something different

We meet again. The gloves are off this time. No more concessions as to what you want or need. You strip down and lie flat on the bed. I am considerate when it comes to your knee problems and any other health issue but my concern ends there. I beat your ass with the leather tawse. No discussion, no counting, just to hurt because I enjoy hurting you. I know your ass will be ugly by tomorrow but I’ll be gone and it won’t be my problem.

Next I fuck your ass with very little foreplay. I do use lube but for my comfort, not yours. I cum fairly quickly because it has been a while. And linger hard in your ass while I decide if I want to fuck it again. If my cock needs a rest or not. It just needs some time for the sensitivity to subside. You milk my cock the whole time because you need it to stay hard so you can cum. You probably would have the first time but like I said, I was pretty quick.

I have you wash my cock and balls and my ass. Before we continue, I pour a large coffee and watch TV using your body as my footstool. I wait for my bladder to fill, then give you a shower of Master piss in the tub. Because I’m in a kind mood, I let you shower off. Mainly so I don’t have to smell my pee. Then I go lie down facedown on the bed and spread my legs. You know, of course to lick my ass without me asking. But I’m not happy with your effort and give you thirty-nine licks with the little birch paddle and tell you to once again try and lick it like it is a privilege. You do better this time and I take my pleasure in your cunt once I’ve had enough.

I spank your cunt with the crop for not doing your Kegels to my satisfaction. You claim you have, but still it’s not tight enough for me and besides, I enjoy spanking you there.

We still have a couple of hours before our dinner break. I tie you up and torture your nipples and your pussy lips and make you beg to cum over and over. Then another long session of you eating my ass again until I’m ready to fuck your cunt again. This time I fuck it twice like I did your ass. I’ve had five orgasms and you have had many and we’re at the halfway point. You ask if you may suck my cock for dessert and I say no. Sucking my cock is a rare privilege for you. One you have to earn. Besides, I have two tight holes to pleasure me. Perhaps next time if we find a slut to join us, I’ll let her suck my cock while you lick my ass and she can feed you my cum like a bird. If it pleases me.

We order in a pizza and eat. Afterwards, I give you my piss again. I’ve never been into water sports that much, but with you I seem to enjoy it more. I tie you up and give you a good long flogging with three different floggers then I take your ass again. It’s sore but you know our time is winding down and you won’t have my cock for another month or so.

I allow you to lick my ass again. Which you love and you know how hard it gets me. So I can take your cunt once again. Now that my cock is getting tired I can fuck you a long time. Until you squirt more than once.

We are both a little sexed out but there is time remaining. So I allow you to suck my cock for a little bit. Until I’m horny enough to fuck your cunt one last time. Then for good measure I give you a good long whipping with the quirt just to intensify the marks. I’m saving the cane so you’ll build up a little fear of it then I can use it to punish you. Not that you are THAT bad, but you do occasionally piss me off.

Before we go I realize your nipples could use some more pain to hold them over a while. That leads to another ass licking by you and another fuck. I was going to let you go early but instead I have used up our entire eight hours. Judging by your smile you are happy about that.

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little one (North Carolina) one

We had two nights together so I rented a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. Little one was pretty stressed out from her finals so we began with a bath in the large tub. A couple of dozen candles lit the room. Soft music in the background. I took my time washing her body with the soft sea sponge.

She was very quiet. I figured we’d put the whole power exchange on hold for the night and just let her relax. After the bath, I rubbed lotion all over her body on the bed. I could tell she was fading out on me. But rubbing her ass got me excited. I took my pleasure in her pussy from behind. Gently because that position sometimes hurt her. Of course there were times she liked the pain but not tonight. She was so tight and I was so full that it didn’t take long for me to fill her pussy with my cum.

I blew out the candles in the bathroom and just held her in bed until she fell asleep. She muttered something about her not being much fun but I hushed her before she finished. She didn’t sleep well at all alone but seemed to sleep great as long as I could hold her.

I was up early and made coffee and wrote a blog while she still slept. She had been asleep now for almost eleven hours. Around eight I heard her get up and stumble to the shower. Then she came into the kitchen wearing only a towel wrapped around her head. Something she never would have done less than a year ago. She poured herself a mug of coffee with cream and sugar then kissed me on the neck as I sat reading a USA Today.

“How may I please you, today?”

“In a thousand minus one ways today. But first just wake up. I know you aren’t a morning person. In a little bit we’ll walk down to that little café on the corner and get some breakfast.”

“I’m not hungry, Sir.”

“But you will eat to please me. Won’t you?”

“You know I only eat once a day if that.”

“Just eat something. I don’t care what.”

She grumbled under her breath and changed into shorts and a sleeveless blouse. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I get grumpy if I don’t eat. So I ate a good bit. She had her toast with jelly and a few bites of eggs and half of two pancakes. A lot for her.

Back in the room I gave her a good spanking which got her in the mood to suck my cock and she actually swallowed this time. She had gotten better with that the last few times but was never that comfortable doing it.

“So you’ve been very good this morning little one. I think you have earned a reward. What would you like?”

“I want you to hurt me. Use mean toys on my ass and mark me good enough to last all week. And I want you to cut me with the cane.”

“Well you’ve been good but that’s some request. I don’t want to cut you with the cane because it’s too unpredictable. It’s not something I want to explain at the ER. But I do have a surprise for you if you are interested.”

“What’s that, Sir?”

“I’ve been learning piercing at the tattoo parlor. I’m not licensed or anything but I have everything here I need to do one nipple. Just one to see how I like it. If you are willing?”

“I thought you didn’t want my nipples pierced Sir?”

“We’ll do one and see how I like it. Later today.”

“I would like that Sir.”

“We have all day and night. I’m going to drag you to lunch in about three hours. If you just eat some fruit I’ll be happy. In the meantime I want to tie you like I did that first night.”

She loved to be tied down more than anything. Almost. She was enjoying her corporal play more and more. I undressed her completed and tied the wrist and ankle restraints to the headboard. I wrapped the long scarf around her head several times and tied it off in back. She winched as I put two clothes pins on her nipples. I lit a red and blue candle and held the both in my left hand while holding two ice cubes in my right hand and dripped it all over her torso. Almost totally coating her small breasts and trailing down her flat stomach to the shaved part of her sex. And the water was so cold she couldn’t tell what was water and what was wax. I got on top of her and parted her wet pussy lips with my cock and pushed the head in. Just the head. She almost came off the bed when I removed both of the clothes pins at ones and then reattached them after about ten seconds.

“I love fucking my pussy more than anything. It is my pussy isn’t it?”

“Yes, Master.”

I smiled which of course she couldn’t see. She was allowed to call me Master but rarely did because it scared her. Her hips arched up to meet me as I impaled my cock in her tight pink pussy.

“You are becoming quite the slut when it comes to fucking, aren’t you little one?”

“Yes, Master. Use me anyway you like.”

I put my weight on her body and bit the top of her shoulder. For a moment I wish I had fangs to sink into her pretty neck and drink her blood. Of course I would never do that but the thought came to mind. I kissed up to her ear.

“Tell me it’s my pussy, little one.”

“It’s your pussy, Master. As long as you want it.”

To be continued tomorrow

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little one 5

Little one was on her knees on the carpet. Her petite breasts on the carpet as well with her head turned to the side. He had her hands restrained behind her back and was lifting them up while he spanked her ass.

“Why are you so wet, little one?”

“Because you make me that way, Sir.”

He took the double bullet which was two vibrators on a single control. The bullets where both four inches long and a little wider than a finger. The vibration was very strong when turned on high. One slipped inside her shaved wet cunt and was swallowed up so only the cord was visible. The other he held against her throbbing clit and turned them both on medium.

Immediately she began to shake. Not being used to vibrators at all. Vaguely later she would remember the cool lube being applied to her pretty little asshole. His finger entered her tightest hole which had only been fucked a handful of times and only by him. He thought she might have fought it longer but she cried out.

“May I cum, Sir?”

“May you cum? I thought you couldn’t cum with a guy, only alone?”

“Before you, Sir, oh God please say I can before I can’t stop myself.”

“Ok, little one, cum for me.”

She screamed and her ass gripped his finger like a vise and then he felt the contractions. Wave after wave that seemed to move through her entire body.

He kept his finger deep inside until she finished at turned off the vibrators. Left for a minute to wash his hands. He came back and lubed up his cock well. Eased it slowly into her tight ass and held it there. The pain felt like she was being split apart but she knew it would soon fade. He reached down and turned on both vibrators again. The one inside her on high and the other that he touched to her clit on medium. Her ass was trying to push out his cock but he held it deep. With his free hand he grabbed her hair and pulled really hard.

“Cum for me, little one, I know you can. Cum all over my big cock.”

She screamed and shook violently. It was all he could do to keep his cock in her ass. She squeezed so hard it was almost painful for him but soon she relaxed and he removed the vibrators and began taking his pleasure in her tightest hole.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s good little one. I’m going to fuck you hard since you’ll probably be too sore for an assfuck tomorrow. But we’ll see.”

“Never too sore for you Sir. I’m all yours.”

“Do you want my cum in your ass or up your slutty back?”

“Inside Sir, please. Always want you inside my holes.”

“Yes, and inside your mouth last month and you swallowed all of it. I was impressed. Bare down, little one, I’m almost there.”

“Cum in me Sir, I want it so much. Make it hurt.”

He thrust it in deep and pulled her hips to him with his strong hands.

“I’m cumming little one. Oh God, yes, so good. So good. Still cumming.”

He collapsed on her for minute out of breath. Then pulled out his cock with a “pop.” He freed her hands and helped her to her feet.

“Come to the shower with me. We’ll get all clean and later nap for a while.”

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little one part 4


Fast forward a bit. Little one came into the room and undressed completely as she was instructed to do. He was sitting in a chair reading a book about the War of Northern Aggression and drinking coffee. Barely noticing her.

She spread her legs and clasp her hands behind her head and lowered her eyes. Ready for his inspection.

“How is your knee, little one?”

“Hurts as usual Sir, but I’ll be ok.”

“Then get off it. You run around much too much at work. Assume Belly in the middle of the bed.”

She was slightly relieved. She hated any feeling of being inspected. Even though he found her perfectly beautiful she still had insecurities about her body for most of her life. She laid on the bed on her belly and spread her legs wide. Turning her head to the side and closing her eyes. It was easier with her eyes closed. She felt his strong hands tightening the restraints on her wrists and ankles. One would think this might scare her but she took comfort in bondage. It was easier for her to let go. To feel like things were being done to her and there was nothing in her power to stop them.

Of course she did have a safe word but he never pushed her hard enough to consider using it.

He joined her on the side of the bed and began spanking her ass. Not too hard as he liked to warm her up. Unless it was a punishment and he rarely punished that way.

“Do you know why I’m spanking you little one?”

“Because it is your ass to spank Sir, and you enjoy spanking me.”

“Yes, that’s all true, but you like it also don’t you?”

“Always Sir. I like pain. You know this.”

“Yes, but my hand isn’t that painful though. I do like to start this way. To feel flesh against flesh. To pull your hair like this as I spank you. Since we only have about twenty hours you will not be wearing clothes until you leave. We’ll order a pizza or I’ll pick something up for later.”

“I’m really not hungry Sir.”

“I know, you are never hungry but it pleases me if you eat something. I’m very sexually needy today and you’ll need your strength.”

He rested his head for a moment on the small of her back and squeezed her buttocks.

“I know I’m fat, Sir.”

“You are in no way fat and we’re not having this conversation today. Be quiet or I’ll put the ball gag on.”

“Yes Sir.”

She hated the ball gag because it made her drool. Her hips gave an involuntary roll as one of his fingers filled her. For a tall girl, she was extremely tight. She had hoped he would have stretched her out by now but it still hurt at times when he entered her.

“I have a new toy you may like. It’s a bath brush about two feet long. The brush part is round and a little wider than my hand. Hold on and I’ll get it out of the car.”

He was gone for about a minute. Once again he spanked each cheek with his hand about ten times. She cried out when the brush hit her bottom. It didn’t detour him as he started spanking her hard, from cheek to cheek, getting her ass redder and redder. For a while it felt like he would never stop. She liked pain but he had never spanked her this hard before. She began to sob into the pillow.

He stopped and pressed his body against hers. Stroked her hair.

“It’s over now, please stop crying. It makes me feel bad when you cry.”

He didn’t wait for an answer though. He got behind her and rubbed the thick head of his cock up and down her very wet gash. Despite the tears, things like paddling turned her on like nothing else. He watched her hands grab the sheets with white knuckles as he entered her tightness.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s so good. You wanted it harder, little one?”

“If it pleases you, Sir. I just want to make you happy.”

He grabbed her by the hips and plowed deep inside her. Their bodies slapping together with every stroke. He could feel the fire still coming off her ass. He knew that he probably had bruised her but she would enjoy that reminder for days after they parted.

“Where do you want my cum, little one?”

He always asked even though the answer was always the same. Inside her of course. She had never let anyone cum inside her but him. And she loved feeling it run out of her after he came.

“Inside me, Sir, please. Deep inside.”

He gave one final primal thrust and growled as he filled her cunt with a full load. She could feel his thickness expanding and then the spasms that seems to go on forever.

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little one 3

They woke up early, earlier than she would have wanted, and went out for breakfast. She didn’t eat much. But she did eat which made him happy. For some reason she always felt she was heavy no matter what he said. So it was best not to talk about it at all.

Back in the room he undressed her. While she had gotten less shy it still made her blush for him to see her in any form of undress, much less naked. He pulled her onto the bed, grabbed her by the hair, and guided her mouth to his waiting hard cock. It was better this way. To not talk about it and just force it upon her. Not that she minded. It wasn’t rape or anything. She just felt more comfortable when choice and talk was taken out of the equation.

She had grown to like his thickness in her little mouth. And the feeling she got when she pleased him. She no longer minded the squirts of hot creamy cum that seemed to never stop coming. And the way he would quietly praise her and stroke her hair afterwards.

This morning after her dessert of Master’s cream was fed to her once again, he kissed her mouth still coated in his seed. He kissed down to her hard little nipples and sucked on them one after another going back and forth. This always got her very wet and at the same time worried her because he would want to put his mouth down there next and well, she just never liked it. But this time he took her own hand and put it down there.

“Please, Sir, I just can’t do it. I can’t cum in front of you this way. You know this.”

“Just try. I won’t be disappointed if you can’t, little one.”

Her fingers strummed her throbbing little clit as his mouth continued its attack on her slightly sore nipples. Sore from last night. She closed her eyes and that seemed to help. Her nimble fingers did feel good on her sex. His hand was stroking her the soft curves of her body as her hips rose and fell along with her breathing.

“You came for me twice before on the phone,” he whispered, “I know you can now if you just won’t think about it much. And don’t answer. I don’t want to hear anything but ‘May I cum, Sir’ from your lips. But don’t fake it or I’ll know. If you can’t, you can’t, but try. For me. Your “Sir.””

His mouth found her nipple again and she was relieved. Talking about such things only embarrassed her. But oh God, her clit did feel good this morning. She thought about how good his big cock felt inside her last night and wondered if she would get it again this morning. She felt his finger at the opening of her wet hole. Distracting her. Then it dropped down to her little asshole. Gently working in only up to the first joint. She hoped he would take her there again before the weekend was done. It felt so good after the first few times. To be filled there where no other man had gone before. Only him. Her Sir. Her Master.

His cock was rock hard again. He was ready to take her again but she was so close. Closer than he had ever seen her in person. He grabbed her hair and pulled. Harder than he ever had.

“Cum for me, little one. Do it now or you’ll be sorry later.”

“Please, Sir, may I cum?”

“Yes, little one.”

She started to cum. Much harder than she ever had alone. She felt him mount her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as his thickness entered her. It felt so good this time. Barely a pinch of pain as it entered her pussy that was still having spasms. He fucked her hard. Used her body for his pleasure. Until at last he emptied what seed he had left deep in her hungry cunt.

He didn’t say a word. He just held her tight with is cock still planted deep in her sex. Her hands caressed the strong muscles of his back. She felt like a princess in the arms of her prince. So safe and secure and warm and wanted. He rolled off her and she spooned against him with his hand cupping her breast. They napped until noon.

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little one Part Two


Skipping ahead in the saga of little one. About six months. She had a bit gag in her mouth. The band was elastic allowing her to swallow so she wouldn’t drool. Her wrist restraints were attached to the balcony rails. Ropes came up from the sides of balcony spreading her legs wide. She was bent over and holding on to the rails. Two clothes pins were on her hard little pink nipples.

She remembered fantasizing about such things but never in her mind did she see herself like this and yet so calm and trusting. His fingers roughly played and fingered her shaved pussy. His pussy. No longer did she worry about his thickness hurting her. She loved to have her cunt pounded and it only hurt once when she was doggie on the bed and it went in too deep or something. But that wasn’t that bad either.

His strong hand spanked her ass hard. Again and again. Countless spanks until her ass was on fire. She wanted more but knew not to ask. She felt his cockhead against her opening and moaned as he filled her cunt. Then sadistically he withdrew and spanked her some more.

“Have you missed the quirt?”

She shook her head “yes.” The quirt was a small leather whip with a split leather tail on the end that looked like a long scary serpent’s tongue from some cheap horror movie. But made for horses it packed quite a sting. He slapped her hard both forward and backhanded more than she could count leaving red welts some of which would turn black the next day. The pain only made her wetter. She missed his cock inside her. Then she felt the flogger thuddy and heavy on her back and butt. He flogged her for so long she lost track of time.

She was brought back to reality by the cold lube being generously applied to her anus. A mere virgin a few months ago there, now she relished his cock there. Once begging him to fuck her using nothing but the wetness of her cunt for lube. He refused, saying she was much too tight there. Not out of concern for her pain, but the pain it might have caused his thick meaty cock.

She braced for his cock there once again but no, he picked up the birch paddle and began spanking her hard. The paddle really did feel like he was throwing fire on her buttocks but she didn’t complain. The more pain he gave her the more she seemed to crave.

His cock once again impaled her cunt and she almost passed out from pleasure. She groaned when he pulled all the way out again. But this time he guided it back into her tight ass filling her completely.

“Make it tight, little one, or you’ll get the cane.”

The cane was the one thing she did fear and she bared down on his cock. She knew his balls had to be full and she wanted his cum deep in her bowels. One reason was she liked it there and the other reason was she still had trouble swallowing his cum and would get punished when she failed. Lately he would pull out and cum all over her face and let her wear it until it dried.

He took his pleasure there filling her tight ass with cum. Then he had her wash his cock and balls in the shower and suck on his clean cock that just a few minutes ago was in her ass. She didn’t mind so much and she knew he’d never want her to do that unless he was squeaky clean.

She was to follow him in to town to eat at a restaurant but before they left he had her ride his cock nice and slow on the couch for what seemed like forever. He would usually blindfold her first and not let her move much at all. Training her to please him by just using her tight muscles. So many things he taught her that I’m not sure the internet would hold them all.

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little one

She was a born again virgin. Not in the religious sense. It had just been that long. They had talked for much of this time. Chatted and emailed and shared things. Became close, pulled away, but never lost touch.

He had almost lost her. For several reasons none of them good. But over time he regained her trust. She called him Sir early on but it was a title he didn’t deserve very much at the time and he had worked hard in the last eight months or so to earn that respect.

It was something she had missed greatly. But no amount of browbeating on his part could change her mind. Just time and his unrelenting niceness. Maybe not 100% of the time because we are all human and fall short every day. But he had been good to her and she felt closer than ever.

To him, she was beautiful. To her, like many on a college campus she felt like one of many. Hundreds if not thousands of pretty girls walked by her every day.

It was one of those nights where the planets just seemed to align themselves correctly. She had a rare night off from work and agreed to meet him 75 miles away in a North Carolina motel room. He was worried more about her not showing up than anything else. But there was that timid knock on the door.

“Come in, little one. I’m glad you are here.”

“I’m shaking Sir. Please don’t ask much of me right now.”

“Come, lie in bed with me. Nothing is going to happen. Just lie on your side and relax. If you can.”

He spooned beside her. Stroking her gently. Her hair and arm. It felt good to have him touch her. She needed a human touch more than she wanted to admit.

“Sleep if you want, little one. Nap for a while.”

“Too nervous, Sir. I’m sorry.”

“Rest your head on my chest. And don’t say you are sorry again. I’m just glad you are with me finally.”

He rolled over on his back and held her close.

“You are safe now, little one. Where you belong.”

She smiled when he called her little one. He smelled good. She stopped trembling and tried to relax. It almost felt like she fell asleep for a bit but she wasn’t sure. It was so surreal to be in his arms after all this time.

“I know you are much too shy to let me bathe you. But go take a shower. Come back and get under the sheet. I’ll be reading on the couch. I promise not to peek.”

Part of her wanted to run out the door but she got up and took a long shower. The water pressure was strong and felt good on her soft skin. She dried off and without dressing crawled under the kind size sheet. Glad that he was true to his word.

Once she was settled he came and sat on the edge of the bed. He wrapped the soft latigo leather twice around her wrist and bucked the restraint. She didn’t resist. Being tied down was the only thing that would relax her. He buckled the other wrist and then tied them both down to the heavy oak headboard. She got a little nervous when he did the same to her ankles but she trusted him.

“Would you like a scarf around your eyes or not little one? Either way is fine with me.”

“Yes Sir, please.”

He began kissing her. Kissing her mouth, her nipples, her neck. Touching her lithe body while avoided her sex. Most of the guys she had known would be forcing their clumsy fingers in her pussy but not him. She blushed feeling the wetness flowing between her legs. She knew the sheet was getting wet and it embarrassed her.

“I know you are nervous about me licking you down there and would probably rather I not. But I want to. You know I like that. Don’t feel pressured to cum, or to feel anything. Just relax.”

She couldn’t answer. She was helpless anyway. She felt his lips kissing down her belly. Down to the soft skin of her inner thighs. His fingers gently opened her pink flower pulling the skin up and away exposing her throbbing clit. His tongue dipped into her musk and licked wide up over her clit. She knew her face had turned several shades of crimson and she was glad he could not see her eyes.

She was relieved when he stopped. She felt the weight of his body on hers. His thick glans rubbing up and down the delicate lips of her pussy. The thick head starting to invade her protesting little hole.

“Relax little one. Tell me it’s my pussy.”

“It’s your pussy Sir, but you are so big. Too big I fear.”

She cried out as he entered her fully. It pinched and burned going in but once she wet him completely it feel wonderful. To be truly his and filled by Him.

His hand tightened in her soft hair and pulled hard as he bit her shoulder almost piercing the skin.

“You like a little pain, don’t you little one?”

“Yes, Sir, fuck me harder. Fuck me as hard as you like, Sir, I am yours.”

“Oh I will and later I’ll take your virgin ass as well. And I’ll spank you. But to hurt you like you want to be hurt, well, you’ll have to see me again for that.”

“I will Sir, it’s just that I’m … ”

He kissed her deeply. His cock pounding deep in her tightness. She felt no more pain only a good warm fullness as he fucked her deep and hard.

“Still want me to be the first to cum inside you?”

“Yes, Sir, please.”

“I can pull out and cum in your mouth.”

“No. please. Fill your pussy Sir. I want it all Sir.”

“Oh God, little one. It’s so good. I’m going to cum.”

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94 hits to 100,000

Might take a while. No inspiration these days.
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Lesson One

She was excited. She had passed the slut written exam and only had to pass Daddy’s oral exam and she’d get her first Master/slut play. The written test was easy. After four years at one of the best universities in the country it was a breeze. And Daddy said it would be easy and told her what to study.

But the oral exam worried her a bit. I mean who knows what a quirt is unless they are into horses? His version of the Gor slave positions she rather liked and had those down pretty good.

The bad thing was they would only have one night together because of her busy schedule. But at least they would get an early start. He opened the door and let her in.

“Do I get a hug and a kiss before we start, Daddy?”

“You’ll have to ask Daddy that. This is Master/slut and you need to strip down to your green thong.”

“Yes, Master”, she said, thinking he was being a bit of a Dick but she asked for it.

“I know that face. They’ll be plenty of time for Daddy time later. Stop pouting or I’ll give you something to pout about.”

Now she was nervous. He was usually so sweet. At the same time it did excite her. She stood there nearly naked and feeling like she needed something to do. She didn’t have to wait long.


Damn, she knew them so well and now her mind was blank. She hesitated for a moment then remembered. Sitting back on her heels with her legs spread and her hands open and at her knees.

“Very good. Now stick out your tongue. No, not like a child, soft and wide.”

He pulled out his hard cock and started bouncing it off her tongue. She wanted to taste him so bad. What she really wanted was a kiss and a hug, but she did miss the taste of her cock and how it filled all of her holes just right.

“Suck, slut. Before I change my mind. You may use your left hand as well.”

She didn’t have to be told twice. Cock sucking was one of the few things she had experienced, but it was never that exciting until he came along.

“Enough, inspection.”

Damn, another command but this one was easy. She stood with her wrists crossed behind her head. She moaned as he pinched her nipples hard. No one had ever pinched them hard before. The first meeting he sucked and pinched them so much they were sore for days. Not that she complained.

“Now walk your ass over to the bed and put the quirt in your mouth and crawl back. God help you if you pick the wrong toy.”

Seeing the toys laid out on the bed scared her a little. Not all of them were there. Only about six or so. The quirt was easy because she visualized it being bent into a Q. She put it in her teeth and crawled back. Crawling might have been degrading for some but it only made her wetter. She could only imagine how wet her thong was now.

“I’m making this way too easy for you. Lets take a break. I want you to go take a shower while I go to the coffee shop next door. What would you like little girl?”

“Daddy, that’s you? A hug and a kiss would be great. Please Daddy. Then a 16 oz dark with lots of cream. Please.”

“Ok, but remember this is just a break. If you finish before I get back get in bed and wait for Daddy.”

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She loved baths. It’s where she went to relax. To read. To masturbate even at times.

He liked giving them. It was one consistent thing he wrote about for the last fifteen years or so. Giving his princess a bath. Or his pet. Or his slut even. The names seem very different but in this world people have different ideas of what they like to be called. Yes, “slut” can be one of the most offensive words around but some come to like it. Funny things about words. The same word can carry different meanings.

But I shall call her princess for now. That will suffice. I’m quite sure I have never called anyone princess in real life before. She is pretty enough to be a princess. Pretty enough to water my eyes when I look at her picture. Pretty enough to be some kind of star if she were discovered. Because she has that uniqueness that’s rare as rubies.

Now I sound like a love struck Prince. But no, this is no fairytale.

She was a swimmer in high school. She loved the flesh tight clothing. The electrifying splash in the cold water and sunrise and the thrill of race. But this was four or five earlier. Her demanding studies kept her more into books than pools. But she still had that lean muscular build. That cute butt sculpted by races and laps.

I think at this point I’ll fast forward to our second meeting. Like I’ve done before. That avoids so much drama when you have two lovers meeting once again.

She relaxed in the blue water of the bath. The lavender bath salts making her soft pale skin even softer. Meticulously he gently washed her with the soft sea sponge. It seemed to her that almost everything he did with her sensual in nature was done in slow motion. Never rushing.

“Turn over on your hands and knees.”

She complied. Wondering why. Last month he simply bathed her and took her to bed. None of this hands and knees stuff. She blushed as the sponge washed the crack of her ass. No one had ever touched her in such an intimate place. Not since she was a baby.

“Just relax, princess, this won’t hurt.”


Her face now crimson red as his soapy finger wiggled its way into her tight virgin ass. Twice no less. Yes, in the very beginning he had brought up anal play but that was a while back.

He helped her to her feet and showered her off. Drying her with the large soft towel. Once dry, he held her by the wrist. Lead her to the large king sized bed.

“Lie there with your head on the pillow face down.”
He took her by the ankles and spread her legs wide. She felt open and vulnerable.

“Relax princess. You’ll like this. Do not close your legs or I’ll have to tie you down.”

She felt the bed sink as laid down next to her. His hand caressing her soft sweet skin. Skin so sensitive it thrilled her at times when the wind kissed it.
He kissed her shoulders and neck. Between her shoulder blades then down her spine. Slowly to the small of her back. She shivered as he gently licked her there. And squirmed as his tongue began to lick between her buttocks.

“Shall I go farther?”
“Yes, if it pleases you, Sir,” she whispered. Still blushing.

“That was a rhetorical question of course, princess. I will do what I want always when it comes to your body. Within reason of course. You know, not many nice girls would allow a tongue to even approach there yet you want more. I’ll have to spank you later, I guess.”

She felt his hands open her cheeks wide and went into full blush mode. His tongue explored farther until it found her pretty little pink rosebud. She moaned as his tongue pushed into the opening of her tight ass.

“Touch your clit, princess.”

She moaned loudly pressing her ass against his pointy hard tongue shamelessly wanting it deeper.

“You realize of course I will take your ass after you cum. I will be as gentle as possible but there will be some pain. I’’m afraid that can’t be helped. But I promise it will get better once you relax. My hope is you’ll learn to enjoy it completely.”

“I want you there Sir. I have known this a long time.”

“Just touch your clit and enjoy. I have a plug that will help to open you up when we are ready.”

His tongue alternated between fucking her tiny hole and long wide licks spanning the length of her butt. Any sense of shame left her as she enjoyed the pleasing sensations. She used the pillow to muffle her screams as she came harder than she ever had before.

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it’s about time for a blog post, huh?

I’ll try to today

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