mean Daddy

This day she was to get to the hotel room first, shower, and get into bed naked with just the sheet over her. Daddy would get there soon after.

She was already wet as she waited. Because of there schedules they had missed a whole month. She had pretty much rubbed her pussy raw waiting, but I guess that was true most of the time.

She couldn’t get Daddy’s cock out of her mind. It was very thick, but seemed to hit the right spot each time he fucked her. In fact, she always came hard on top and rarely was able to last an entire minute. The first time she gushed causing a flash flood warning for Gwinnett County. But that hadn’t happened since. Good thing, she thought because it did embarrass her to no end.

She was a paradox. Shy, extremely at times, but always as slutty as slutty can be in her private thoughts. She still didn’t like to expose her naked sex to him. Often covering it with her hand. She preferred when he pried her open like he was making a wish with a chicken bone. The feeling of his forcing naughty things on her. But left on her own, her thinking could be as naughty as naughty can be.

Meanwhile he was excited as the sign came in to view. Soon he would be with his little slut who would do anything to please him. He knew she would be naked. That her ass that only he had fucked would be clean enough for his tongue if that pleased him. And her mouth which never let him down would be ready to suck it as many times as he could get it up. And that sweet pussy would be wet and ready for anything.

He got the card from the front desk and hurried to the room. She was there in bed smiling. He ripped the sheet off her body.

“Spread your legs and show Daddy that pussy, you cunt. Show me that fuck hole. Open it up with your fingers. That’s a good girl. Or a bad girl I guess. Do nice girls show their Daddy’s their pussy like that? I don’t even think many whores do that. But I asked you to, didn’t I so it makes it OK. Now turn over and spread your legs again. I’d ask you to spread your ass cheeks but they do that naturally. Like your ass is begging to be fucked. But it took Daddy a few months of trying to get in your naughty hole.”

He slapped her ass hard a couple of times. Then forced his big tongue into her tight hole and licked her entire crack a few times before rimming her again. Very aggressive. He had never licked her like that before. Then he forced two fingers into her wet cunt.

“I don’t know why my fingers hurt you when my cock is like four fingers. I don’t care either. I like to hurt you. Now get back on your back. Spread your legs again. Now lift your ass off the bed and hold it up for Daddy.”

He got the crop and straddled her standing with his feet to either side of her chest and started smacking her cunt with the crop. Hard. He had never spanked it that hard before.

“Now turn back over on your tummy.”

He jumped off the bed and got the quirt. A small braided leather whip about twenty-four inches long with a double leather tongue on the end. Very scary like a demon’s tongue or something. He started beating her ivory ass with it. Leaving red welts each time. As a reflex, she brought one of her hands back to block him.

“That wasn’t very smart. I’ll fix that.”

He put the leather restraints on her wrists and tied them to the headboard. Then he went back to whipping her. When she started to kick, he put her ankles in restraints and tied them to the footboard.

“So you don’t like the quirt? Maybe you’ll like the paddle more.”

The paddle was a nice birch paddle and he had drilled five fairly large holes in it. She bit her lip when he started paddling her and then whimpered a little. But he kept on hitting her. Making both cheeks a bright magenta.

“Red Light!” she said, stopping him with her safeword as she sobbed.

“Ok, no more of that for the weekend.”

“Thank you Daddy. I’m ok. It just scared me was all.”

She wanted to be held. But instead, she shivered when the cold lube was applied to her asshole. Then the plug. She knew it was the big rubber one when it kept on going in and she gave a little yell when it popped all the way in.

“I know it hurts. I can’t say that it bothers me that much that you are so tight. It sure feels good on Daddy’s cock. Let’s try the plug again and see if it feels better the second time.”

She made a noise when the fat end popped out but the rest felt kind of good as it came out.

“It’s just the big part that hurts. See, I can fuck you with it like this if I don’t go all the way in. Now see if you can take it all this time.”

“Ouch, Daddy, it still hurts when you do that.”

“Don’t worry we are done with the plug for the whole weekend. Just my big cock to go.”

She gave a fake cry this time and he slapped her ass.

“You better take my cock and fuck it until it comes or you’ll get the cane.”

He had in fact never hit her with a cane but the thought terrified her. And judging by his actions today she didn’t want to provoke it.

“Yes Daddy.”

“I have every right to fuck my little girl’s ass don’t I? Now I know I’ve been a harsh Daddy since I got here but I’ll spend the rest of the weekend being nice. But first you have to give me your sweet ass and at least pretend to like it. I’ll untie one hand and let you touch your throbbing little clit while I fuck your ass and maybe that will help.”

Her little clit did feel good to her touch. Never before had he been that rough with her but surprisingly part of it turned her on. She only moaned when his thickness filled her even though it did hurt like hell. But the plug there first helped.

“Oh yes, fuck your ass, Daddy. It’s yours. Oh God you feel so big. Is it tight Daddy?”

“Yes, the tightest and best hole ever. It grips my cock like a vise all the way in. You look so good too. Rub Daddy’s little clit. I want you cum. Even if you have to wait until after I cum, I want to leave it inside so you can cum on it.”

“Oh Daddy, are you full of cum like usual? I want it all in my naughty hole. Shoot it deep to the very core of my body Daddy. Oh God it feels so good. It has never felt this good before Daddy. I’m going to cum. May I Daddy?”

“No, not yet. Wait for me. Make it tight for Daddy. I’m almost there.”

“Hurry Daddy, oh God please hurry. I need to cum so bad.”

“Almost there baby. When I hold it in deep you can cum. I don’t want to you to push me out. Ok, cum for me. Cum for Daddy.”

“Oh YES Daddy, oh fuck yeah cum in my ass. Fill me up. Oh fuck, can you feel me cumming Daddy?”

“Fuck yes, oh baby so fucking good.”

He collapsed on her and held her stroking her hair. His cock still throbbing in her ass.

“In a minute we’ll go shower. See about an early dinner before the crowds come out. Then I’ll be sweet Daddy for the rest of the night.”

“If I can sit down,” she said with a smirk.

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  1. Very horny writing, made me throbby and wet. I shall share this with my Master for sure….Grrr!


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