She loved baths. It’s where she went to relax. To read. To masturbate even at times.

He liked giving them. It was one consistent thing he wrote about for the last fifteen years or so. Giving his princess a bath. Or his pet. Or his slut even. The names seem very different but in this world people have different ideas of what they like to be called. Yes, “slut” can be one of the most offensive words around but some come to like it. Funny things about words. The same word can carry different meanings.

But I shall call her princess for now. That will suffice. I’m quite sure I have never called anyone princess in real life before. She is pretty enough to be a princess. Pretty enough to water my eyes when I look at her picture. Pretty enough to be some kind of star if she were discovered. Because she has that uniqueness that’s rare as rubies.

Now I sound like a love struck Prince. But no, this is no fairytale.

She was a swimmer in high school. She loved the flesh tight clothing. The electrifying splash in the cold water and sunrise and the thrill of race. But this was four or five earlier. Her demanding studies kept her more into books than pools. But she still had that lean muscular build. That cute butt sculpted by races and laps.

I think at this point I’ll fast forward to our second meeting. Like I’ve done before. That avoids so much drama when you have two lovers meeting once again.

She relaxed in the blue water of the bath. The lavender bath salts making her soft pale skin even softer. Meticulously he gently washed her with the soft sea sponge. It seemed to her that almost everything he did with her sensual in nature was done in slow motion. Never rushing.

“Turn over on your hands and knees.”

She complied. Wondering why. Last month he simply bathed her and took her to bed. None of this hands and knees stuff. She blushed as the sponge washed the crack of her ass. No one had ever touched her in such an intimate place. Not since she was a baby.

“Just relax, princess, this won’t hurt.”


Her face now crimson red as his soapy finger wiggled its way into her tight virgin ass. Twice no less. Yes, in the very beginning he had brought up anal play but that was a while back.

He helped her to her feet and showered her off. Drying her with the large soft towel. Once dry, he held her by the wrist. Lead her to the large king sized bed.

“Lie there with your head on the pillow face down.”
He took her by the ankles and spread her legs wide. She felt open and vulnerable.

“Relax princess. You’ll like this. Do not close your legs or I’ll have to tie you down.”

She felt the bed sink as laid down next to her. His hand caressing her soft sweet skin. Skin so sensitive it thrilled her at times when the wind kissed it.
He kissed her shoulders and neck. Between her shoulder blades then down her spine. Slowly to the small of her back. She shivered as he gently licked her there. And squirmed as his tongue began to lick between her buttocks.

“Shall I go farther?”
“Yes, if it pleases you, Sir,” she whispered. Still blushing.

“That was a rhetorical question of course, princess. I will do what I want always when it comes to your body. Within reason of course. You know, not many nice girls would allow a tongue to even approach there yet you want more. I’ll have to spank you later, I guess.”

She felt his hands open her cheeks wide and went into full blush mode. His tongue explored farther until it found her pretty little pink rosebud. She moaned as his tongue pushed into the opening of her tight ass.

“Touch your clit, princess.”

She moaned loudly pressing her ass against his pointy hard tongue shamelessly wanting it deeper.

“You realize of course I will take your ass after you cum. I will be as gentle as possible but there will be some pain. I’’m afraid that can’t be helped. But I promise it will get better once you relax. My hope is you’ll learn to enjoy it completely.”

“I want you there Sir. I have known this a long time.”

“Just touch your clit and enjoy. I have a plug that will help to open you up when we are ready.”

His tongue alternated between fucking her tiny hole and long wide licks spanning the length of her butt. Any sense of shame left her as she enjoyed the pleasing sensations. She used the pillow to muffle her screams as she came harder than she ever had before.

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