Cotton PJs

Once again this is adult erotica dealing with ageplay. It’s not about incest or anything other than two adults having fun.

So it was Friday. He got to the room first and hoped she wouldn’t have to fight the traffic too bad. She was planning on leaving early. There were a few things to do before she got there. Ropes needed to be tied to the legs of the bed because like most hotels the rooms there had fake headboards. And a few toys to lay out on the spare bed. Lubes, and butt plugs and that sort of thing along with some spanking implements.

He showered. It was like 105 in the shade so another shower couldn’t hurt. Of course the room was nice and cool. Thank goodness. He had more time to kill so he put on a pot of coffee and watched the ladies play golf on the golf channel. Boring to most, yeah, but he liked it.

She came in finally, a little red faced from the heat of just taking her bags out of the car and into the motel. He hugged her sweaty back and gave her a kiss.

“Good to see you again. Daddy missed you so much. We need some ice. Why don’t you cool off with a shower while I go get some ice. When you are done put on those sunflower pajamas I bought for you. And get under the sheet. Don’t put a bra on though. You know Daddy doesn’t like bras. Panties are ok.”

“But Daddy, I need a bra now. My breasts are so huge and my nipples well, you know how they get. Can’t I wear a bra please? I feel naked and naughty without one.”

“Nope. Do as I say. You can pull the sheet up over you but I don’t know why you are worried. They are thick cotton winter pajamas.”

“Ok Daddy, but don’t tell anyone.”

“Of course not. What we do doesn’t leave the room.”

He left and she got in the shower and made the water as cold as she could stand it. Of course this make her nipples hard and she pinched them. Hoping that Daddy would play with them later. She just didn’t want to seem like a slut. She washed her shaved pussy and her clit was already throbbing. She was a good girl and didn’t cum in the morning but she did last night. As usual.

He piddled around the kitchen area until she was done and in bed under the sheet. He undressed and crawled in beside her.

“Turn over girl and rest your head on Daddy’s chest.”

“Daddy, you took your shirt off?”

“Yes, I took everything off.”

“Oh Daddy, that’s so wrong.”

“Why? Don’t you remember last month? All the naughty things we did all weekend. You weren’t shy then.”

“I was a first. And besides, it’s not nice.”

“But I bet you miss sucking on Daddy’s big cock.”

“Don’t Daddy. Don’t talk nasty.”

“But you sucked it so good. So many times I lost count. I bet you want to suck it right now. It’s hard like you like it. Just touch it.”

“Mmmm it is hard Daddy. Just like my nipples get hard.”

“Did you pinch your nipples last night when you touched yourself?”

“What Daddy? That’s so wrong. Why would I do that?”

“Because you do it every night. You told me that last time. You weren’t lying were you?”

“No Daddy, I can’t help it. It’s just the way I am.”

“Well, I was going to let you suck my cock again. But if its so wrong maybe we’ll wait until next month.”

“Daddy! No! You know I was just pretending to be good. I’m still your little slut. And it does need sucking right Daddy? Are you full for me again?”

“Yes, but the night is young. Show me your breasts.”

“Oh God, Daddy, no. They are huge and ugly and my nipples are like ice cubes right now. Please just let me suck it and I won’t be so shy after that.”

But Daddy just rolled her over on her back and pulled the top over her breasts without bothering with the buttons. Then he sucked and nibbled on her hard nipples like only he knew how while pinning her arms to the bed. She felt helpless yet so excited. She squirmed underneath him and wanted his big cock inside her.

“You have waited too long so now it’s my turn.”

Daddy pulled off her bottoms and panties at the same time. She tried to stop him but it was too late. He rolled her over on her side and pried her legs open and got into a sideways sixty-nine. Her hungry mouth engulfed his Daddy cock but she knew she’d be too excited to please him. For now. As his tongue was pressed to her aching clit and she was getting herself off by moving underneath him. He lapped down to her wet slit and stuck his tongue deep in her pussy just to taste her. She wanted it back on her clit. She knew how quickly he could make her cum and she wanted it bad. With a mouth full of cock she didn’t bother to ask. She just moaned into his cock and her whole lower body trembled as she had a strong orgasm. Much better than her slutty finger could ever give her.

“Now you are ready to suck me off slut?”

“Oh yes Daddy, please let me suck you dry and lets fuck everyway we can and you can spank my ass and fuck it too if you want. I’m not a good girl and I don’t even want to pretend to be one with you today Daddy. Use me for your pleasure.”

“Well you are right about my balls being full. It would be a shame to waste all that Daddy cum, now wouldn’t it? Of course I’ll have to spank your ass for being such a naughty little cocksucker after I cum. And I might just have to lick that pussy again. But tie you up and lick it for my pleasure before I get you off again. You can suck me now.”

She sucked Daddy so well. Made he wonder how she did it and he thought maybe she should write a “how to” book rather than think about that he just laid back and enjoyed it. It felt so big and meaty in her mouth and she couldn’t wait to have him claim all her holes. But that first suck she really enjoyed. How he made her stop sucking right before he came and just exploded in her mouth.

“Come here and give Daddy a kiss. I want to taste my cock on your tongue and hold off a little longer before I feed you my dinner.”

He could taste his cock on her lips and tongue. Not as sweet as her pussy juice but not unpleasant either. He wrapped his hand in her hair and guided her head back down there. He followed her motion for a bit then pressed a little deeper like he was fucking her face. She wet her finger with her pussy juice and titillated his anus. That sent him growling over the edge and he came what felt like forever.

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