Snowy Anal Fuck

It was snowing in March. Not unusual for the North Carolina mountains. They were heading up for a week at a cabin they reserved for a couple of nights. It was on the way so she picked him up. By the time they got close to Franklin it was snowing but the weather guys said no more than two inches or so. But it was pretty. Huge flakes the size of sand dollars almost.

The cabin was very nice. It had two fireplaces, on in the den and one in the Master bedroom both ready to light with just a match. A huge heart shaped bathtub was in the bathroom. No neighbors within sight and down the hill was a mountain lake with a dock on the property.

They lit the fires then walked down to the boathouse and pulled a couple of chairs out on the dock to watch it snow for a while. Quite a change from midsummer of 2010 when it got almost too hot to even breathe.

Daddy was getting cold so they headed in. He ran a bath with some green nice smelling bath salts. He slowly washed her and shaved her legs in a pampering way. Then it was her turn to wash Daddy with the soft sea sponge.

They dried each other off and headed for the bedroom. It was a nice canopy oak bed probably a hundred of more years old. He helped her into bed, pried open her legs in a sideways sixty-nine and started licking her puffy shaved sex the way she liked it. She was very sensitive down there but Daddy knew just how to drive her crazy. He made her cum three times then he rolled over on his back so she could concentrate fully on his cock.

She loved sucking Daddy’s cock and did it better than anyone. But that day, she was so turned on it was pretty obvious just with the enthusiastic way she was sucking it. Like it was turning her on more than usual. Before long he was cumming down her hungry throat.

They were both hungry so they went into the kitchen and made a couple of wraps to eat. They had stopped at a deli on the way in. They made the mistake of not eating the first night they spent together so they always made it a point of eating after that.

They sat on the large leather couch watching the fire. He opened her robe and started sucking and nibbling and biting on her hard nipples. This always drove her crazy.

“Sit on my cock, baby. Ride Daddy’s big cock.”

Her wet pussy slid down Daddy’s cock until it was all the way and hitting that spot inside her as she slowly seductively danced on his cock. Something about his cock just felt almost too good when she was on top.

“Daddy, may I cum please?”

“Yes, if you want, just don’t stop fucking my cock until I tell you. I don’t care how many times you cum.”

She lost count of how many times she came and was just glad she didn’t gush all over the nice couch.

“Get on the rug baby. Let me fuck you from behind so Daddy can cum.”

He fucked her hard, almost violently from behind slapping her ass and calling her every dirty name he could think of. His thrusts slapped against her in a body thud almost pushing her off the rug. He grabbed her hips and helped her fuck back as his cock was like some piston from a callous machine that just wouldn’t quit. She tightened her cunt trying to help Daddy to cum.

Abruptly, he pulled out and greased up his cock with the lube on the side table and quickly explored her ass with a wet finger. Then he slammed his cock deep in her ass. She wanted to scream as if felt he was splitting her in two, but it quickly subsided and felt good.

“Yes, Daddy, fuck my ass, Sir. I want your cum there deep inside my naughty little hole. I took it well, didn’t I Daddy? Is my ass tight for you?”

“Fuck yeah, you little anal slut. It’s so fucking tight and you did so well. Feels so good I’m going to cum soon. I’ll hold it still like we do in your mouth so you can feel every pulse, every squirt. Nice girls don’t like to get fucked this much in their ass, if at all. I’ll have to spank you later.”

“Cum Daddy, please. Come in your dirty slut’s ass. I want all your cum. Please?”

“I’m going to cum!”

He grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her head back as his cock emptied what cum he had left in her tight sweet ass where only his cock had ever been.

“Oh God, Daddy, I felt every squirt. Please leave your big cock in while I touch my clit. I want to cum on your cock so bad.”

“Ok baby, but that might want me to keep fucking it after you cum.”

“That’s fine, Daddy; it’s your ass to fuck.”

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