little one 5

Little one was on her knees on the carpet. Her petite breasts on the carpet as well with her head turned to the side. He had her hands restrained behind her back and was lifting them up while he spanked her ass.

“Why are you so wet, little one?”

“Because you make me that way, Sir.”

He took the double bullet which was two vibrators on a single control. The bullets where both four inches long and a little wider than a finger. The vibration was very strong when turned on high. One slipped inside her shaved wet cunt and was swallowed up so only the cord was visible. The other he held against her throbbing clit and turned them both on medium.

Immediately she began to shake. Not being used to vibrators at all. Vaguely later she would remember the cool lube being applied to her pretty little asshole. His finger entered her tightest hole which had only been fucked a handful of times and only by him. He thought she might have fought it longer but she cried out.

“May I cum, Sir?”

“May you cum? I thought you couldn’t cum with a guy, only alone?”

“Before you, Sir, oh God please say I can before I can’t stop myself.”

“Ok, little one, cum for me.”

She screamed and her ass gripped his finger like a vise and then he felt the contractions. Wave after wave that seemed to move through her entire body.

He kept his finger deep inside until she finished at turned off the vibrators. Left for a minute to wash his hands. He came back and lubed up his cock well. Eased it slowly into her tight ass and held it there. The pain felt like she was being split apart but she knew it would soon fade. He reached down and turned on both vibrators again. The one inside her on high and the other that he touched to her clit on medium. Her ass was trying to push out his cock but he held it deep. With his free hand he grabbed her hair and pulled really hard.

“Cum for me, little one, I know you can. Cum all over my big cock.”

She screamed and shook violently. It was all he could do to keep his cock in her ass. She squeezed so hard it was almost painful for him but soon she relaxed and he removed the vibrators and began taking his pleasure in her tightest hole.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s good little one. I’m going to fuck you hard since you’ll probably be too sore for an assfuck tomorrow. But we’ll see.”

“Never too sore for you Sir. I’m all yours.”

“Do you want my cum in your ass or up your slutty back?”

“Inside Sir, please. Always want you inside my holes.”

“Yes, and inside your mouth last month and you swallowed all of it. I was impressed. Bare down, little one, I’m almost there.”

“Cum in me Sir, I want it so much. Make it hurt.”

He thrust it in deep and pulled her hips to him with his strong hands.

“I’m cumming little one. Oh God, yes, so good. So good. Still cumming.”

He collapsed on her for minute out of breath. Then pulled out his cock with a “pop.” He freed her hands and helped her to her feet.

“Come to the shower with me. We’ll get all clean and later nap for a while.”

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