More of the Jenny story.


Wade was the middle son of J. B. Hathworth. JB moved to the mountains soon after World War Two was over and started a construction business. Mainly commercial work. Schools and the like, Office buildings. Anything outside of residential homes. The business thrived and soon he was sending crews out in forty miles in all directions. JB died in 1982 and left the business to Wade’s two brothers. Wade had enough of construction as a teenager and decided owning and selling real estate was more his line of work.

It was said that if you see a building in Walhalla, flip a coin and if it comes up heads chances are Wade owns it. Unlike his father he was very much interested in residential properties and had several multimillion dollar developments in the mountains. Mainly for retired folks or those rich enough to afford a second home. The economy there wasn’t much to speak of.

Wade married his high school sweetheart, Rebecca, after he finished college at UGA and she graduated from Brenau in Gainesville. A rather expensive private girl’s college. It was her choice so much as her mother’s. Who was a Brenau girl herself. Rebecca barely cracked open enough books to pass but her only career path was to marry Wade and live the good life. She was the only child of a third generation doctor and like her mom wanted nothing to do with work other than bossing around her black maid and lying out by the pool.

The marriage started out great but after two kids they both realized they had little in common. And it didn’t help that Wade had an eye for the ladies. His work took him out of town a lot and into the arms of other women. He was quite dashing and charming. They did manage to hold the farce of a marriage together until both kids were in college. She got the house in the divorce which pissed him off so bad he another just like it built on the other side of town.

Wade was into BDSM but not the BDSM culture. He liked the challenge of bending a vanilla women to his will. And if they didn’t get with the program, he simply moved along to another. He actually went to the trouble of building a dungeon in his basement hidden behind a false wall just to keep it hidden from his kids. And any other prying eyes. It wouldn’t be good for business if word got out he was “weird.”

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