hump day

This is just a generic blog. Just to have something. Don’t feel like doing the Daddy thing and not in the mood for story writing.

You strip slowly for me despite that it pushes the very limits of you being here in the room, alone with me. Down to your panties which are wet with your desire and causing you further embarrassment. For a brief moment you wonder why you came and if you should run but you have waited so long.

I inspect you with riding crop in hand. Rubbing the leather tip between your shaky thighs. Over your full breasts. Giving your hard nipples little slaps. Barely more than taps really. It’s cold and impersonal and you want to be held but that is not why you came, was it?

I kick off my shorts and briefs. You stare down at my cock. Just a cock, it’s not like you haven’t seen others, but no, more than a cock. My cock. You want to please me by pleasing my cock. And selfishly you want the cock to please you. After all, you have thought about it for so long.

I have you hold the crop between your teeth. For no other reason than because I can. I can do anything I want within reason. This you knew when you knocked on the door. My fingers pinch both nipples hard. Harder than your own even imagined. Harder than the clamps you bought yourself. I watch your breath labor. I see everything.

Oddly it makes you less scared. And wanted more to please me though pleasure or pain or whatever I direct your way. Never before has your sex ached this way. Your little clit throbbing so hard it’s almost like you can hear it. And your nipples now ache for more after I let them go.

I walk around you slowly until I’m out of view. The crop strikes your ass six, seven times or so. You expect pain but feel only pleasure that wets you more. I grab your hair and pull your head back. Growl into your ear.

“It’s not too late to leave, but if you don’t go this minute it will be. Chose wisely slut.”

No one has called you slut in person like that before. It makes you even wetter.

“I will leave only when you are done with me Master. Not a minute sooner.”

“You didn’t think you could stand here before me, did you? You wanted an easier, softer way. For us to have tea like two old ladies. That’s a rhetorical question by the way. I’m not interested in your answer. But yes, I won’t be too harsh with you. My belief has always been to have a woman leave wanting more. Wishing for more. The real danger is the second time, not the first. I realize there is still fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear that I might hurt you more than you can bear. I will not. What I will do now is permit you to suck my cock with very few restrictions or actions on my part. For me to lie back and let you suck until you drain me dry. Don’t see this as being selfish on my part. I have two other holes where I can take my pleasure. Only through your mouth can you give pleasure that isn’t taken. And that’s a privilege. Once you are done, you’ll keep your mouth on my cock. It never comes off without expressed permission. I expect mistakes. I don’t have a long list of rules. I prefer to teach as we go. You get one chance one grace for every rule. But if I have to tell you something twice I will assume you have a listening problem and need punishment. And I promise you it won’t be punishment you’ll want to act up to get. You do well and there will be rewards. Are there any questions?”

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  1. I hope this reaches you. I miss you. I need to talk to you but i have nothing but a phone and its not the same number. I really need you.

    Little one

    • See if you can get an email account with hotmail or yahoo and write me. I can’t really give out my phone number here. Or let me know when you can sign on to chat and I’ll try to be around

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