something different

We meet again. The gloves are off this time. No more concessions as to what you want or need. You strip down and lie flat on the bed. I am considerate when it comes to your knee problems and any other health issue but my concern ends there. I beat your ass with the leather tawse. No discussion, no counting, just to hurt because I enjoy hurting you. I know your ass will be ugly by tomorrow but I’ll be gone and it won’t be my problem.

Next I fuck your ass with very little foreplay. I do use lube but for my comfort, not yours. I cum fairly quickly because it has been a while. And linger hard in your ass while I decide if I want to fuck it again. If my cock needs a rest or not. It just needs some time for the sensitivity to subside. You milk my cock the whole time because you need it to stay hard so you can cum. You probably would have the first time but like I said, I was pretty quick.

I have you wash my cock and balls and my ass. Before we continue, I pour a large coffee and watch TV using your body as my footstool. I wait for my bladder to fill, then give you a shower of Master piss in the tub. Because I’m in a kind mood, I let you shower off. Mainly so I don’t have to smell my pee. Then I go lie down facedown on the bed and spread my legs. You know, of course to lick my ass without me asking. But I’m not happy with your effort and give you thirty-nine licks with the little birch paddle and tell you to once again try and lick it like it is a privilege. You do better this time and I take my pleasure in your cunt once I’ve had enough.

I spank your cunt with the crop for not doing your Kegels to my satisfaction. You claim you have, but still it’s not tight enough for me and besides, I enjoy spanking you there.

We still have a couple of hours before our dinner break. I tie you up and torture your nipples and your pussy lips and make you beg to cum over and over. Then another long session of you eating my ass again until I’m ready to fuck your cunt again. This time I fuck it twice like I did your ass. I’ve had five orgasms and you have had many and we’re at the halfway point. You ask if you may suck my cock for dessert and I say no. Sucking my cock is a rare privilege for you. One you have to earn. Besides, I have two tight holes to pleasure me. Perhaps next time if we find a slut to join us, I’ll let her suck my cock while you lick my ass and she can feed you my cum like a bird. If it pleases me.

We order in a pizza and eat. Afterwards, I give you my piss again. I’ve never been into water sports that much, but with you I seem to enjoy it more. I tie you up and give you a good long flogging with three different floggers then I take your ass again. It’s sore but you know our time is winding down and you won’t have my cock for another month or so.

I allow you to lick my ass again. Which you love and you know how hard it gets me. So I can take your cunt once again. Now that my cock is getting tired I can fuck you a long time. Until you squirt more than once.

We are both a little sexed out but there is time remaining. So I allow you to suck my cock for a little bit. Until I’m horny enough to fuck your cunt one last time. Then for good measure I give you a good long whipping with the quirt just to intensify the marks. I’m saving the cane so you’ll build up a little fear of it then I can use it to punish you. Not that you are THAT bad, but you do occasionally piss me off.

Before we go I realize your nipples could use some more pain to hold them over a while. That leads to another ass licking by you and another fuck. I was going to let you go early but instead I have used up our entire eight hours. Judging by your smile you are happy about that.

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