One last Daddy one for a while

She showered alone while Daddy wrote a blog. Put on clean panties, a bra and a T shirt and climbed into bed. Daddy said they must not go fast. There is no hurry.

She settled in to the crisp clean sheets with her belly happy with a low carb meal. Mustn’t make the empty stomach mistake they made long ago. It had been a long time and for that reason she was a little nervous. But she trusted Daddy so much now. And, my goodness it had been forever. Too long.

She rolled over on her side and closed her eyes. For a brief moment she missed her dog. Then she heard him moving around. Daddy. She felt the bed sink as he crawled in behind her. His warm soft hands caressing her curves. Magic hands, she thought. Amazing how turned on she got from just his touch.

He kissed her neck and continued until his warm breath was brushing her ear.

“Hello little girl. You seem so sweet lying here. Smell so good. Daddy’s cock is so hard. And I know you’d suck it for me. You’d do anything to please Daddy. I know how many nights you thought about this. You told me so many naughty stories where the common ingredient was you. I don’t know what to think of that. And how you would always run home and touch yourself. I don’t know if there is a pussy on earth that has known so much masturbation. Perhaps a few. But not many do it every single waking day and night. Even long ago, when Daddy would ask that you wait, you couldn’t. You touched what was Daddy’s and then boldface lied about it. And don’t get upset, I’m not angry now. I find it funny. I know now how deep your needs run. Oh Daddy cock is so hard, can you feel it pressed against your panties? I know what you are thinking and no you can’t suck it yet. Daddy is going to take off your bra. Why you wear a bra to bed I’ll never figure out. But first I’ll wrap the scarf around your eyes. Because I know the good girl that lives in there somewhere doesn’t want to see what Daddy will do. Because it is so wrong. Nice girls don’t have these unnatural desires and needs. There we go. Now let me help you with the bra. Roll over on your back now for Daddy. Now why are you covering your pussy? You have panties on. Let Daddy see. Oh, I see, they are very wet aren’t they?”

“Please, Daddy, may I suck your cock, please?”

“No, not yet. Before you probably would have finished sucking me by now. But we have all night. When I do let you it will be that much better.”

“Please, now Daddy can I? I’ll do it good. You know I’m the best.”

“Soon, my shameless little slut. But first I want to tie your hands to the bed. With the restraints. I don’t want your slutty little fingers wandering south.”

He secured her wrists to the ropes coming up from the legs of the bed. No headboard in this motel. She closed her legs tightly together.

“Spread your legs, little girl. Wider. That’s a good girl. Yes, very wet. Shame on you.”

She felt the bed rise as he left for a moment. Then the shock as he struck both nipples with the riding crop. She cried out and struggled against the ropes.

“Didn’t see that coming did you? You should be careful about what you ask for. Such pretty nipples. I’ll suck them now. You always said Daddy was the best.”

He sucked in her right nipple. Giving it a little bite. Then pinching it tightly between his tongue and front teeth. Softly biting now all around the erect nipple. More sucking. Pressing the nipple down into her breast with his tongue. Chewing on it slightly. More sucking. Now his finger found the other nipple as was treating it roughly. Her hips arched slightly as if to meet a cock or tongue or a touch to her privates. Her clit now throbbing with every beat of her heart.

“I’ve missed them so. Can’t neglect the other one.”

His hand now wondering down to her inner thigh. His fingers ever so lightly touching the wet cotton oval of her panties. Now he grouped both breasts in his hands squeezing then and forcing them together so he could get both nipples into his mouth at the same time. Biting them. Hurting them a little but making so fucking wet.

He stopped for a moment and put on her ankle restraints. Tied them off to the bed spreading her legs wide. He left once again. She heard a snip and then another and felt the coolness as her panties were cut away. She felt so naked.

“Raise your hips off the bed. Higher.”

As she did he stuffed a pillow underneath her ass.

“My balls hurt.”

“Please Daddy, let me help you. Let me suck it off. Or fuck me if you want Daddy.”

“When I’m ready.”

Once again he got up. She felt him pulling slightly at the lips of her pussy then she almost screamed as the clothes pin was applied.

“Just a clothes pin slut. Don’t be such a little baby or they will be doubled. Twenty instead of ten on your puffy little cunt. Whose pussy is it?”

“Your pussy Daddy, Ohhh,” as one was placed on the other side.

Back and forth until her puffy little pink shaved pussy looked like some weird kinky science fair gone wrong. Then one on each nipple.

“Now that makes my cock hard. That’s what you like, right? Daddy’s cock getting really hard?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Open your mouth.”

He stuffed the panties in her mouth. Then took the crop and slapped away all the pins. Good thing he did or she would have screamed.

“Now I’m going to lick you for my pleasure. The way other boys did. I know you can’t cum this way but that’s ok. I might let you cum later if it pleases me. I’m going to lick your little asshole too. I know nice girls would never allow that but you aren’t very nice are you? And I’m going to bite you down there. Suck your fleshy cunt deep between my lips and slap your cunt if I feel like it. Then before we are done I’m going to drip red, white, and blue wax down your breasts and stomach. Along with some dripping ice cubes in my other hand. Then I might let you suck my cock. But you make me cum so fast I might slow you down. Grab my shaft myself and leave only the big head for you to lick or suck on. But like I said, I’m very full of cum and while the night is young, we have a lot of fucking to do. Starting with a virgin fuck. And you better do a good acting job or I’ll stop and beat your ass with a scary toy if you don’t. I want you to be barely eighteen with a pussy that hasn’t been abused by teenage fingers fumbling around in a car somewhere. Much too small for Daddy’s thick monster cock. I want to see real tears and pain on your slutty face or I’ll turn you over and fuck that virgin ass and you will hurt that way. I hope not though. We have work to do before I fuck your virgin ass. It is on the small end of the bell curve for sure.”

He ravaged her pussy with his mouth like he never had before. Slapping it, pinching it, biting it, fucking it with his tongue and licking and probing her anus too. She loved extended foreplay but she too starting feeling like she needed to cum. More than she ever had before.

“Ok, Daddy needs to cum now. I’ll untie you.”

At last she could suck on the cock she had waited so very long to suck again. She whimpered when his hand closed around it offering only the head.

“Please Daddy, let me finish. Please.”

“Kiss me. I want to taste my cock on your lips. Mmmm now suck. Yes, you can finish little girl. We have so much to do tonight.”

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  1. Why the last one for a while?

    • Not the last post. Just trying to mix things up and not write about the same things/people every time.

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