Beach towel


Lots of hits tonight. Once again, the Daddy series isn’t about incest but adults having fun pretending.


So I spread a large beach towel on the carpet of the hotel room for you to lie on and masturbate for Daddy. I’m sitting on the couch sipping coffee and reading, occasionally looking up at your cunt spread wide and your little fingers rubbing your hard throbbing clit. You are, of course, three shades of red from embarrassment, but after a few minutes being the slut you are, you are totally into the pleasure of it.

I toss you the small steel butt plug and a bottle of lube and have you plug your ass with it and lie on your belly with your ass pointed to me and have you keep rubbing your clit. Your cheeks naturally open wide and I can see the ruby jewel sparkling in your anus and your fingers working your clit feverishly.

“You like being Daddy little slut, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Doing everything I say. Not only being a nasty little girl but having me encourage it. You were a naughty little girl I know. Still are in some ways. Over all you are a very good girl. I guess you could have turned out to be a real slut instead of just Daddy’s slut. Now turn back over and open up that puffy pussy with your fingers. So me that wet little hole you like fucked so much. Pull it open wider with your fingers so I can see the hole. That’s it. Now put two fingers. You can’t cheat here like on the phone. That’s it, get them in deep. Now suck them off for Daddy. Taste good doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“But very naughty. Stop touching yourself. I gave you long enough to cum. You’ll just have to wait. Go crawl to the bed and bring me back the riding crop in your teeth. No, now that you have it, turn around and crawl backwards so I can watch your slutty ass the entire time. That’s a good girl. I’m going to have to fuck that ass today. You like that now, don’t you slut? A good ass fuck every time we meet? Rhetorical question, slut. Do you want all of Daddy’s cum today? I’ve saved it up for days just for you.”

“Yes, Daddy, may I suck your big cock please?”

“You can taste it. Take it in deep then straddle Daddy’s cock with your little pussy. That’s it suck it deeper. Now get top and put my cock in. But don’t move your hips. Don’t move at all baby. All I want you to do is to use your pussy muscles to squeeze Daddy’s cock. You have been practicing right?”

“Yes, Daddy. Oh Daddy it feels so good. Fills me up just right. Can I fuck it, Daddy? I’ll do it good.”

“Nope. But I will squeeze your nipples like this. So hard. You love that I know.”

“Yes, Daddy, make them hurt.”

“Squeeze my cock harder. I want to feel it. I bet if you just rocked a little you’d cum so hard. Such a slutty little girl for Daddy’s cock aren’t you?”

“Yes, for your cock Daddy. Slutty bad girl. Why did you want the crop?”

“So I can spank your ass while you suck my cock here in a minute. But I want you to cum first. Ask for permission though.”

“I can fuck you, Daddy? Yes? Please?”

“Yes fuck Daddy’s cock. You fucking whore. Nasty little bad girl with dirty thoughts all night long from reading Daddy’s blog. Rubbing your little pussy raw. God, I want to pinch off those pretty pink nipples.”

“Oh Daddy, may I cum? Please?”

“No, not so fast. Stop moving your hips if you have to.”

She whimpered. So close to cumming.

“I thought you liked to draw it out longer?”

“When I masturbate. Not when I fuck your cock. Will you let me cum this time?”

“I might. But you have to fuck it harder. Like you really want it.”

“Yes Daddy.”

She bit her lip and bounced really hard up and down Daddy’s big cock. She tried to wait. Tried to think of something else but Daddy’s cock felt so good. It always had felt that good for some reason.

“Please Daddy? May your dirty little slut cum hard? Please?”

“Fight it a little longer.”

“But Daddy I have been! Please? I need to so bad!”

“Ok, you may cum.”

She threw back her head and came violently on Daddy’s big cock. It felt so good to finally cum. She would have cum in the floor had she known he would had made her wait so long.

“Now lie flat so Daddy can beat your ass while you suck me off. Suck it good and make Daddy cum fast. My balls hurt.”

She loved sucking his cock about as much as anything they did. But she almost bit him when he hit the cheek of her ass hard with the crop. Then the other cheek. Back and forth like he was some kind of evil machine but she didn’t dare slow down. She knew it would be much worse if she lost her concentration. His free hand tangled in her red mane and pulled hard. Her nipples were already sore against his thigh. Her ass now turning red in spots from the exquisite English crop.

“I’m so horny today slut. I can wait to fuck your pussy hard and make you cum again. I love when you finally cum after I pound it hard for about fifteen minutes. And I still want to fuck that red ass later too. I’m getting close. Cup your little hand around Daddy’s big balls very gently. Oh fuck, yeah. I’m going to cum in your hungry little mouth just like you thought about last night when you masturbated. Oh yes, stop and wait for it.”

He came so hard. Shooting into her mouth almost faster than she could swallow him down. God, she loved his cock and how much he came. Only she could make him cum anytime at will. Until his cum was barely a trickle.

“Very good. For a reward I’m going to spread you wide on the couch with the ropes and restraints and give you a nice clit orgasm with Daddy’s tongue. Just like you like it. Then if I can get you just right where your puffy pussy is leading the way, I might give it a good spanking with the crop when I’m done. Well, since pussy torture turns you on so much, we’ll play with the clothes pins before the spanking and I’ll take some pictures of your slutty tortured pussy. I’ll put the big plug in your ass as well it to get it ready to be fucked. I know we have all weekend but I want to use the rest for some serious pussy fucking. After I fuck your ass, you can clean me off in the shower and then put my cock in your mouth. So naughty.”

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