another long one

She was standing almost like she was touching her toes in exercise class. Except her wrist restraints were connected to her ankle restraints.

“You aren’t going to fall over are you?”

“No, Daddy, not yet.”

He slid his hard cock into her wet slit. It had been weeks and it felt so good to her. Despite the uncomfortable position. He pulled it back out and then sat by her feet.

“Clean off Daddy’s nasty cock with your little mouth. That’s a good girl. I need to cum before we go on.”

He released her and sat her down on the floor. Her legs spread wide and once again mated with the corresponding wrist. He moved a small stool between her legs so that her slutty little mouth could comfortably reach his thick cock.

“Suck Daddy off like only you can. And be quick about it. So much fucking hair you have. Lets see how much I can grab with both hands. You like that don’t you? Daddy being a little rough with you?”

She moaned a yes into his cock not taking it from her slutty little mouth.

“I don’t mean to scare you, but I’m going to fuck your ass again very soon. In an hour or so. I know last time you took it like a trooper but it was very painful. I can’t promise it will be any better this time. It should be a tiny bit better. But if Daddy doesn’t keep fucking it once a month at least it will never be better. It may be that you never enjoy it. I hope not. I want it to feel good one day. But the important thing is that it feels so good to Daddy. And I know how you are. You want to be the best at everything you do. So you’ll take it no matter how much it hurts. That’s it keep sucking just like that. I’m so full today and I know you want every drop of Daddy’s sweet cum.”

She sucked harder. Wanting to please him. Wanting to feel those pulsing jets of Daddy cum splashing all inside her hungry little mouth. So much that some nights she masturbated to just that one thought.

“Pull back on my cock when I start to cum. Don’t hold it so deep and don’t swallow my cum until I tell you that you can. Do you understand? Shake your head yes if you do.”

She acknowledged him but was curious because they never talked about such a thing before. She could feel his cock growing even harder and it make her even wetter to feel that in her mouth.

“Ok, I’m going to cum. Pull back. Ohhh Yeahhhh baby soooo good.”

She whimpered trying to keep all his creamy cum in her mouth. Looking like a chipmunk when he pulled his cock away.

“Ok, you can swallow now. Good girl. Was it good?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Give me a kiss.”

Her tongue was slimy with his cum but it didn’t taste bad at all. Not as good as her sweet pussy juice but nothing was as sweet as that.

“Let me get you undone here. Then go lie facedown on the bed for Daddy. In fact, while don’t you crawl for Daddy since I haven’t had you do that in a while. That’s it baby. I’m getting hard again. Spread your legs for Daddy. Such a naughty little slut.”

She felt him climb on top of her and kiss her shoulder. Softly biting the top fleshy part of her shoulder. Then slowly kissing down her spine until he got to the crack of her ass.

“I love how your ass opens up wide for Daddy. Like it wants my cock in there. Maybe one day it will.”

“I want it there Daddy. No matter how much it hurts.”

He began slowly licking down her crack. A little at a time then back to the beginning. Right before he got to her little rosebud he spread her slutty ass even wider with his fingers.

“Do you want Daddy’s tongue in your naughty hole?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Do nice girls let guys lick them down there?”

“Never Daddy, but I’m not a nice girl, sometimes.”

“Only with Daddy now, right?”

“Of course Daddy.”

“Well I was going to put my tongue in your little hole but since you want it so much it kind of takes the fun out of it.”

“Please Daddy, lick me there. Then shove your thick cock in there as deep as you want.”

“Well, I’ll have to spank you twenty times before I lick you because it is so wrong. Then twenty more times when I’m done.”

He spanked her really hard going from cheek to cheek until her butt was nice and red. Then he forced his tongue up her butt while sticking a big finger in her pussy. She gasped.

“Mmmm such a sweet ass. Tell Daddy to keep eating your little girl ass.”

“Eat my ass, Daddy, please.”

“Touch your little clit for me. While you hump your ass on my tongue. And tell me before you cum. But you better hurry and not take forever if you want to cum.”

It felt so good to touch her swollen throbbing clit as Daddy’s tongue worked her anus. She whimpered when he stopped then felt the cool lube being applied and he big finger sliding in deep.

“Oh Daddy, please skip the plug and just give me your big cock right now. I want to cum on it for you. Please Daddy, may I?”

“I thought I was in charge here.”

“Please Daddy, just this once. I need to cum and can’t wait long.”

“Ok, my little anal whore.”

He generously lubed up his thick cock and forced the mushroom head into her tiny opening. He didn’t think it would fit for a moment but then it popped right in.

“Daddy, hold in deep so I don’t push it out, please. May I cum now?”

“Yes, baby, cum for Daddy.”

She came so hard she screamed. And for a moment it felt like she was going to squeeze his cock off in her ass. He felt like his was holding in her viselike grip forever then it seemed to loosen up and bit and he began pumping his cock in and out of her ass that was now shaking.

“Oh Daddy, it feels so good. Fuck it Daddy, as hard as you want.”

“Keep touching your clit and don’t lie there like you are dead. Fuck my cock, girl.”

She was grinding into him while his cock was deep in her ass like churning butter. Then he grabbed her by the hips and started ramming it home hard.

“I’m going to cum soon, can you cum with Daddy again slut?”

“Yes, Daddy just tell me when.”

“Oh your ass feels so good. I wish I had a full load of cum to fill up your naughty hole with. Oh yes cum for me girl. Cum on Daddy’s cock again. I’m going to cum. Feel it squirt baby!”

She came so hard her pussy gushed all over his balls and the sheets. He collapsed on top of her after his cock finished spewing. They were both sweaty and hot.

“Thank you, little girl. That was so good. Now lets go shower together so you can wash Daddy’s cock and balls and then get that cock back in your mouth after it has been in your slutty ass. Then we’ll rest a little before we have some flogging fun.”

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