Enjoy your weekend


So there she was. Tied to the bed. Blindfolded. The ankle restraints were connected to thigh restraints that kept her knees in a fully bend position then tied down to the bed spreading her legs so her puffy pink pussy was completely exposed to any mischief Daddy could conjure up. She was waiting for the clothes pins he liked to use. Or perhaps some dripping wax and ice.

But he had an evil plan tonight. A not so nice one. Assorted rubber bands. He was making a slingshot looking thing with the band between the V of his fingers like we all did as a kid. Or most of us anyway. The he started popping her with it. Sensitive areas like nipples, inner thighs, shaved pussy, and pussy lips. She didn’t like it and cringed every time his fingers pressed against her skin knowing the band would be pulled and released with a “Pop.”

But he just laughed each time when she whimpered.

“Who says this is all about you, anyway, my pet? Daddy can do anything he wants. Within reason of course. You do have your safe word but also you have pride and don’t want to think you need it. How about right here on your erect clit?”

He popped her hard right on her most sensitive part. Her whole body almost came off the bed.

“I know what you are thinking. Just let me get a hold of one of those bands and show him how it feels. Two bad we aren’t switches.”

She felt the cool lube being spread on her naughty anal opening. Then probing by one of Daddy’s fingers.

“I’ll make you a deal. And you know my deals with you are always carried out. I’m going to lube up the big plug. And by big I mean not the little jeweled steel one but the one I use to get you ready for my cock. If you can take it without acting like a baby and I mean no vocal sound at all, the rubber bands will be put away. You can fight the ropes and move your hips but not a sound from your mouth or throat. Think about this being World War Two and there are Nazis in the next room and we’ll both die if they hear you. I’m not going to ease it in real slow or jam it in quickly. Just steadily push it in. I think you can handle it. I’ve fucked your ass enough to where you should be able to. So not a sound, ok?”

“Yes, Daddy, anything to make you stop that mean play.”

“Well, we aren’t done here, but I promise no more bands if you are good. Here we go. It’s nice and wet and so are you.”

She tensed up when the fat part disappeared in her ass but didn’t dare make a sound. He patted her ass and stepped away to wash his hands.

“Guess how many fingers I’m putting in your pussy?”

“Two Daddy?”

“Nope, just one. Don’t know why you think they are so big. This is what two feels like.”

She whimpered because his fingers did hurt for some odd reason. Then relief as they were pulled out. Having her ass plugged made her cunt even tighter. She felt the wet fingers pressing against her mouth and sucked them in.

“You like the way you taste, don’t you my nasty girl?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“We still need to find some pussy eating cute female to suck on your pussy while you suck my cock. I know you don’t have a bi bone in your body but I guess it turns you on if it turns on Daddy, right?”

“Yes Daddy. I’ve thought about it more than once.”

“Some things are better left to fantasy. But you do taste so good. I’d like a second opinion one day. But lets continue on. See how many clothes pins your pussy can take today.”

“But Daddy, you said you’d be nice if I took the plug?”

“I said no more bands. Come on, you like this. It gets you so wet.”

Normally Daddy put the on really slow but this time it was like he was in a hurry and it made it hurt all the more. But at least no more damn popping with the evil bands. The two on her nipples hurt pretty bad because he put them both on at the same time with no warning.

“I thought you liked to be tortured? Maybe if Daddy licks your little clit you won’t notice the pins so much.”

He just touched his hot tongue to her clit and she started moving her hips. That’s really all he ever had to do to get her off. It took a few times to figure that out but once he did he could get her off at will. Then he stopped for a second.

“Now I know you are going to ask to cum soon. And I’ll say yes when you do, but wait until my cock is inside you to stop cumming.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He went back to licking her clit as he slowly fucked her ass with the butt plug. It didn’t take her very long.

“May I cum, Daddy?”

He didn’t answer. He just pulled all the pins off her pussy and plunged his cock deep in her cunt. She started to cum and then she screamed when he jerked the clothes pins off her nipples. He kept his cock deep inside her so she couldn’t push it out with her strong muscles, but she did push the plug out. He waited until all the contractions stopped and then freed her and rolled over on his back.

“Now finish Daddy off with your slutty mouth and enjoy his three day load before he fucks your ass in a little bit.”

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