Nice cool Fall day for a change. She showered quickly and then got between the sheets and waited for Daddy.

Daddy put the leather restraints on her wrists and snapped each to the ropes already tied to the bed. Same with her ankles now spread wide. Sheet pulled down. Her puffy shaved pussy fully exposed to Daddy’s gaze.

“I take it that you hoped to suck Daddy’s cock today. Well, they’ll be lots of time for that. Your nipples are already hard. Like when your old boss used to pinch them when you wanted off work early. There were probably a hundred responses to that, but you let him do it. And then you hurried home and touched your little pussy. But at least you are honest about it. And you like being tied up like this. Normally, you’d be horrified, but since you are tied that removes all responsibility and you enjoy making Daddy’s cock hard. You want your hard nipples pinched, twisted, clamped, and tortured. Come to think of it, never did you say I was doing it too hard and I really did pinched hard when you rode my cock. And you want me to hurt your little pussy too. Yeah, I know, a big part of it is that you like turning me on, but it goes deeper than that. You want it. You need it. Within reason of course. The rubber band might have been a little over the top but it was just a blog and not real. These clothes pins are fine aren’t they? Or as the Brits say, clothes pegs. Since you went to the trouble of shaving my pussy, and it is my pussy, lets see how many clothes pins it can hold. Such a pretty little cunt. One day, I’ll have to let some bi girl lick it while I watch. Not some butch lesbian, but just a bi chick who likes tasty pussy. That’s eight, lets go for two more. There we go. You are getting so wet. Daddy wants to peg your nipples later after I enjoy them first.”

His tongue flicked across a nipple several times then he sucked it hard. He bit it, harder and harder until she cried out. Then he yanked her ponytail hard and sucked some more. Putting his teeth on top and his tongue below pressing up. Pushing the nipple down into the breast with his tongue then sucking it back out hard and biting again. Her cunt was on fire and her clit throbbing. It make her crazy horny when he played with her nipples. Exciting a nerve that ran all the way down to her throbbing clit. He bit her shoulder and kissed her neck and whispered in her ear.

“I could play with your nipples like this all night. I’m sure the other one needs attention as well.”

She whimpered as he went back and forth from nipple to nipple making her crazy horny but she knew better than to speak.

“I guess it’s time for the pins to come off. I’m going to lick your little clit up and down twenty times. Ten up and ten down, then remove a pin with my teeth and start over. But if you orgasm, all the pins are going back on even if I’m on the last one and we start over.”

Oh fuck she thought. Maybe he’ll lick it hard like I don’t like so I won’t come, but no, he was gentle just the way she liked it. Like his tongue and her clit were melting together. She bit her lip and tried to think of work.

“That’s one, very good my juicy pet.”

She felt cold lube against her most private spot and Daddy’s big wet finger invading her ass. Then his tongue, oh God, so good, so slow up and then down, then the sharp pain of blood rushing back as he removed another pin with his teeth.

“Your ass is so tight, still. I would think it would loosen up a bit from the ass fucked but no, still quite a job to get my cock in your fuck hole. Eight more, remember if you cum we put the pins back on and start over.”

This time he just put his tongue against her clit and she moved her hips. She knew it was a bad idea, but she couldn’t help it. She almost came but thankfully he stopped and bit off another pin.

“I’m a little worried you aren’t going to make seven more. And you know what happens if you cum, we start over. So I’ll make you an offer. You can go ahead and cum next time. I’ll lick until you do. But later, before I fuck your ass, you have to get spanked with the cane.”

She got a lump in her throat. He mind was reeling. She didn’t think she could make it to ten but he had never hit her with a cane before and that scared her.

“How hard Daddy?” she asked meekly.

“No where hard enough to even think about breaking your soft skin but hard enough to where you might see some marks next week.”

“Can you keep doing the pin thing and let me try and then beat my ass when, I mean, if I fail and not start over?”

“Nope, it’s a one time offer. But it might be hours before I’m ready to fuck your ass. Who knows? I think you better take it because I don’t see you lasting seven more.”

“Ok, Daddy,” she said with a pout. Mean Daddy, she thought but didn’t dare say out loud.

“Ok, I’m not going to count licks, just ask when you need to cum.”

He started licking just like she liked it and she did fight it for as long as she could just so she’d cum hard.

“Daddy, may I cum?”

“Yes, you may.”

Right as she started to cum he removed all the remaining pins with his free hand as his finger was deep in her ass to keep her from pushing it out. While the pins did hurt, it made the pleasure deeper and she screamed a little too loud, and came for a very long time.

“Ok, since you have been a good girl I’ll get you loose and let you suck Daddy’s cock. I know you love my three day loads.”

He got her free and took her place in the middle of the bed. She reached for the base of Daddy’s cock getting ready to swallow it.

“Not so fast, slut. I went through the trouble of shaving my balls today (I really did!) and I want you to lick them until I tell you to suck.”

This she didn’t mind because she knew he was ready to cum soon so he wouldn’t make her beg too much.

“You like Daddy’s big balls and all his juicy cum don’t you, slut? You always have. I know you’ll swallow every drop.”

“Of course Daddy. Gets me so hot.”

“I don’t know thought. Nice girls don’t suck their Daddy’s cocks or swallow their seed.”

“Mmmm slut for you, Daddy.”

“So I’ll have to spank your bottom when I’m done. Real hard right on the sweet spot. I’d do it now but need to cum so bad. Suck my cock now baby. Oh yeah just like that. Wet your finger with your pussy and play with Daddy’s asshole while you suck. Oh, that’s so bad too. You really need a spanking later. And a good fucking too. Let you ride Daddy’s cock first while I pinch your nipples so hard. My big cock hitting that spot inside you that makes you cum like a little whore. Never seen anyone cum so fast every time. You know I like it, though. Makes me want to throw you to the bed and fuck you hard. Hold you down and bite you, pull your hair and plow your fertile fields so hard you cum again. Or not, I don’t care. I can make you cum all weekend if it pleases me. I’m almost there. Spit that cock out and tell me to feed your slutty naughty cock sucking mouth.”

“Feed your slut, Daddy, please?”

“Suck it baby. Like only you can. Suck it good if you want my cum. Oh yeah, just like that. OK, I’m going to cum.”

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