little one 3

They woke up early, earlier than she would have wanted, and went out for breakfast. She didn’t eat much. But she did eat which made him happy. For some reason she always felt she was heavy no matter what he said. So it was best not to talk about it at all.

Back in the room he undressed her. While she had gotten less shy it still made her blush for him to see her in any form of undress, much less naked. He pulled her onto the bed, grabbed her by the hair, and guided her mouth to his waiting hard cock. It was better this way. To not talk about it and just force it upon her. Not that she minded. It wasn’t rape or anything. She just felt more comfortable when choice and talk was taken out of the equation.

She had grown to like his thickness in her little mouth. And the feeling she got when she pleased him. She no longer minded the squirts of hot creamy cum that seemed to never stop coming. And the way he would quietly praise her and stroke her hair afterwards.

This morning after her dessert of Master’s cream was fed to her once again, he kissed her mouth still coated in his seed. He kissed down to her hard little nipples and sucked on them one after another going back and forth. This always got her very wet and at the same time worried her because he would want to put his mouth down there next and well, she just never liked it. But this time he took her own hand and put it down there.

“Please, Sir, I just can’t do it. I can’t cum in front of you this way. You know this.”

“Just try. I won’t be disappointed if you can’t, little one.”

Her fingers strummed her throbbing little clit as his mouth continued its attack on her slightly sore nipples. Sore from last night. She closed her eyes and that seemed to help. Her nimble fingers did feel good on her sex. His hand was stroking her the soft curves of her body as her hips rose and fell along with her breathing.

“You came for me twice before on the phone,” he whispered, “I know you can now if you just won’t think about it much. And don’t answer. I don’t want to hear anything but ‘May I cum, Sir’ from your lips. But don’t fake it or I’ll know. If you can’t, you can’t, but try. For me. Your “Sir.””

His mouth found her nipple again and she was relieved. Talking about such things only embarrassed her. But oh God, her clit did feel good this morning. She thought about how good his big cock felt inside her last night and wondered if she would get it again this morning. She felt his finger at the opening of her wet hole. Distracting her. Then it dropped down to her little asshole. Gently working in only up to the first joint. She hoped he would take her there again before the weekend was done. It felt so good after the first few times. To be filled there where no other man had gone before. Only him. Her Sir. Her Master.

His cock was rock hard again. He was ready to take her again but she was so close. Closer than he had ever seen her in person. He grabbed her hair and pulled. Harder than he ever had.

“Cum for me, little one. Do it now or you’ll be sorry later.”

“Please, Sir, may I cum?”

“Yes, little one.”

She started to cum. Much harder than she ever had alone. She felt him mount her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as his thickness entered her. It felt so good this time. Barely a pinch of pain as it entered her pussy that was still having spasms. He fucked her hard. Used her body for his pleasure. Until at last he emptied what seed he had left deep in her hungry cunt.

He didn’t say a word. He just held her tight with is cock still planted deep in her sex. Her hands caressed the strong muscles of his back. She felt like a princess in the arms of her prince. So safe and secure and warm and wanted. He rolled off her and she spooned against him with his hand cupping her breast. They napped until noon.

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