I was thinking about the blog yesterday. How you would probably rather suck my cock as soon a possible. What’s the point in you showering if you are going to suck my cock you’d probably ask yourself.

What you’d really like is to be jerked through the door by your hand, but on your slutty knees and find Daddy’s cock hard and ready to be sucked. I laugh when I read stories about how the woman has to work to get his cock hard. You have to really sneak up on my to find it soft. I do like it sucked when it is soft though. Letting it grow magically.

Of course you probably know I like to cum lying down. But image of you on your knees with your arms either cuffed behind you in the leather restraints or a spreader bar across your shoulders scarecrow style is pretty hot. Either one. Think about the beginning of the movie “Secretary” and that’s what I mean about scarecrow. Fucking your mouth like a cunt. Making you take it deeper than you would like until your eyes water.

Scary Daddy might be really scary to some and not scary enough to others. It’s all a matter of taste and I can’t please everyone. So I just write what I want to depending on what my mood is at the time.

I wish you were here right now sucking my cock. My orgasms lately haven’t been very good ones. Ones where the cum just kind of dribbles out instead of hitting Daddy in the face.

I’ve been thinking about more of a story line but Literotica is weird about the Daddy thing. I’d have to write about an actual daughter, now that would be acceptable to them. Just can’t pretend. Talk about having your priorities fucked up.

And too, getting back the cock sucking thing, a shower wouldn’t be bad if you knew you had a hard cock waiting to suck. But if you were that slutty you wouldn’t need the pajamas. Just come in naked. Daddy would rest his eyes so he wouldn’t look. I know I’d feel your mouth on my cock about as soon as I felt the bed sink as you got on it. You’d empty my full balls so quickly. And yeah, one just gets me started.

Then we’d rest a little bit. Before I ate you. Maybe some nipple play to make you a little less shy. But there isn’t anything wrong with going right for the pussy. I like to do that when you aren’t even thinking about sex. Pull off your jeans and panties and just eat you on the side of the bed until you cum which probably wouldn’t be long.

But what makes the Daddy thing work for most women into it is Daddy talk. Without Daddy talk it is just vanilla sex for the most part.

So maybe, after the shower, you lie on your stomach for a spanking and Daddy talk about how bad it is to not only want to suck Daddy’s cock but to actually do it. I know how you are though. A shameless slut who can’t help herself. Might have to say a spanking before and a spanking after. Guess I could spank you in a sideways sixty-nine before I eat your puffy pussy. You don’t know how much that makes Daddy want to fuck you to lick your throbbing clit and see that hole that somehow expands to take my thick cock. Right now I feel a little mean because I woke up too early and want to fuck you hard. Me on top. Or from behind. Me on top is probably my favorite. Because it feels like I’m taking you. Not that I have a huge rape fantasy or anything. I just like to be in control and pound your pussy into submission.

From behind feels a little more dirty. And the fact that you like it that way makes you a dirty little whore. Not really but you have to admit it’s not a “making love” feeling position really. More of a primal fuck. Like the savages do it. I like it though. It all depends on what mood I’m in.

And oh my, I do like a three holed slut as compared to a two holed or even a one holed slut. And sadly there are women who only are one holed sluts. It is possible to have a mouth too small for cock sucking. That’s one reason I like redheads. Most redheads have a big mouth. Must be genetic. And I’m not kidding. Think of any famous redhead woman. Doesn’t she have a big cock sucking mouth? The redhead vampire on “True Blood” comes to mind.

So maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like being just a littler more erotic. Storm is on the way right now.

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  1. Hehe… The big mouth thing is true, imo, as I’m redhaired and have a big mouth. Or so I’m told.

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