They took turns driving to the Atlantic coast. Away from all the nasty BP oil. With her dog in the back seat. The resort had some pet rooms and he knew her mind would be divided without her baby girl.

So it meant for a few extra stops at rest stops but she was a pretty good travel companion. Soon they were in the low country of South Carolina and could smell the salt air.

Once they checked in they dropped the bags off in the room and took the dog, we’ll call her Mandy, down to the beach. She seemed happy to be out of the car and fascinated with the incoming waves. Without the leash she might have gone for a swim.

They stayed longer than they expected and both were a little sweaty. So they shared a shower while Mandy napped on the foot of the bed and then they both joined her for a nap. Of course she would have sucked Daddy’s cock if he had asked but they were both pretty tired. It was a long trip and they left hours before the sun came up.

As usual, she had hogged the bed leaving Daddy about eighteen inches to sleep on. He woke up first and started the little hotel coffee pot. Mandy jumped off the bed and looked like she wanted to go to the bathroom and he was surprised when she let him take her. Normally the dog had severe separation anxiety if she was out of sight of her Mistress. Or slave perhaps. Somehow I think Mandy was the pack leader of the two.

She did pee pretty fast when they got outside and she was ready to get back to the room. Lazy bones was still asleep so he poured a cup of coffee and watched Fox News while he could. After the mug he got back in bed.

He sat back against the headboard and woke her up by grabbing her hair and guiding her head to his hard cock. While this might seem chauvinistic he was after all the Daddy and there was little she loved more than sucking on his cock anyway.

“Don’t get to comfortable. Take off those panties and straddle me in a sixty-nine then suck my cock. Don’t worry, I won’t lick too much so suck it good.”

She whimpered but complied. She didn’t like being so exposed. Daddy could see everything about her privates. And she could feel his big fingers opening up her little pussy. It was worse than being at the doctor but she tried to focus on his hard cock and not think about it. He watched her little finger go to her pussy and swirl around her vagina getting all sloppy wet and then she eased her finger into his tight ass without asking if it was ok.

This wasn’t highly unusual but meant she had woken up in and naughty mood. He figured what was good for the gander was good for the goose so he wet his own finger in her cunt and eased it into her ass up to the second joint or so.

“You seem to be in a mood. I think later today after lunch I’ll fuck your ass. I’m sure it needs a good fucking before it closes up to my big cock again. You like it in your ass now, don’t you girl. Spit out Daddy’s cock and tell him you like it up the ass.”

“I want your big cock up my ass today, Daddy.”

“Get back on that cock where you belong, you little whore. You three holed pleasure slut. Oh yeah, you are going to be my total slut today when we get back from lunch. That means no walking, only crawling. That means I cum in every hole and deep in your pussy as well. Make you squeeze all that cum into Daddy’s hand and drip it into your little mouth like you are a SlutBird. I think I’ll let you jerk me off too while you tongue fuck Daddy’s ass. You know how hard that makes Daddy cum. Oh yeah you suck Daddy’s cock so well. Don’t you dare take Daddy’s cock out of your slutty mouth when I’m done cumming either. Not until I say so.”

He started spanking her ass which only made her suck harder. She was so fucking hot. She could feel his cock growing larger, the big head swelling even more.

“I’m going to cum!”

She secretly smiled. She already knew. Like a good girl she stopped sucking and felt the endless squirts all messy in her mouth and throat and the wonderful essence of Daddy sliding down filling her and making her a very happy girl. He spanked her hard the entire time.

“Now hump my tongue like you do the pillow when you are on your period and need to cum.”

That made her blush. Daddy knew too much, she thought. She had never done it before but once she felt Daddy’s hot wet tongue on her throbbing clit it felt better than any pillow could. He squeezed her ass at the same time and she could feel the soreness of his spanks and his excitement over the fullness of her sweet ass and she thought of him fucking it deep and that thought sent her over the edge and she moaned deeply into his cock and came harder than she had since she saw him last.

“Is Daddy’s cock still hard, slut? Shake your head if it is.”

“She shook her head yes.”

“Put it in your pussy. Face away cowgirl style and ride Daddy’s big cock.

As she straddled his big cock he grabbed some lube from the nightstand and lubed up her tight ass. His big finger went in just after his cock was in her pussy.”

“Oh God, you need to feel this baby. Put your finger in your ass and feel Daddy’s big cock in your little cunt.”

“They swapped out fingers and she could feel him though the thin membrane so thick and hard.”

“Ok, that’s enough. Now ride Daddy’s cock. I know a slut like you can’t go an entire minute without having to cum. I can feel your naughty ass sucking on my finger already. Now pinch your nipples hard like Daddy pinches them. You like that don’t you? I’ll make them nice and sore before we leave.”

She was moaning. Fighting it. Wanting to prove to him that she could last longer but it was no use.

“Please Daddy, may I cum?”

“Yes, since you asked so nicely.”

He was pretty sure she squirted some as she started to cum. Not the flood like that first time though. He let her ride out the orgasm then he wrestled her down, got on top of her and fucked her hard until they both came together all sweaty and breathless.

Mandy slept through it all.

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