Saturday night


I like to spank you over my lap. Very traditional that way. With my right hand tangled and pulling on your hair while my left and stronger hand pulls your panties down over your ass. I guess I could remove them but it seems more naughty to leave them on.
If you are already wet I can have some fun exploring your wet pussy with my fingers. Seeing if your very wet pussy can take two of my fingers. Or just lightly strumming up and down your wet slit. Maybe giving you a few swats on the sweet spot to warm you up. To count or not, well that depends on my mood. I think tonight I’d just spank you without counting. Spank for a while, then play with your pussy a while. No hurry, we have all night.
I like to tie your hands to something so you aren’t tempted to cover your ass with them. A natural response. Of course, some of you like spankings so well you’d never consider that. But one can’t be sure.
Yes, it makes my cock hard to spank you. It would be really good foreplay for fucking your ass I would think. Can’t say that I ever remember using it as foreplay that way. But it would get us both in the mood I do think.
So many holes to choose from though. Your slutty little mouth. That pink wet pussy with its throbbing little clit. And of course your naughtiest of holes. I like the thought of my fat cock in your bowels. Shooting my cum up in that forbidden place. It is legal in Georgia I do believe. Not sure about Alabama.
Now pussy spankings are just as fun but because of the small target they are much more clinical. I like using my English crop for that. Just seems like the perfect size for pussy spankings. I like my crop a lot. Just like the power I get holding it in my hand while you stand before me. Hearing you squeal as I slap your nipple.
Now I don’t think have spanked anyone’s ass while they were cumming unless they happened to be on top and fucking me. I would like having you masturbate while I do things like that. Masturbation Plus I like to call it.
Now spanking with the scary toys as you like to call them is another thing. It’s a little more intense. Some like it more than others. Some crave it and can’t get enough. I like the little birch paddle and I like the quirt. Then quirt is such a small whip that you can be very accurate with it. And the little paddle is just evil. Even before I drilled five or so holes in it. I have a tawse which is a double leather strap very thick that has a mean bite and can leave an ass black and blue very easily. Then of course there are canes that are very stingy and in the wrong hands very scary. I can’t seem to think of much else at the moment except for floggers which are a topic on their own.
One of those rambling posts I haven’t done in a while.
One thing I always have liked and hadn’t done in a long time is having you masturbate while you have my cock in your mouth. Not sucking, mind you, but just holding in your slutty mouth as you rub your little pussy. Hearing you moan into my cock as your little fingers work their magic. A little like the sideways sixty-nine except then I’m too focused on you to think of much else. I like for you to cum. To be generous with orgasms. There is something to be said for denial too. I like that when you are tied up and I’m using vibrating toys on you and the like. Making you beg and keep telling you know. Backing off some so that you can say no. Then finally letting you climax. With my finger deep in your ass so I can feel every contraction.
I like Daddy talk too. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s very naughty when it works. Knowing just what to say. Maybe spooning with you from behind pinching your nipple telling you how wrong it is for us to be together like this. That no one must ever find out. Touching everywhere but your sex getting you so hot. Then telling you Daddy needs to cum. And you need to help him with your little mouth. That’s terribly wrong but if you don’t I fear that I might put my penis in your private place and that would really hurt since only your little naughty finger has been there. But of course that wouldn’t be enough. Daddy would want his big tongue down there which is so wrong. Also I’d want to lick your bottom and anyone knows that’s very wrong. But you’d be very clean for Daddy so he could get his tongue up your little virgin rosebud.
And one day force my big cock up your asshole. That’s such a dirty word, asshole. Anus sounds nicer. Force it up there deeper and deeper until it is all the way in. Give you a minute so it won’t hurt quite as much. It will still hurt some but think about how good it will make Daddy’s cock feel. Moving it in and out should help when I start that. Things feel pretty good going out and if you relax enough you might like it all. Lots of big girls do.
You can always substitute Master for Daddy if that bothers you. More than likely you just won’t read the Daddy stuff but that’s ok. Different strokes for different folks. I know of at least one person who started liking Daddy stuff after reading it here. For the longest time I didn’t do it here at all. It probably has run quite a few off who might have considered meeting me. I don’t know. I’ve had a couple of complaints but over all not many.
I’ll try to get a better post done in the morning.
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  1. i tend to like all of your stuff 😉

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