Waking Up

I like to remind people once in a while that these stories are about age play and have nothing at all to do with incest or anyone remotely underage.

So how would it be to wake up with Daddy?

I guess that would depend on my mood. Both my mood then, and my mood now just writing about it.

I’m not terribly horny tonight but sometimes writing is a sort of a foreplay for masturbation so we’ll see. And I’m sure my pipes need cleaning. Pretty sure I didn’t cum yesterday.

I am naked and upstairs where it is pretty steamy but we just had a nice rain so it’s cool enough to write without feeling like I’m in a sauna.

Daddy would get up first and start the coffee. Let you sleep later. If you wanted that is. Then I’d take a shower and get back in bed with you. Kiss you on the back of the neck.

“Good Morning little girl. Daddy’s all clean from all the dirty play we had last night. I’m sure you’d like to suck Daddy’s clean cock and drain his balls. Might be the biggest load you get all day. But first I’ll let you go pee.”

“Thank you Daddy,”

I stretch out and smile. Life is so much better with all the sex you want in it.

“Glad you are bad. Do you think Daddy is selfish for wanting his big cock sucked?”

“Ha, you know I love sucking your cock.”

“Yes, I do, and we have all morning. Daddy will take care of your needs later after we both wake up a bit and have breakfast. I want to eat your pussy for my pleasure. I know you don’t cum that way but you like foreplay right? Then maybe tie you down and use the nasty clothes pins on your delicate pussy lips. We got ten on there last time. I think we can get even more if we try. And of course two on your nipple. Then I’ll take a picture of it and blow it up on the laptop later so you can see what a slut you are with all those evil teeth of the pins biting you. But yet, it makes you so wet. Then I’ll take them off two by two really slow until they are all gone. Then I’ll untie you so we can do the sideways sixty nine. I know you like your legs forces apart so you feel helpless and my big cock in your mouth to keep you from thinking about the dirty things Daddy is doing to your little clit. But it feels so good doesn’t it? You know you can’t last one minute under Daddy’s tongue when he is being nice. Not that I’m complaining. I love to hear you cum and moan into my cock. I’ll wet my big finger and slide it into your ass while I lick. That’s so wrong but it feels so good. I’ll give your little clit a break for a minute or two and then start over. See how quickly you cum. Hell, we might do it three or four times if you are really quick about it. Then you’ll be ready to ride my big cock. You cum so fast that way too. I dicked you pretty good but after all that you’ll be ready for Daddy’s big cock in your tight puffy pussy. Of course that will just lead to more fucking since I won’t cum that fast. I’m not sure yet how I’ll fuck you. I like fucking you from behind and with me on top about equally. Being face to face and able to reach your nipples and do nasty dirty Daddy talk in your ear is pretty hot. But so is pounding your cunt into submission from behind. Slapping that ass. Seeing the marks from last night. Maybe putting the collar and chain on so I can choke you a little as I fuck you. Not serious breath play or anything. Just the feeling of being tugged on. Of course I could also make a harness for both your nipples and tug on them while I fuck your cunt. I don’t think many nice girls let their Daddy’s do that. But you aren’t a nice girl, are you? I still need to spank you for licking my asshole last night. I wasn’t expecting that. That was so bad. I know I do that to you some but that’s different. Lots of boys would lick a girl’s ass if they had half a chance. Not many girls lick their Daddy’s ass though. That’s so bad.”

“Daddy, can I start sucking please? I’m so wet.”

“Yes, you may. Suck it nice and slow. Yeah like that. Take it deeper. Oh yeah baby, you do that so well. Such a good little cocksucker. Let me pull your slutty fucking hair. Yeah, you like that don’t you? I know your poor little mouth gets numb by Sunday. And your pussy gets so sore. But it feels good doesn’t it? To go to work on Monday feeling the welts on your ass when you sit down. And the deep soreness inside your ass that lasts for a couple of days. And those raw nipples and pussy lips. No wonder people ask you if you had a good weekend. And yet, after all this you’ll still masturbate Sunday night just like nothing happened. Because you are a insatiable slut. But you are Daddy’s slut so that’s ok. Oh yeah baby I’m getting so close. I wish I could cum like I did yesterday the first time. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Fill your belly up with my cum. But no, you suck me dry. So dry I think I can cum inside your tight little pussy later today. Or maybe just to be on the safe side, I’ll pull out and shoot a few squirts up your back. You like that don’t you, you little cock sucking trollop. My own personal little Jezebel to fulfill my every desire. Oh yeah, I’m going to cum baby. Daddy’s gonna cum. Stop sucking please.”

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  1. Great blog!
    “Daddy’s gonna cum!” – love it.

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