nice long spanking

So you were told to get to the room first and shower and I’d be along around Two O’clock. To come to the door in a long T-shirt with no bra or panties on. And that was all you knew.

So the first thing you did was though the yucky bedspread in the closet. You piddled around a little laying out your girlie stuff then you had a hot shower making sure your slutty ass was very clean with a soapy finger just in case Daddy wanted to lick your naughty ass.

I took the Buford exit and plodded along in traffic until I could see the mall and the motel. You had reserved the same room back in the corner so we wouldn’t disturb the other guests. I was excited. Always excited to see my little girl.

I knocked three times and you opened the door. I shut and locked the door behind me and gave you a big kiss. Daddy’s hands kneaded your buttocks. So good to have my hands on your ass again. I pulled up the front of your shirt and sucked and nibbled on your hard nipples.

“Come to the couch and lie across Daddy’s lap. I think you need a spanking. Why? Because you are a naughty little slut who can never keep her hands away from her pussy. Now if you just came every night I’d say you just had a healthy appetite for sex. But you have to rub one out almost every morning as well. And yes, I know all the naughty things you do when you were a little girl. And then you’d run home as fast as you could to rub your little pussy. An itch you just can’t ever seem to satisfy. Daddy has tried to make you happy with lots of fucks and pussy lickings and anal sex and letting you suck on my fat cock but you just can’t seem to get enough. Now I’m not asking or expecting you to change. In fact, spanking you is a little like pouring gasoline on a fire but that’s ok. You are still getting one. And it turns me on. What turns me on seems to turn you on twice as much just knowing how hard Daddy’s cock is getting. How many? I don’t know. How long? Long enough for me to want to stop and get my cock sucked and my big balls drained. Now put your hands on the armrest. Good girl. Leave them there. Let me get a handful of that slutty hair. Your ass looks especially good today. I was going to wait until tomorrow to fuck it but I think you get it fucked this afternoon. But first things first.”

My hand smacks down on your ass hard. Over and over. Moving all around your cheeks so your whole ass will get nice and rosy for me. After a minute or two I stop and ease my big finger into your tight pussy.

“Does Daddy’s finger feel big?”

“Yes, Daddy, huge.”

“I don’t get that. I can fuck you as hard and long as I want yet one finger feels big to you. Oh well, one of those mysteries of life I guess. Don’t squirm too much we are just getting started.”

I start spanking you hard on the sweet spot. Right above the crease of your buttock. It feels like half an hour but it has only been about eight minutes. Your ass is now very red. Pussy is glistening with wetness. I finger fuck your pussy a few times and go back to spanking. Letting go of your hair, I reach down and twist a nipple hard.

“I don’t think this is working very well. After you suck me I think I’ll get a scary toy, like you like to call them, and really hurt your slutty ass a little. That should get me in the mood to fuck your ass today. Now I’ve fucked your ass enough for you to be able to take it without whimpering. You need to start enjoying it. Or at least fake it until you make it. But no matter. It feels good to Daddy and I like that it hurts a little. Of course with you, I’d always use good lube. You are very tiny there. Reach back and spread your cheeks for Daddy. Oh yes, that’s so damn naughty. Your little rosebud looks very clean. Did you clean it good for Daddy?”

“Yes, Daddy, always. If I shower it will be clean for you.”

“So if we get in bed in a sixty-nine you can suck my cock really good while I lick your asshole? Can you concentrate?”

“We’ve never done that Daddy but I will try and make you happy.”

“Ok, I can slap your ass really hard if I feel like you are not trying hard enough. And if you are really bad I’ll just roll you over and fuck that ass. But I know you want all that cum in your mouth.”

“Yes, Daddy, my cum. Don’t worry.”

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