Jenny meets Wade

So the week went by pretty fast. She signed the contract and was able to finish her main paper for the summer that week. It was downhill from there. She decided just to ride up to Walhalla that Saturday and spend some time looking at rental places. The school had recommended an apartment complex that did have a few apartments for rent but she wanted to check with a few of the real estate agents.

Driving up she wondered what kind of a gym she’d find there. Certainly nothing like the LA Fitness in Atlanta. But that was ok. She’d be out of the congestion and pollution and could perhaps get her running mileage up and get healthy. And of course she would be pretty busy teaching English to ninth graders. She knew she wanted to teach in the summer of her fifteenth birthday after reading Pat Conroy’s The Water is Wide.

She remembered a sign for Mountain Reality just as she got into town last week. The building itself was very memorable. It looked to be one of the oldest houses in town but very well maintained. The kind of house you’d expect to see in Charleston or Savannah and not a little mountain town.

She parked and straightened out her green spring dress that accented both her curly red hair and green eyes. Oddly the door rung a bell when she opened it but there was a secretary typing at the front desk.

“Welcome to Mountain Reality, how can I help you?”

The girl was very pretty and didn’t look any older than Jenny if in fact that old.

“Hi, I’m Jenny Westmoreland. I’ll be taking a job here in a few weeks and was wanting to look at rentals you might have.”

“Mr. Hathworth is still on the phone right now. As soon as he’s done I’ll see if he can see you now. He doesn’t have anything on his schedule that I know of. He’s the only realtor in the office today Just have a seat it won‘t be long.”

She sat and thumbed through a few magazines on the table.

“Mr.Hathworth? A lady is here to inquire about rental property. Ok, thank you,” she said, then putting the phone down.

“You can go right in. First door on the right.”


Jenny opened the big oak door and walked in. Wade rose from his desk and shook her hand.

“Hi, I’m Wade, what can we do for you today?”

“Hi, I’m Jenny. I’ll be teaching here at the high school in a few weeks. I’ll need a place to live and wanted to know if you had any rentals.”

“Are you married Jenny? Kids? Pets?”

“No not married. No kids. One cat.”

“The school probably sent you a brochure for Pinelake Apartments. Believe me, you don’t want to live there. Roy Adams owns them. The principal’s husband. It’s one step above trailer trash. How much were you wanting to spend?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Really what things rent for here.”

“Well I bought this one house that is on the front end of one of my developments. Mainly because I didn’t like the people living there. Now it’s not in the development. Those houses start around $400,000 dollars. And that’s down from 600,000 before the economy went to hell. But anyway, it’s just a small two bedroom log cabin. Not a 1800s log cabin but a fairly modern one. You know, one of those prefab cabin kits. But still fairly nice with a stream out back. I was getting $750 for it but I’ll tell you what. We’ll do a nine month lease at $550 a month just to see how you like here. Just come up with the first month’s rent and we’ll wave the security deposit. Well, silly me, of course you’ll want to see it first. We can ride out there now if you like. It’s not far. Nothing here is far, you know.”

“Sure, sounds good.”

“Just leave your car here and we’ll take the Range Rover.”

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