little one

She was a born again virgin. Not in the religious sense. It had just been that long. They had talked for much of this time. Chatted and emailed and shared things. Became close, pulled away, but never lost touch.

He had almost lost her. For several reasons none of them good. But over time he regained her trust. She called him Sir early on but it was a title he didn’t deserve very much at the time and he had worked hard in the last eight months or so to earn that respect.

It was something she had missed greatly. But no amount of browbeating on his part could change her mind. Just time and his unrelenting niceness. Maybe not 100% of the time because we are all human and fall short every day. But he had been good to her and she felt closer than ever.

To him, she was beautiful. To her, like many on a college campus she felt like one of many. Hundreds if not thousands of pretty girls walked by her every day.

It was one of those nights where the planets just seemed to align themselves correctly. She had a rare night off from work and agreed to meet him 75 miles away in a North Carolina motel room. He was worried more about her not showing up than anything else. But there was that timid knock on the door.

“Come in, little one. I’m glad you are here.”

“I’m shaking Sir. Please don’t ask much of me right now.”

“Come, lie in bed with me. Nothing is going to happen. Just lie on your side and relax. If you can.”

He spooned beside her. Stroking her gently. Her hair and arm. It felt good to have him touch her. She needed a human touch more than she wanted to admit.

“Sleep if you want, little one. Nap for a while.”

“Too nervous, Sir. I’m sorry.”

“Rest your head on my chest. And don’t say you are sorry again. I’m just glad you are with me finally.”

He rolled over on his back and held her close.

“You are safe now, little one. Where you belong.”

She smiled when he called her little one. He smelled good. She stopped trembling and tried to relax. It almost felt like she fell asleep for a bit but she wasn’t sure. It was so surreal to be in his arms after all this time.

“I know you are much too shy to let me bathe you. But go take a shower. Come back and get under the sheet. I’ll be reading on the couch. I promise not to peek.”

Part of her wanted to run out the door but she got up and took a long shower. The water pressure was strong and felt good on her soft skin. She dried off and without dressing crawled under the kind size sheet. Glad that he was true to his word.

Once she was settled he came and sat on the edge of the bed. He wrapped the soft latigo leather twice around her wrist and bucked the restraint. She didn’t resist. Being tied down was the only thing that would relax her. He buckled the other wrist and then tied them both down to the heavy oak headboard. She got a little nervous when he did the same to her ankles but she trusted him.

“Would you like a scarf around your eyes or not little one? Either way is fine with me.”

“Yes Sir, please.”

He began kissing her. Kissing her mouth, her nipples, her neck. Touching her lithe body while avoided her sex. Most of the guys she had known would be forcing their clumsy fingers in her pussy but not him. She blushed feeling the wetness flowing between her legs. She knew the sheet was getting wet and it embarrassed her.

“I know you are nervous about me licking you down there and would probably rather I not. But I want to. You know I like that. Don’t feel pressured to cum, or to feel anything. Just relax.”

She couldn’t answer. She was helpless anyway. She felt his lips kissing down her belly. Down to the soft skin of her inner thighs. His fingers gently opened her pink flower pulling the skin up and away exposing her throbbing clit. His tongue dipped into her musk and licked wide up over her clit. She knew her face had turned several shades of crimson and she was glad he could not see her eyes.

She was relieved when he stopped. She felt the weight of his body on hers. His thick glans rubbing up and down the delicate lips of her pussy. The thick head starting to invade her protesting little hole.

“Relax little one. Tell me it’s my pussy.”

“It’s your pussy Sir, but you are so big. Too big I fear.”

She cried out as he entered her fully. It pinched and burned going in but once she wet him completely it feel wonderful. To be truly his and filled by Him.

His hand tightened in her soft hair and pulled hard as he bit her shoulder almost piercing the skin.

“You like a little pain, don’t you little one?”

“Yes, Sir, fuck me harder. Fuck me as hard as you like, Sir, I am yours.”

“Oh I will and later I’ll take your virgin ass as well. And I’ll spank you. But to hurt you like you want to be hurt, well, you’ll have to see me again for that.”

“I will Sir, it’s just that I’m … ”

He kissed her deeply. His cock pounding deep in her tightness. She felt no more pain only a good warm fullness as he fucked her deep and hard.

“Still want me to be the first to cum inside you?”

“Yes, Sir, please.”

“I can pull out and cum in your mouth.”

“No. please. Fill your pussy Sir. I want it all Sir.”

“Oh God, little one. It’s so good. I’m going to cum.”

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  1. Nice to see you back, WD. You have been missed, but I also know how hard it is to write without inspiration.

    Thank you as always for sharing.

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