More Daddy stuff

It was a chilly February day with a smattering of snow still left on the ground in shady places. The sun was setting as she pulled into the parking lot of the motel. Her heart beating fast as she rode the elevator to the forth floor and took a right down the hall to the room where she knew Daddy was waiting.

He had been especially quiet about what plans he had in store for the weekend. Usually he had a hard time keeping his plans secret. He put down his coffee mug as she knocked on the door.

“Come in little girl. Get on your knees right there on the towel I placed for you.”

He shut the door and locked the deadbolt. Stepped out of his jeans and briefs.

“I have something here you want. Daddy’s cock. Have you missed it?”

“Yes Daddy, please may I suck it?”

“It hasn’t been that long. No, you can’t suck it because nice girls don’t suck their Daddy’s cock. But you can get your nose on my balls and breathe me in. Smells good, huh?”

“Oh yes, Daddy.”

“I know you came straight from work so go take a shower. Put on panties and get in bed for Daddy. No bra. We are going to have to eat dinner in a little bit but we can have a little fun first.”

He waited on the couch reading a book until he sensed her climbing into the big bed. Her curly red hair was spread out on the pillow as she laid on her back with the sheet pulled up to her neck like she was cool. Just shy although he had seen her naked plenty of times. He got into the bed and pulled the sheet down over her breasts.

“Big slutty nipples, huh? I bet you want them pinched and sucked.”

“Yes, Daddy, please. Whatever you want.”

“Do you think a nice girl would enjoy her Daddy torturing and sucking her hard nipples?”

“No, Daddy, but I’m your little slut. You can do anything you want. ANYTHING!.”

“Roll over on your tummy, you naughty bad girl. Pull those panties down over your ass. Grab a hold of the headboard and don’t let go or I’ll get a scary toy out and really hurt your bottom.”

He pulled her hair hard and gave her five swats on her buttocks.

“Say you are Daddy’s dirty little slut.”

“I’m Daddy’s dirty little slut.”

“Say it every time I pause when I’m spanking you.”

He gave her twelve more swats and stopped.

“I’m Daddy’s little slut.”

Then twenty more hard ones.

“I’m Daddy’s little slut.”

He pulled her legs apart wide.

“You better not be fucking wet, you little cum bucket or I’ll spank you even harder. ”

He forced two of his big fingers in her little wet pussy.

“So wet. Here, clean off my fingers with your mouth. Nasty girl. Now reach back and spread your ass cheeks wide. There it is. That little virgin asshole I haven’t been able to get my cock inside yet. This might be the weekend for that. I have some toys to open you up later. You want to feel Daddy’s tongue there again?”

“Yes, Daddy, please.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you want that? Do you think normal women want their asses licked? By their Daddy no less? Have you no shame? Well I’m not going to lick it right now. I’m in shock really. Roll back over on your back. We’ll see if I pussy spanking might straighten you out. Get those panties back up and spread your legs.”

He spanked her little cunt hard through the panties. So many times he lost count.

“This isn’t working. All it is doing is getting you wetter. Take off your panties. Tug on both your nipples for me. Get them hard for Daddy. I’m going to suck them both. I want you to masturbate with the big head of Daddy’s cock while I suck them. You can get it wet but don’t stick it in. Just use it on your little clit. Tell me when you need to cum so I can give you my big cock deep inside while you orgasm.”

He was surprised at how hard she rubbed. He put his hand over her mouth as to keep her quiet letting her breath through her nose.

“You must be quiet. No one can know the things Daddy has you do. Ever.”

His mouth felt so good torturing her nipples. He seemed to know how to do all right things to make them feel so good. So much better than she could do alone. She never came using his cock before but she wanted to. She wanted to feel his hard cock slam into her pussy as she came. She could feel it building and didn’t want to hold back.

“May I cum, Daddy, please?”

He guided his hardness inside her struggling body then pressed her wrists to the bed as she came so hard. She wished she was on birth control so he could fill her wet horny tunnel with his massive first orgasm wishing she could squeeze it out into his hand to be fed. But she wasn’t. He rolled off of her after all her aftershocks were done.

“Now you can suck Daddy’s cock. I know my balls are very full and aching to cum so it won’t take very long. Oh yes, especially when you suck it like that. No one does it better. I’m going to need to cum soon after. If you suck me good, I’ll let you ride my cock long enough for you to cum. Without the rubber like you like it. Then Daddy will fuck you long and hard with the condom on. I got the cheap ones so I probably won’t cum. That’s ok, I like making you cum. And letting you suck me dry again. Daddy’s little cocksucker. That’s it, suck Daddy’s cock like you know how. Tomorrow I’m going to finally get inside that slutty little ass no matter how much it hurts. I know you want it too. Daddy’s creamy cum where no cum has been before. Telling you how much your tight little anus pleases me. One day, making you my anal slut so you’ll beg Daddy to never let you go home without first fucking that sweet ass. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. Get ready for the Daddy jets of cum in your still little slutty mouth. Oh yeah, so fucking good. Take it all baby. Swallow every bit.”

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