Making Daddy hard is a huge turn on for you.  Maybe more so than me making you wet is to me.
Eating you for my pleasure, Yes! What fun! With a pillow underneath your ass so my tongue can venture down there if I like. Doing all the things other guys tried with your pussy knowing you can never cum that way but not caring. Telling you that you must take a certain number of clothes pins on your delicate lips no matter how much they might hurt. Daddy’s big fat fingers hurting your tiny cunt.
Perhaps tying you up first so you can’t resist. Wrapping the scarf around your eyes so you won’t have the embarrassment of having our eyes meet.
The whole time you and I know I can make you cum so quickly by licking my pussy the way it needs to be licked. And I will later. First I probe the depths of your pussy reaching every inch I can with my tongue. Sucking your lips. Licking your clit too hard as you struggle to make it lighter. My tongue on that pretty pink asshole which I’m sure after all this time  you want to feel it there again. Knowing just thought makes my cockhead swell.
Then finally licking your clit like it likes it. Pinching your nipples hard at the same time. Telling you to let me know when you need to cum so I can shove my cock bareback deep in your wet puffy pussy. Daddy’s pussy.
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  1. Your Daddy posts make me think of Usher’s “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” I know that these posts aren’t for everyone but I do enjoy them very much. My Dom has referred to himself as “Big Daddy” and me as his baby girl.

    Thank you again for writing these great posts.

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