something different


She met him once. They had coffee. Well, he had coffee and she had tea. At the time he was seeing someone but it was ok because they had been friends forever. But it did serve one purpose. She would never have sex with a man unless she met him in a “nice” way first.

Two years went by before she got up the courage to meet him again. What the hell. She wasn’t getting any younger. And twelve hour shifts as a nurse was a price to pay for someone not having much fun.

She worried. All the time. He spent so much time writing about younger women it was almost like he had a fetish for them or something. She had said goodbye to fifty a few years before. Of course, he always said he found her sexy but can you really put much stock in what a man says at times? The comforting thing was they were friends before and would be after.

He got a room at a motel just to keep things on a neutral territory. With a promise that they wouldn’t spend all their time locked away.

She was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. It had been too long. A

nd the bundle of nerves and excitement were almost too much. She wished she hadn’t gained back the pounds she had lost but none of that really mattered any more.

She got up the courage to knock on the door. He opened the door and pulled her inside giving her a long hug and then a little kiss. He pulled off her Vegas T-shirt. So much for going slow. And freed her large breasts from the bra. And he began pinching her nipples. Her weakness. He knew too much she thought. She felt the wetness increase between her legs. She wanted to touch herself. Or to have him touch her. Or fuck her. Something.

She could feel how hard he was as he pulled her to him again. She would die a thousand deaths if he would just let her suck his cock. She sensed that he knew this.

“Get on your knees you fucking shameless little slut.”

Had another said that he would have been slapped into next week. But it only made her cunt quiver. This was a woman. Who wanted every one of her holes fucked over and over. Not by anyone, but just Him. A woman not fond of toys but craved his strong hand on her ass or the belt from around his waist.

“Stick out your tongue.”

“Yes Sir.”

He bounced his heavy cock off her tongue. She longed to be filled.

“You want it, don’t you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Well, come, get in bed with me. I like to relax. As you suck I’ll decide on which hole I will claim next. All are so hungry I’m sure you don’t have a preference. I’m thinking I’ll let you ride my cock so you’ll gush. You will gush for me, won’t you?”

“I think so, yes. Almost sure of it.”

“That would please me. Then I could spank you for making such a mess. But go ahead and drain me dry while I myself am dry.”

She made love to him with her mouth. As if all of the free world depended on this one blow job. His cock tasted even better than she had imagined. It was so hard not to reach down and touch herself. She hoped what he said was true and he wouldn’t need much if any downtime before she could feel that fat cock in her tight pussy that hadn’t had a good fuck in too long to remember.

“Yes, you are a good cock sucker. You’ll be doing that a lot but enjoy me cumming in your mouth because I might not do that again before you leave. Not when I have a pussy and ass to fuck all day and night.”

She sucked harder. Wanting to please him. To feel those heavy balls empty into her hungry mouth. It felt so good to him. Like a warm wet velvet pussy moving up and down his shaft. He could feel the pressure of a three day wait building up.

“Remember, stop sucking when I start to cum and only swallow. Oh God, I’m going to cum.”

Jet-like squirts hit the back of her throat and were swallowed down greedily. It seemed as if he would never stop cumming. She kept his cock in her mouth never wanting to let it go.

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