Mistress Julie

“Undress slut. Quickly. It’s not that we don’t have time but you are on my time now. I hope you shaved well. Any stubble and there will be consequences. I will help you into the leather restraints.”

I sit you in the floor and attach the four foot spreader bar between your legs spreading them wide. I cuff your wrists behind your back and wrap the scarf around your eyes tying it off at the back of your head. I grab your ponytail and start fucking your face. You are gagging as I go too far in but I don’t care. I soon tire of your mouth. I connect your wrists to the same eye hole as your ankles and push you onto your back by the bar which is now pushed back to your breasts. Pussy spread wide. I fuck your cunt hard until I need to cum and pull out and cum all over you.

I release you but leave the restraints in place for later. I have you crawl to the bed and come back with the quirt in your mouth. I take it and stripe your ass with about fifty lashes. Then I wrap my hand tightly in your ponytail and give you another fifty or so strokes with the little birch paddle. It’s a good thing you are a pain slut because it only makes you wetter. I fuck your ass using only your pussy juice as lube. Feeling generous, I let you cum only because I want to feel it on my cock.

I tie you up in the bed. There is a knock on the door. You are frightened when you see it’s a female police officer but it seems that I know her. She wearing a skirt. What appears to be a dress uniform of some kind for special occasions. She steps out of her panties but doesn’t take anything else off.

“You will please her, slut. Or else.”

“I will try, Master.”

“You will do. There is no trying.”

She straddles your face and lowers her shaved cunt to your mouth. You start licking but you shudder when her cold black night stick is shoved up your cunt. I throw up her skirt so I can get a better view.

“Lick her ass too, slut. It hasn’t been fucked since before her divorce. That’s why she is here. To get her ass fucked and to have some fun with you.”

Her ass is minty. Like she put some kind of mint oil on it in the elevator. Not that you would have cared. But still it tastes very good to you.

“Untie her Officer Julie. Maybe she can eat your pussy better. When she is ready, I’ll time you both. If you don’t cum in at least seven minutes I’ll whip both of you. And don’t think you can fake either. I’ll have my finger up your ass so I can tell.”

Officer Julie laid down and propped her ass up with a pillow. You got between her legs and gently opened her flower with your fingers.

“Maybe you should tell her how, Julie. Just to be sure.”

“Lick up and down my clit. Not too hard, not too soft but steady. Yes, just like that. A little faster.”

“Julie is going to have to leave us after she gets her ass fucked. But she’ll be back at noon tomorrow. I’m not sure what she has planned. I told her you will be at her service completely. Her little slave until the sun goes down. And of course I can fuck either of you when the need occurs. I’ll help things along by biting her nipples. One must be very rough with Julie girl’s nipples.”

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