Jenny’s struggle to relax was about as futile as her struggle against the ropes that had her limbs secured to the iron bed. She was blindfolded and had her trust in a man she had known for less than a month. Yes, she had a safe word, but this was what she wanted. Wasn’t it?

Wade was pleased to have her naked in his bed. What man wouldn’t be? She was beautiful in a wholesome way. Her lithe body perhaps a bit too thin for some but it was muscle from all the triathlon training. She had slacked off a little, but her slackness was pretty impressive compared to most. And some of it was youth. At twenty-four she was half his age.

“You are going to feel something sharp but I won’t hurt or break your skin I promise.”

She could only shake her head. Too scared to vocalize.

Wade put on the Vampire gloves he had made from an old set of leather gloves. For the tips of the fingers he used darts. Very sharp but not dangerously sharp. Yes, they could cut, but blood wasn’t his thing. Just sensation.

He drug the sharp points over her naked breasts, over her hard nipples, down her tummy to her inner thighs. She had never felt anything so intense. He stroked her thighs and back up her torso leaving red trails that would fade away to nothing within minutes.

“Jenny, you may still leave if you like. There will be no questions or consequences if you do go. But if you stay, you must submit to all my desires. Within reason of course. But I think you will find I’m a reasonable man. Would you like to leave?”

“No Sir,” she said without hesitation.

“Call me Master if you are staying. Sir I find too bland and common for our needs. If you can’t you’ll have to go.”

As terrified as staying made her, leaving him scared her more.

“Yes Master,” she said, nearly choking on the word.

That’s when Jenny woke up. Very flustered and aroused. Sprinkles, her cat, was purring beside her so she knew she was at home in her parents house. Home and safe, yet another dream. It was Saturday and the sun was coming up. She masturbated and wished it all wasn’t a dream. Again. Even though she had never considered being submissive. Only in her dreams.

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