Bi Bi desk girl

She was sitting on a towel in the floor naked in the motel room. Her eyes blindfolded with a scarf. Her legs spread wide with the spreader bar. Her hands cuffed behind her back in the leather restraints. The television was on in the background. She assumed Daddy was watching it. Every once in a while, he’d get up, walk up to her, grab her by her ponytail and stick his cock down her throat. Then pull it back out and walk away.

He had been mind fucking her for about a half hour this way. Usually his cock was hard, but twice it was soft and he let her get his cock hard before he pulled it away.

He figured her arms were getting fatigued so he freed them, grabbed the bar, and lowered her down onto her back. He pushed the bar to her breasts and started eating her pussy. Not soft, like she liked it, but for his pleasure so she wouldn’t cum.

He freed her legs and had her move forward and get on her knees so he could cuff her hands around the leg of the couch, then he had her lie over his lap for a spanking. Slut talk excited her but today he was being quiet kind of using her as an object. He spanked her ass a long time until it was red and burning. Stopping only to bury a big finger or two in her shaved pink cunt.

He freed her hands.

“Stand up.”

He helped her up and walked her over to the bed where he had ropes already set up for her arms and legs. He snapped the restraints to the D rings spreading her wide on the bed both feet and wrists only giving her a little wiggle room. She heard him dialing the phone.

“She is ready,” is all he said.

Within a minute there was a knock at the door. She wanted to run but there was no where to go. She heard the door open and close without a word.

He kissed her lips and stroked her face a little.

“Just relax, I’m here to protect you.”

She felt his familiar mouth on her hard nipple then the bed sank on the other side. She felt a softer mouth on the other nipple. For the first time ever she had both nipples sucked at the same time. She was both terrified and excited. Very excited.

The softer lips traveled down her tummy and Daddy continued to sucking her nipples. She would remember how the tickled on her shaved mound and then a gentle tongue found her sex.

The stranger had obviously been schooled by Daddy and knew just how she liked it. Master was now sucking hard on her nipple and pinched the other one hard. She was moving around so much all the softer tongue had to do was gently press her tongue to her swollen clit and let the slut do all the work. She could feel the orgasm building and was embarrassed to cum so soon like a shameless whore.

She came without asking. But that was no longer a rule of Daddy’s unless she was told to ask. The soft tongue probed inside her vagina while she came lapping up the juices. Then once she stopped coming it returned to her clit making her cum again.

There was some shifting around. She felt his big cock inside her cunt and the stranger lowered her pussy down to the slut’s lips. It was the first pussy she had tasted other than her own and she liked it. Part of her was a little upset that this was never discussed but with his hard cock fucking her pussy it all seemed natural.

She wanted the girl to cum because she knew it would please Daddy. And turnabout was fair play. The stranger did taste very good. She licked the stranger’s clit as if she was licking her own. Hoping it pleased her.

Daddy wet his finger with lube and eased it into the stranger’s sweet ass. This pushed her over the edge and she started to cum. Pretty soon the room was filled with moans as they all three were cumming.

The stranger muttered something about her break being over and having to get back to the front desk. The slut blushed knowing she had just checked in a little over an hour ago and there were two girls working the desk and they were both very pretty.

She never knew which one it was. When Daddy and her went out that evening to dinner, she walked by them staring at the floor not daring to look up. But Daddy did, and both the girls were smiling.

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