Lesson One

She was excited. She had passed the slut written exam and only had to pass Daddy’s oral exam and she’d get her first Master/slut play. The written test was easy. After four years at one of the best universities in the country it was a breeze. And Daddy said it would be easy and told her what to study.

But the oral exam worried her a bit. I mean who knows what a quirt is unless they are into horses? His version of the Gor slave positions she rather liked and had those down pretty good.

The bad thing was they would only have one night together because of her busy schedule. But at least they would get an early start. He opened the door and let her in.

“Do I get a hug and a kiss before we start, Daddy?”

“You’ll have to ask Daddy that. This is Master/slut and you need to strip down to your green thong.”

“Yes, Master”, she said, thinking he was being a bit of a Dick but she asked for it.

“I know that face. They’ll be plenty of time for Daddy time later. Stop pouting or I’ll give you something to pout about.”

Now she was nervous. He was usually so sweet. At the same time it did excite her. She stood there nearly naked and feeling like she needed something to do. She didn’t have to wait long.


Damn, she knew them so well and now her mind was blank. She hesitated for a moment then remembered. Sitting back on her heels with her legs spread and her hands open and at her knees.

“Very good. Now stick out your tongue. No, not like a child, soft and wide.”

He pulled out his hard cock and started bouncing it off her tongue. She wanted to taste him so bad. What she really wanted was a kiss and a hug, but she did miss the taste of her cock and how it filled all of her holes just right.

“Suck, slut. Before I change my mind. You may use your left hand as well.”

She didn’t have to be told twice. Cock sucking was one of the few things she had experienced, but it was never that exciting until he came along.

“Enough, inspection.”

Damn, another command but this one was easy. She stood with her wrists crossed behind her head. She moaned as he pinched her nipples hard. No one had ever pinched them hard before. The first meeting he sucked and pinched them so much they were sore for days. Not that she complained.

“Now walk your ass over to the bed and put the quirt in your mouth and crawl back. God help you if you pick the wrong toy.”

Seeing the toys laid out on the bed scared her a little. Not all of them were there. Only about six or so. The quirt was easy because she visualized it being bent into a Q. She put it in her teeth and crawled back. Crawling might have been degrading for some but it only made her wetter. She could only imagine how wet her thong was now.

“I’m making this way too easy for you. Lets take a break. I want you to go take a shower while I go to the coffee shop next door. What would you like little girl?”

“Daddy, that’s you? A hug and a kiss would be great. Please Daddy. Then a 16 oz dark with lots of cream. Please.”

“Ok, but remember this is just a break. If you finish before I get back get in bed and wait for Daddy.”

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  1. Well Hope you finish this one. Liked it

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