The UPS guy

So this time he got to the room first. Soon after, she got there with enough luggage for a month’s stay in Europe, but it was only a two night holiday. Daddy smiled knowing that’s just the way she is.

He had a towel spread on the floor about four feet from his chair. Knowing she was a germaphobic.

“Have a seat on the towel. We aren’t in any hurry.”

He was shirtless. He kicked off his shorts and briefs, squeezed some lube in his hand, applied it to his hard member and started stroking his cock, stopping once to get it extra wet.

“You like watching Daddy stroke his big cock, don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Most girls would be shocked but you are a naughty little shameless slut who can’t keep her hands off her little pussy, aren’t you? I’m trying to decide if I want to blow a hot load of cum all over your pretty face, or let you go wash your ass and go in the shower with you so you can get my cock and balls all clean for your slutty little mouth. Of course there are other options. Two other holes that are always ready and willing to serve me. You know you are mine, don’t you? Just because I don’t use the term Master, doesn’t mean I’m not your Master. It’s just that the Daddy thing turns us both on. Funny that it took my blog for you to even figure that out. The missing X factor in your horny little existence. Master was always very harsh to your way of thinking but Daddy, well, Daddy always loves you right? Keeps you safe and protects you. Then there is the darker side of you wanting to please Daddy. To do unspeakable things in private. The dirtier the better. Of course I could let you lay your head over the side of the bed and lick my balls as I rub my cock. I used to do that long ago before I met the virgin even. Shoot my cum down your naked body. But you aren’t naked are you? Go ahead and get naked for Daddy.”

Not her favorite thing, getting naked while Daddy watched but she was turned on by his glistening cock and the dirty talk.

“It’s a shame to use my hand when I have you here. I’ll tell you what. We’ll go shower together and I’ll think about letting you suck my cock when we are all clean.”

She washed his cock, balls, and ass. She felt a little violated when he had her grab her ankles and he forced a big soapy finger up her ass several times but turned on at the same time. The dried off and got in the big bed.

“Just lay your head on Daddy’s chest and lightly play with my cock. For your pleasure, not mine. Pretend like you are touching it for the first time. Learning how it feels, the texture of the soft skin, the meaty heaviness you love inside your tight pussy so much. Feel my smooth balls I shaved for you last night as well.”

“May I suck it, Daddy?”

“Do nice girls suck their Daddy’s cock? You don’t think it’s bad?”

“Yes, Daddy, but I’m a bad naughty girl with no self control. When I see a good looking man I look for his bulge. I know it’s wrong. I cheated on you last week only in fantasy. The good looking UPS guy walked by and I thought about him fucking me over my desk. He didn’t speak and I didn’t know his name even. After he came he made me get on my knees and clean off is cock and he called me a dirty little slut and said my Daddy should have raised me better.”

“Let me guess. Then you went to the bathroom and rubbed your little clit at work?”

“Yes, Daddy, I’m so ashamed. You can spank me if you like.”

“I can spank you anytime I wish. But since it was all in your mind and you were honest, I won’t punish you for it. And as much as I would like to make you wait, I’d only be hurting myself if you didn’t suck my cock now. So suck my cock you bad bad rotten sex starved slut. Make Daddy cum hard like always.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

She loved sucking his cock. More than just about anything. Especially when she knew his big balls were full of Daddy cum.

“You like it when I pull your fucking hair don’t you slut? Don’t answer. Don’t you dare take your mouth off of Daddy’s cock. Suck it good too. One hundred percent effort or you will get worse than a spanking. I bet part of you wanted that big load all over your face in the floor and dripping onto your full breasts. Then having Daddy feed you every drop he could scoop up with his fingers. But I also know you like to drain every drop. You are so greedy. Spit out my cock and tell Daddy you love every second of sucking my cock.”

“I love every second of sucking your cock, Daddy.”

“Then get back on it, you hussy. I haven’t licked your ass in a while. Not really good for my pleasure. That’s so wrong but I like it. I think you like it too now that I took your anal cherry. Since you know I’ll fuck that tight ass when I’m done. Yeah, you can feel my cock getting harder in your mouth from just me thinking about your tight ass. I probably need to spank it as well after all those dirty thoughts about the UPS guy. Not only thoughts, but running to the bathroom and rubbing one out. Yes, I think that is in order. Keep sucking girl. Don’t slow down. But you know, I should eat your puffy little pussy first. Not sideways sixty-nine like you like it, but tied to the bed and eaten for my pleasure first. The bad way all the other boys ate it who didn’t understand your pussy. It’s Daddy’s pussy and only he gets it. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. Swallow it all baby. Every last drop. Ok, stop sucking I’m going to cum now.”

He came so hard and powerful since all the stroking had primed him. She felt her clit throb too as he emptied is load into her waiting still mouth. She knew very soon he’d tie her arms and spread her legs and he would assault her little pussy with his mouth and tongue. Roughly as if orally raping her. Then when he got his fill of her he’d every so gently lick her clit knowing she wouldn’t last a half minute. And her ass, damn it needed a good and deep fucking making her feel like he was splitting her open but then feeling his cock pulsing inside her ass when he came was pure heaven.

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