little one Part Two


Skipping ahead in the saga of little one. About six months. She had a bit gag in her mouth. The band was elastic allowing her to swallow so she wouldn’t drool. Her wrist restraints were attached to the balcony rails. Ropes came up from the sides of balcony spreading her legs wide. She was bent over and holding on to the rails. Two clothes pins were on her hard little pink nipples.

She remembered fantasizing about such things but never in her mind did she see herself like this and yet so calm and trusting. His fingers roughly played and fingered her shaved pussy. His pussy. No longer did she worry about his thickness hurting her. She loved to have her cunt pounded and it only hurt once when she was doggie on the bed and it went in too deep or something. But that wasn’t that bad either.

His strong hand spanked her ass hard. Again and again. Countless spanks until her ass was on fire. She wanted more but knew not to ask. She felt his cockhead against her opening and moaned as he filled her cunt. Then sadistically he withdrew and spanked her some more.

“Have you missed the quirt?”

She shook her head “yes.” The quirt was a small leather whip with a split leather tail on the end that looked like a long scary serpent’s tongue from some cheap horror movie. But made for horses it packed quite a sting. He slapped her hard both forward and backhanded more than she could count leaving red welts some of which would turn black the next day. The pain only made her wetter. She missed his cock inside her. Then she felt the flogger thuddy and heavy on her back and butt. He flogged her for so long she lost track of time.

She was brought back to reality by the cold lube being generously applied to her anus. A mere virgin a few months ago there, now she relished his cock there. Once begging him to fuck her using nothing but the wetness of her cunt for lube. He refused, saying she was much too tight there. Not out of concern for her pain, but the pain it might have caused his thick meaty cock.

She braced for his cock there once again but no, he picked up the birch paddle and began spanking her hard. The paddle really did feel like he was throwing fire on her buttocks but she didn’t complain. The more pain he gave her the more she seemed to crave.

His cock once again impaled her cunt and she almost passed out from pleasure. She groaned when he pulled all the way out again. But this time he guided it back into her tight ass filling her completely.

“Make it tight, little one, or you’ll get the cane.”

The cane was the one thing she did fear and she bared down on his cock. She knew his balls had to be full and she wanted his cum deep in her bowels. One reason was she liked it there and the other reason was she still had trouble swallowing his cum and would get punished when she failed. Lately he would pull out and cum all over her face and let her wear it until it dried.

He took his pleasure there filling her tight ass with cum. Then he had her wash his cock and balls in the shower and suck on his clean cock that just a few minutes ago was in her ass. She didn’t mind so much and she knew he’d never want her to do that unless he was squeaky clean.

She was to follow him in to town to eat at a restaurant but before they left he had her ride his cock nice and slow on the couch for what seemed like forever. He would usually blindfold her first and not let her move much at all. Training her to please him by just using her tight muscles. So many things he taught her that I’m not sure the internet would hold them all.

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