not great but it’s late

So they are lying in bed watching a movie on the laptop. Daddy is touching her through her clothes knowing the simplest things like that really turn her on. The movie is at a slow point so he stops the DVD and pulls off her green sweater. Removes her bra. Pulls off her jeans. And he starts sucking on her nipples. Going from one to the other. His hand tracing her soft curves but avoiding her panties. Her body moves to a silent dance. He takes her hand and places it on the cotton panties. She touches herself through the panties which she loves about as much as touching directly.

She softly moans and moves her hips. Masturbation is so much better with Daddy suckling her pink hard nipples. Nibbling on them. Biting to the point of pain. Her clit now in a constant state of throbbing.

He stops to pull off her panties. Takes his hands and spreads her legs placing her feet to the side with her knees up. He lays his head on a soft thigh to watch her finger do its naughty act. He takes both hands and opens her puffy pussy. Normally she’d be shy if not horrified, but it turns her on to have him watch. She does know that Daddy loves his pussy. Everything about it. But still sometimes those memories from the past make her shy. But not today.

His wet finger enters slowly down below where nice girls aren’t touched. His big fingers sometime hurt her cunt but oddly one finger feels nice in her ass. Shallow, though, no more than two inched in. Then he just rubs against the hole barely slipping in and out stimulating all those sensitive nerves and making her clit swell even more.

He grabs her by the wrist and moves her hand from her cunt and quickly replaces it with his tongue still toying with her anus that has yet to receive his thick cock today. But it will later. He looks up to see her pinching both nipples hard. She’s really turned on. They didn’t fuck in the morning. He did let her suck him off in a conventional sixty-nine while he just watched her pussy without licking.

Then they headed off for brunch and to rent a movie, but I seem to be regressing a bit.

So Daddy is licking her clit and titillating her ass while she pinches her nipples that are somewhat sore from last night.

“I won’t say no when you ask to cum baby, but fight it as long as you can.”

She just whimpered and ran one hand through his soft hair and arched her back. She was already fighting it.

“Tell Daddy when you need to cum and wait for his cock to fill your cunt. Give you a nice hard Daddy cock to clamp down on and make you cum so hard.”

Oh God, that didn’t help postpone her orgasm. Knowing she’d feel that pinch and burn as his cock stole wetness from her cunt and filled her like no other had ever done. She was wanting to cum now.

“Oh, Daddy, may I cum?”

He didn’t speak but mounted her gyrating hips and filled her with his thickness which was the same as a yes. She came so hard. It was like a blend of clitoral and vaginal orgasms in one. His cock balls deep so her strong muscles couldn’t push him out. He bit her on the shoulder and pulled her hair. Her legs wouldn’t stop shaking. Until at last she was spent.

Then Daddy fucked her. In nice long strokes almost pulling all the way out. Her cunt like a wet velvet vise gripping his manhood and wanting to suck what cum was left deep to her womb. Instinctively without malice her nails raked across his strong back. Fucking her now harder with shorter strokes making their bodies slap together.

“You liked to be fucked, don’t you my three holed wonder?”

“Yes Daddy, fuck me good.”

“I love how wet and tight your pussy is for Daddy. But turn over. I want you from behind.”

He fucked her hard pushing her forward with every stroke. His hand slapping her ass hard enough to leave hand prints. His hand wrapping around her ponytail twice and pulling so hard she raised her head.

“Fuck that cock slut. Like you like it. I know you do. Don’t make me do all the work. That’s better you little whore. Squeeze Daddy’s cock hard. Suck out that cum with your cunt if you want it, you greedy cum slut. I was hoping we’d save some cum for your ass but won’t be much I’m afraid. Maybe next time I can blow a full load up your ass. One of Daddy’s three day loads. I bet your ass would good on my rested cock. It would stay hard too and I could fuck you again with my cum as lube. OK, I’m a little tired from last night. I’m going to roll off and let you finish me with your mouth. Like only you can do. Now get on that cock. Good girl. Suck it deep and clean all your pussy juice off. Now suck it good. Oh fuck you do that so well. I’m going to cum baby.”

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