t I so it makes it OK. Now turn over and spread your legs again. I’d ask you to spread your ass cheeks but they do that naturally. Like your ass is begging to be fucked. But it took Daddy a few months of trying to get in your naughty hole.”

He slapped her ass hard a couple of times. Then forced his big tongue into her tight hole and licked her entire crack a few times before rimming her again. Very aggressive. He had never licked her like that before. Then he forced two fingers into her wet cunt.

“I don’t know why my fingers hurt you when my cock is like four fingers. I don’t care either. I like to hurt you. Now get back on your back. Spread your legs again. Now lift your ass off the bed and hold it up for Daddy.”

He got the crop and straddled her standing with his feet to either side of her chest and started smacking her cunt with the crop. Hard. He had never spanked it that hard before.

“Now turn back over on your tummy.”

He jumped off the bed and got the quirt. A small braided leather whip about twenty-four inches long with a double leather tongue on the end. Very scary like a demon’s tongue or something. He started beating her ivory ass with it. Leaving red welts each time. As a reflex, she brought one of her hands back to block him.

“That wasn’t very smart. I’ll fix that.”

He put the leather restraints on her wrists and tied them to the headboard. Then he went back to whipping her. When she started to kick, he put her ankles in restraints and tied them to the footboard.

“So you don’t like the quirt? Maybe you’ll like the paddle more.”

The paddle was a nice birch paddle and he had drilled five fairly large holes in it. She bit her lip when he started paddling her and then whimpered a little. But he kept on hitting her. Making both cheeks a bright magenta.

“Red Light!” she said, stopping him with her safeword as she sobbed.

“Ok, no more of that for the weekend.”

“Thank you Daddy. I’m ok. It just scared me was all.”

She wanted to be held. But instead, she shivered when the cold lube was applied to her asshole. Then the plug. She knew it was the big rubber one when it kept on going in and she gave a little yell when it popped all the way in.

“I know it hurts. I can’t say that it bothers me that much that you are so tight. It sure feels good on Daddy’s cock. Let’s try the plug again and see if it feels better the second time.”

She made a noise when the fat end popped out but the rest felt kind of good as it came out.

“It’s just the big part that hurts. See, I can fuck you with it like this if I don’t go all the way in. Now see if you can take it all this time.”

“Ouch, Daddy, it still hurts when you do that.”

“Don’t worry we are done with the plug for the whole weekend. Just my big cock to go.”

She gave a fake cry this time and he slapped her ass.

“You better take my cock and fuck it until it comes or you’ll get the cane.”

He had in fact never hit her with a cane but the thought terrified her. And judging by his actions today she didn’t want to provoke it.

“Yes Daddy.”

“I have every right to fuck my little girl’s ass don’t I? Now I know I’ve been a harsh Daddy since I got here but I’ll spend the rest of the weekend being nice. But first you have to give me your sweet ass and at least pretend to like it. I’ll untie one hand and let you touch your throbbing little clit while I fuck your ass and maybe that will help.”

Her little clit did feel good to her touch. Never before had he been that rough with her but surprisingly part of it turned her on. She only moaned when his thickness filled her even though it did hurt like hell. But the plug there first helped.

“Oh yes, fuck your ass, Daddy. It’s yours. Oh God you feel so big. Is it tight Daddy?”

“Yes, the tightest and best hole ever. It grips my cock like a vise all the way in. You look so good too. Rub Daddy’s little clit. I want you cum. Even if you have to wait until after I cum, I want to leave it inside so you can cum on it.”

“Oh Daddy, are you full of cum like usual? I want it all in my naughty hole. Shoot it deep to the very core of my body Daddy. Oh God it feels so good. It has never felt this good before Daddy. I’m going to cum. May I Daddy?”

“No, not yet. Wait for me. Make it tight for Daddy. I’m almost there.”

“Hurry Daddy, oh God please hurry. I need to cum so bad.”

“Almost there baby. When I hold it in deep you can cum. I don’t want to you to push me out. Ok, cum for me. Cum for Daddy.”

“Oh YES Daddy, oh fuck yeah cum in my ass. Fill me up. Oh fuck, can you feel me cumming Daddy?”

“Fuck yes, oh baby so fucking good.”

He collapsed on her and held her stroking her hair. His cock still throbbing in her ass.

“In a minute we’ll go shower. See about an early dinner before the crowds come out. Then I’ll be sweet Daddy for the rest of the night.”

“If I can sit down,” she said with a smirk.

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A reminder that this is fiction and about two adults enjoying age play and has nothing to do with incest except in fantasy.

They only had one night together this time. Saturday. She got to the room first. He wanted her to shower and then get into the cotton Pjs he bought for her. Then get in bed and pretend to be napping until Daddy got there a little later. They were going to play virgin girl. A very naughty game.

She got there a few minutes earlier than he asked. She wanted to be sure she had time to shave her virgin pussy for him so it would be nice and smooth. Of course, she kept it shaved all the time. She lathered it up and slowly shaved it. Then as usual, she made sure her little asshole was clean for Daddy.

She got into her cute little pink pajamas and crawled under the covers. Soon Daddy would be there. She missed how he smelled and how it felt when he touched her body. Not to mention all the other things. But today, she was to forget about those things for a while and pretend to be a virgin.

Daddy was so excited. It had been too long since he had seen his little girl. And of course his balls were heavy having saved his cream for her for a few days. But he had to go slow this time.

His card unlocked the door. She was there in bed in a fetal position holding one of the pillows and pretending to be asleep. He undressed down to his briefs and slid in behind her. He put his arm around the curve of her waist and kissed her on the neck. Shivers went up her spine.

“Wake up, Daddy’s here. I’ve missed you so much. Give me a kiss.”

She turned to him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“No, give me a big girl kiss.”

She put her little girl tongue in his mouth and kissed him harder.

“Was that good, Daddy?”

“Yes, it was good but you mustn’t tell anyone you kiss Daddy that way. You can’t tell anyone about us being together like this.”

“Why Daddy, are you going to do bad things to me?”

“No, I’m going to do mostly good things but some people wouldn’t understand. I can feel that you are wearing your bra. Take it off please.”

“No, Daddy, I’m a big girl now and need a bra. Besides, those things get hard when you hold me and it’s embarrassing.”

“You mean your nipples?”

“Yes, Daddy, don’t make me say it but you know what I mean.”

“Take it off right away or Daddy will spank your bottom.”

“Oh, don’t do that Daddy, I’ll take it off.”

“I’m going to unbutton your top and see how big they are getting.”

“Oh no, Daddy, don’t they are huge and those things, well, I told you.”

“They get hard for a reason and I need to show you why. Stop being such a brat. I’m your Daddy and you are supposed to do what I say. It’s the rule.”

“Ok Daddy but can I put the pillow over my face so you can’t see how red you make me?”

“Yes, as long as you don’t cover your ears so you can hear me. And you have do everything I say without arguing.”

“Ok Daddy, I’m yours.”

“So many buttons. I want to unbutton them all. There we go. Oh baby they are getting big but that’s a good thing. Boys like big ones. And yours are perfect. Not too big or too small.”

She felt something warm and wet and gentle on her nipple. The it was suckling.

“Daddy, what are you doing? That tingles.”

“Tingles? Where does it tingle?”

“My nipple and down there. My private area. It makes me warm and wet down there. But please Daddy, don’t look. I’d die if you looked.”

“Just relax. They both need a good sucking. It feels kind of good doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Daddy but just so wrong. They are so ugly too.”

“They are beautiful. Let Daddy rub his warm hand on your body while he sucks you.”

He started being a little rougher with her nipples. Biting them a little. It only seemed to excite her more. And his hand felt so good on her soft curves. Rubbing her tummy and inner thigh. For a moment she wanted his hand “there” but knew it was so wrong.

“You are probably getting pretty warm now. Daddy will take your bottoms off now. Ah, the pink panties I bought you. Do you want to touch yourself down there?”

“Down there? Oh Daddy, that would be so wrong. I would never do that in a million years.”

“You do most every night. Do you know how many times I stood at your door and heard you? Sound travels well in the house. I know exactly what you have been doing. I know you did in the afternoon last Saturday. After you took your shower I checked your panties in the dirty clothes and they were absolutely soaked. I don’t expect you to admit to it. But you better do it now or Daddy will pull off those wet panties and lick you there.”

She whimpered but moved her hand down there and started playing with her little pussy as Daddy sucked her nipples.

“I know you know what an orgasm is because I have heard you have so many of them. And I know you like to take your time and draw it out slow but I want you to make it happen sooner now. Don’t hold back. I’ve seen you hanging around my bathroom when I take a shower wanting to see me naked. Every time you do, your eyes go right to my penis. If you cum for me I might let you touch it. But you have to hurry because time is wasting and we have lots to do.”

“I can’t Daddy, not with you here, I’m too embarrassed.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Daddy roughly pulled off her wet pink panties and tossed them in the floor. She tried to shut her legs but he had her up under her knees and was prying her legs open wide. Then she felt his soft warm tongue on her clit. Just touching it as she struggled but it started to feel really good. Much better than she could imagine her own fingers feeling.”

“Such a sweet puffy wet virgin pussy baby. Do you want Daddy to stop?”

“Oh God, no Daddy. I know it’s wrong but it feels so good. Oh Daddy it feels so good. I can’t hold it back Daddy. I’m going to do it. May I Daddy?”

“Yes baby, please cum hard for Daddy.”

She moaning and twisted on the bed trying to get away from Daddy’s hot tongue. Cumming for what seemed like a couple of minutes.

“Now suck Daddy’s cock. I’m not playing.”

“But Daddy I don’t know how.”

He kicked off his briefs and grabbed a big handful of her hair and pulled her down to his hard cock.

“Suck it like I know you can, girl. Now! I need to cum and don’t feel like arguing with you. Oh fuck yeah, just like that. Suck all of Daddy’s sweet cum out so he can fuck that virgin pussy later.”

“Oh Daddy …”

He pushed her head back down on his cock.

“Suck it until I cum. No talking. I’m going to fuck you so hard soon. I want you to suck me off first so I’ll last a long time. Pound that pussy into submission. I can tell this isn’t the first cock you sucked you little slut. And you probably aren’t a virgin either but you damn well better act like one if you don’t want the cane. Oh fuck yeah that’s good. Spit it out for a second and say ‘I love your cock, Daddy.’”

“I love your cock, Daddy.”

“Get back on that cock where you belong, you dirty cock sucking nasty girl. I’m going to fuck that ass too in a little bit. Before the sun goes down I’ll have all your fucking fuck holes. Claiming them all for myself. You horny little pleasure cunt. Damn, who taught you to suck cock like that? Oh fuck I’m going to cum.”

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nice long spanking

So you were told to get to the room first and shower and I’d be along around Two O’clock. To come to the door in a long T-shirt with no bra or panties on. And that was all you knew.

So the first thing you did was though the yucky bedspread in the closet. You piddled around a little laying out your girlie stuff then you had a hot shower making sure your slutty ass was very clean with a soapy finger just in case Daddy wanted to lick your naughty ass.

I took the Buford exit and plodded along in traffic until I could see the mall and the motel. You had reserved the same room back in the corner so we wouldn’t disturb the other guests. I was excited. Always excited to see my little girl.

I knocked three times and you opened the door. I shut and locked the door behind me and gave you a big kiss. Daddy’s hands kneaded your buttocks. So good to have my hands on your ass again. I pulled up the front of your shirt and sucked and nibbled on your hard nipples.

“Come to the couch and lie across Daddy’s lap. I think you need a spanking. Why? Because you are a naughty little slut who can never keep her hands away from her pussy. Now if you just came every night I’d say you just had a healthy appetite for sex. But you have to rub one out almost every morning as well. And yes, I know all the naughty things you do when you were a little girl. And then you’d run home as fast as you could to rub your little pussy. An itch you just can’t ever seem to satisfy. Daddy has tried to make you happy with lots of fucks and pussy lickings and anal sex and letting you suck on my fat cock but you just can’t seem to get enough. Now I’m not asking or expecting you to change. In fact, spanking you is a little like pouring gasoline on a fire but that’s ok. You are still getting one. And it turns me on. What turns me on seems to turn you on twice as much just knowing how hard Daddy’s cock is getting. How many? I don’t know. How long? Long enough for me to want to stop and get my cock sucked and my big balls drained. Now put your hands on the armrest. Good girl. Leave them there. Let me get a handful of that slutty hair. Your ass looks especially good today. I was going to wait until tomorrow to fuck it but I think you get it fucked this afternoon. But first things first.”

My hand smacks down on your ass hard. Over and over. Moving all around your cheeks so your whole ass will get nice and rosy for me. After a minute or two I stop and ease my big finger into your tight pussy.

“Does Daddy’s finger feel big?”

“Yes, Daddy, huge.”

“I don’t get that. I can fuck you as hard and long as I want yet one finger feels big to you. Oh well, one of those mysteries of life I guess. Don’t squirm too much we are just getting started.”

I start spanking you hard on the sweet spot. Right above the crease of your buttock. It feels like half an hour but it has only been about eight minutes. Your ass is now very red. Pussy is glistening with wetness. I finger fuck your pussy a few times and go back to spanking. Letting go of your hair, I reach down and twist a nipple hard.

“I don’t think this is working very well. After you suck me I think I’ll get a scary toy, like you like to call them, and really hurt your slutty ass a little. That should get me in the mood to fuck your ass today. Now I’ve fucked your ass enough for you to be able to take it without whimpering. You need to start enjoying it. Or at least fake it until you make it. But no matter. It feels good to Daddy and I like that it hurts a little. Of course with you, I’d always use good lube. You are very tiny there. Reach back and spread your cheeks for Daddy. Oh yes, that’s so damn naughty. Your little rosebud looks very clean. Did you clean it good for Daddy?”

“Yes, Daddy, always. If I shower it will be clean for you.”

“So if we get in bed in a sixty-nine you can suck my cock really good while I lick your asshole? Can you concentrate?”

“We’ve never done that Daddy but I will try and make you happy.”

“Ok, I can slap your ass really hard if I feel like you are not trying hard enough. And if you are really bad I’ll just roll you over and fuck that ass. But I know you want all that cum in your mouth.”

“Yes, Daddy, my cum. Don’t worry.”

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