A reminder that this is fiction and about two adults enjoying age play and has nothing to do with incest except in fantasy.

They only had one night together this time. Saturday. She got to the room first. He wanted her to shower and then get into the cotton Pjs he bought for her. Then get in bed and pretend to be napping until Daddy got there a little later. They were going to play virgin girl. A very naughty game.

She got there a few minutes earlier than he asked. She wanted to be sure she had time to shave her virgin pussy for him so it would be nice and smooth. Of course, she kept it shaved all the time. She lathered it up and slowly shaved it. Then as usual, she made sure her little asshole was clean for Daddy.

She got into her cute little pink pajamas and crawled under the covers. Soon Daddy would be there. She missed how he smelled and how it felt when he touched her body. Not to mention all the other things. But today, she was to forget about those things for a while and pretend to be a virgin.

Daddy was so excited. It had been too long since he had seen his little girl. And of course his balls were heavy having saved his cream for her for a few days. But he had to go slow this time.

His card unlocked the door. She was there in bed in a fetal position holding one of the pillows and pretending to be asleep. He undressed down to his briefs and slid in behind her. He put his arm around the curve of her waist and kissed her on the neck. Shivers went up her spine.

“Wake up, Daddy’s here. I’ve missed you so much. Give me a kiss.”

She turned to him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“No, give me a big girl kiss.”

She put her little girl tongue in his mouth and kissed him harder.

“Was that good, Daddy?”

“Yes, it was good but you mustn’t tell anyone you kiss Daddy that way. You can’t tell anyone about us being together like this.”

“Why Daddy, are you going to do bad things to me?”

“No, I’m going to do mostly good things but some people wouldn’t understand. I can feel that you are wearing your bra. Take it off please.”

“No, Daddy, I’m a big girl now and need a bra. Besides, those things get hard when you hold me and it’s embarrassing.”

“You mean your nipples?”

“Yes, Daddy, don’t make me say it but you know what I mean.”

“Take it off right away or Daddy will spank your bottom.”

“Oh, don’t do that Daddy, I’ll take it off.”

“I’m going to unbutton your top and see how big they are getting.”

“Oh no, Daddy, don’t they are huge and those things, well, I told you.”

“They get hard for a reason and I need to show you why. Stop being such a brat. I’m your Daddy and you are supposed to do what I say. It’s the rule.”

“Ok Daddy but can I put the pillow over my face so you can’t see how red you make me?”

“Yes, as long as you don’t cover your ears so you can hear me. And you have do everything I say without arguing.”

“Ok Daddy, I’m yours.”

“So many buttons. I want to unbutton them all. There we go. Oh baby they are getting big but that’s a good thing. Boys like big ones. And yours are perfect. Not too big or too small.”

She felt something warm and wet and gentle on her nipple. The it was suckling.

“Daddy, what are you doing? That tingles.”

“Tingles? Where does it tingle?”

“My nipple and down there. My private area. It makes me warm and wet down there. But please Daddy, don’t look. I’d die if you looked.”

“Just relax. They both need a good sucking. It feels kind of good doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Daddy but just so wrong. They are so ugly too.”

“They are beautiful. Let Daddy rub his warm hand on your body while he sucks you.”

He started being a little rougher with her nipples. Biting them a little. It only seemed to excite her more. And his hand felt so good on her soft curves. Rubbing her tummy and inner thigh. For a moment she wanted his hand “there” but knew it was so wrong.

“You are probably getting pretty warm now. Daddy will take your bottoms off now. Ah, the pink panties I bought you. Do you want to touch yourself down there?”

“Down there? Oh Daddy, that would be so wrong. I would never do that in a million years.”

“You do most every night. Do you know how many times I stood at your door and heard you? Sound travels well in the house. I know exactly what you have been doing. I know you did in the afternoon last Saturday. After you took your shower I checked your panties in the dirty clothes and they were absolutely soaked. I don’t expect you to admit to it. But you better do it now or Daddy will pull off those wet panties and lick you there.”

She whimpered but moved her hand down there and started playing with her little pussy as Daddy sucked her nipples.

“I know you know what an orgasm is because I have heard you have so many of them. And I know you like to take your time and draw it out slow but I want you to make it happen sooner now. Don’t hold back. I’ve seen you hanging around my bathroom when I take a shower wanting to see me naked. Every time you do, your eyes go right to my penis. If you cum for me I might let you touch it. But you have to hurry because time is wasting and we have lots to do.”

“I can’t Daddy, not with you here, I’m too embarrassed.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Daddy roughly pulled off her wet pink panties and tossed them in the floor. She tried to shut her legs but he had her up under her knees and was prying her legs open wide. Then she felt his soft warm tongue on her clit. Just touching it as she struggled but it started to feel really good. Much better than she could imagine her own fingers feeling.”

“Such a sweet puffy wet virgin pussy baby. Do you want Daddy to stop?”

“Oh God, no Daddy. I know it’s wrong but it feels so good. Oh Daddy it feels so good. I can’t hold it back Daddy. I’m going to do it. May I Daddy?”

“Yes baby, please cum hard for Daddy.”

She moaning and twisted on the bed trying to get away from Daddy’s hot tongue. Cumming for what seemed like a couple of minutes.

“Now suck Daddy’s cock. I’m not playing.”

“But Daddy I don’t know how.”

He kicked off his briefs and grabbed a big handful of her hair and pulled her down to his hard cock.

“Suck it like I know you can, girl. Now! I need to cum and don’t feel like arguing with you. Oh fuck yeah, just like that. Suck all of Daddy’s sweet cum out so he can fuck that virgin pussy later.”

“Oh Daddy …”

He pushed her head back down on his cock.

“Suck it until I cum. No talking. I’m going to fuck you so hard soon. I want you to suck me off first so I’ll last a long time. Pound that pussy into submission. I can tell this isn’t the first cock you sucked you little slut. And you probably aren’t a virgin either but you damn well better act like one if you don’t want the cane. Oh fuck yeah that’s good. Spit it out for a second and say ‘I love your cock, Daddy.’”

“I love your cock, Daddy.”

“Get back on that cock where you belong, you dirty cock sucking nasty girl. I’m going to fuck that ass too in a little bit. Before the sun goes down I’ll have all your fucking fuck holes. Claiming them all for myself. You horny little pleasure cunt. Damn, who taught you to suck cock like that? Oh fuck I’m going to cum.”

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