little one (North Carolina) one

We had two nights together so I rented a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. Little one was pretty stressed out from her finals so we began with a bath in the large tub. A couple of dozen candles lit the room. Soft music in the background. I took my time washing her body with the soft sea sponge.

She was very quiet. I figured we’d put the whole power exchange on hold for the night and just let her relax. After the bath, I rubbed lotion all over her body on the bed. I could tell she was fading out on me. But rubbing her ass got me excited. I took my pleasure in her pussy from behind. Gently because that position sometimes hurt her. Of course there were times she liked the pain but not tonight. She was so tight and I was so full that it didn’t take long for me to fill her pussy with my cum.

I blew out the candles in the bathroom and just held her in bed until she fell asleep. She muttered something about her not being much fun but I hushed her before she finished. She didn’t sleep well at all alone but seemed to sleep great as long as I could hold her.

I was up early and made coffee and wrote a blog while she still slept. She had been asleep now for almost eleven hours. Around eight I heard her get up and stumble to the shower. Then she came into the kitchen wearing only a towel wrapped around her head. Something she never would have done less than a year ago. She poured herself a mug of coffee with cream and sugar then kissed me on the neck as I sat reading a USA Today.

“How may I please you, today?”

“In a thousand minus one ways today. But first just wake up. I know you aren’t a morning person. In a little bit we’ll walk down to that little café on the corner and get some breakfast.”

“I’m not hungry, Sir.”

“But you will eat to please me. Won’t you?”

“You know I only eat once a day if that.”

“Just eat something. I don’t care what.”

She grumbled under her breath and changed into shorts and a sleeveless blouse. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I get grumpy if I don’t eat. So I ate a good bit. She had her toast with jelly and a few bites of eggs and half of two pancakes. A lot for her.

Back in the room I gave her a good spanking which got her in the mood to suck my cock and she actually swallowed this time. She had gotten better with that the last few times but was never that comfortable doing it.

“So you’ve been very good this morning little one. I think you have earned a reward. What would you like?”

“I want you to hurt me. Use mean toys on my ass and mark me good enough to last all week. And I want you to cut me with the cane.”

“Well you’ve been good but that’s some request. I don’t want to cut you with the cane because it’s too unpredictable. It’s not something I want to explain at the ER. But I do have a surprise for you if you are interested.”

“What’s that, Sir?”

“I’ve been learning piercing at the tattoo parlor. I’m not licensed or anything but I have everything here I need to do one nipple. Just one to see how I like it. If you are willing?”

“I thought you didn’t want my nipples pierced Sir?”

“We’ll do one and see how I like it. Later today.”

“I would like that Sir.”

“We have all day and night. I’m going to drag you to lunch in about three hours. If you just eat some fruit I’ll be happy. In the meantime I want to tie you like I did that first night.”

She loved to be tied down more than anything. Almost. She was enjoying her corporal play more and more. I undressed her completed and tied the wrist and ankle restraints to the headboard. I wrapped the long scarf around her head several times and tied it off in back. She winched as I put two clothes pins on her nipples. I lit a red and blue candle and held the both in my left hand while holding two ice cubes in my right hand and dripped it all over her torso. Almost totally coating her small breasts and trailing down her flat stomach to the shaved part of her sex. And the water was so cold she couldn’t tell what was water and what was wax. I got on top of her and parted her wet pussy lips with my cock and pushed the head in. Just the head. She almost came off the bed when I removed both of the clothes pins at ones and then reattached them after about ten seconds.

“I love fucking my pussy more than anything. It is my pussy isn’t it?”

“Yes, Master.”

I smiled which of course she couldn’t see. She was allowed to call me Master but rarely did because it scared her. Her hips arched up to meet me as I impaled my cock in her tight pink pussy.

“You are becoming quite the slut when it comes to fucking, aren’t you little one?”

“Yes, Master. Use me anyway you like.”

I put my weight on her body and bit the top of her shoulder. For a moment I wish I had fangs to sink into her pretty neck and drink her blood. Of course I would never do that but the thought came to mind. I kissed up to her ear.

“Tell me it’s my pussy, little one.”

“It’s your pussy, Master. As long as you want it.”

To be continued tomorrow

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