the pizza boy


So that became a pattern. She would bathe, put on limited clothes, and wait for Daddy to come to bed.

This particular day he was feeling a little selfish. As usual, he had saved up a large load for her hungry little mouth. He crawled in next to her.

“You may lick Daddy’s cock but you may not suck it yet. But first lick my balls until I tell you to stop. Since I went to the trouble of shaving them for you.”

“Yes, Daddy, thank you Daddy.”

She loved his clean man musk. His big heavy balls already pulled in tight and his cock as huge as she had ever seen it. She felt his hand tighten in her red curls as she licked. His cock twitching with excitement. Her little pussy getting wetter and wetter. How she had missed his cock. She loved his cock so much she didn’t really give his balls much attention. But she loved that too. The soft hairless skin was baby smooth. All that nectar hidden inside that she hoped to feel explode in her mouth. She loved how he made her surrender and stop sucking while his cock erupted like a fire hose. The only mouth that could ever get him off at will, no matter how many times he had cum that day. Until she was lucky to get a few drops. But today she knew he was full.

“You may lick my cock but don’t put it in your greedy mouth until I tell you, slut.”

She licked all the way up the shaft and circled the mushroom head with her tongue. Oh how she wanted to put it in and finish him off quickly.

“Lick my ass first.”

She whimpered. She had never done that and would have never considered it at one time and she was a little shocked at him commanding her but she ventured down there. He was very clean of course or he wouldn’t have asked. She licked lower and lower until she found the hole and inserted her tongue.

“Now you may suck Daddy’s cock, you little whore.”

“Whore” wasn’t a very nice word but it excited her. She began sucking his cock. Finally. Yes, she loved the things he did to her but it was easier if he was pleasured first. And it got her just as wet as any other foreplay he could come up with.

“Stop for a second and give me a kiss. Now get back on Daddy’s cock where you belong. Sucking Daddy’s cock is so taboo. I’m hard pressed to think of anything worse. But you are little slut, aren’t you? I’ve made a deal with the pizza boy. He’s never had a blow job before. You are going to suck him off later for a free pizza. Don’t worry, he’s a virgin and will be wearing a condom. If anyone can get a virgin off with their mouth even with a condom it is you. You asked me once what I would like. You sucking a cock or having a woman eat you. Well, this weekend you will have both. Tomorrow the woman. But for now just worry about sucking my cock. Daddy needs to cum. Oh yeah, just like that little girl. You are so good. So good to Daddy.”

Thoughts of the pizza boy crept into her head now but she kept sucking. Maybe he was kidding she thought. She could feel his cock swelling and knew it wouldn’t be long.

“Get ready, Daddy is about to cum!”

He was full. It seemed that he would never stop squirting his cum against the back of her throat. At last he stopped and pull her up to him and cuddled her.

“Were you being serious Daddy? About the guy and the girl? I wasn’t playing with I asked you that.”

“It’s a lot for one weekend, my little girl. So I’ll tell you what. You can pick between the two. Have a girl eat you, or suck off the pizza boy.”

“Do you have a girl picked out?”

“Yes, a twenty year old premed student at Emory. She’s only twenty-one. She found me on the blog. All she asks in return is a bare handed spanking from me and then she’ll leave. You don’t have to return the favor.”

“And the pizza boy? Does he get a spanking too?”

“Very funny. No, he gets his cock sucked.”

“So if I let the girl will you promise to never make me suck a cock, Daddy?”

“I don’t know. Forever is a long time. I promise I won’t bring it up again for a very long time.”

“If I can’t cum with her will you be mad?”

“Of course not. But I’ll coach her and help some. Like maybe suck your nipples while she is down there. And we’ll put the scarf around your eyes too. Even before she gets here if you like.”

“No, I think I want to see her first.”

“Ok, well, we have tomorrow to work out the details. Lets just enjoy the rest of the night.”

“Well, that’s not a little thing to put out of my mind.”

“Daddy can make you forget for a while.”

To be continued …

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