Bath Time

Simple things. Simple pleasures.

This time, she was not apprehensive standing before him. Her simple green dress hanging seductively on her soft curves. The pink panties he picked out for her betraying her arousal. Memories of last weekend still etched in her mind and haunting her throughout the week and even now as she trembled.

“Breathe, little one. You shouldn’t be nervous now.”

“It is still very new to me Sir. Wanting a man with every fiber of my being. So afraid in someway I will disappoint you.”

“Do not worry. I’m not a harsh professor. I grade on progress, not perfection. My reward is the smile I’ll get hours later as we intertwine for a little nap before dinner. The smile of knowing you have pleased me.”

“May I go to the bathroom, Sir?”

“Of course. Check out the large tub while you are in there. And run us a hot bath. I have some bath salts on the sink. And light the candles. We have three days so we might as well ease into things. Don’t you agree?”

“My Sir, always the romantic.”

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