Bath Time

Simple things. Simple pleasures.

This time, she was not apprehensive standing before him. Her simple green dress hanging seductively on her soft curves. The pink panties he picked out for her betraying her arousal. Memories of last weekend still etched in her mind and haunting her throughout the week and even now as she trembled.

“Breathe, little one. You shouldn’t be nervous now.”

“It is still very new to me Sir. Wanting a man with every fiber of my being. So afraid in someway I will disappoint you.”

“Do not worry. I’m not a harsh professor. I grade on progress, not perfection. My reward is the smile I’ll get hours later as we intertwine for a little nap before dinner. The smile of knowing you have pleased me.”

“May I go to the bathroom, Sir?”

“Of course. Check out the large tub while you are in there. And run us a hot bath. I have some bath salts on the sink. And light the candles. We have three days so we might as well ease into things. Don’t you agree?”

“My Sir, always the romantic.”

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The Claiming of Princess Aurore

She was barely twenty and still a virgin. Not many suitors come calling when your father is the King. She had the best of everything. The finest education. Exquisite clothes. Dresses that would cost a common wench a years worth of salary. Her own staff of maidservants. Pretty little nicknacks from every corner of the world. A stable of the finest horses. And being the only child she was heir to the crown.

She had every reason to be happy and for the most part she was. Except for the nights. When deep and dark fantasies would take over. Desires that, if known, would make a stableboy blush.

Sounds like a fairytale. But God laughs at frail human plans. The dark cloud of war hung on the horizon. The King, fearing the castle would be overrun, sent her away to her uncle’s kingdom to the south. Unfortunately, he didn’t know that a Legion of the English army had flanked in that direction. Before the carriage driver knew what happened, he was in the center of Prince Richard’s camp.

The solders killed the driver and were ready to ravage the girl when an officer noticed she was no ordinary girl. He ordered the men to stop and had them bound her hands behind her back and lead her to the Prince.

“Well, what do we have here? A Princess? You are even more beautiful than all the songs written about you. I’m weary of war and of need of a wife. Perhaps your father will agree to terms.”

She spit in his face.

“I’d fall on my sword before I’d marry a swine like yourself. In fact, why don’t you go fuck yourself,” she said in perfect English but with a heavy French accent.

“Such language. We’ll have to correct that at a later date. I hear you are quite the equestrian. You must know that the best horses are often the hardest to break. Captain, take this wench to my tent. Make her a bed of hay and stake her to the ground. But make sure no harm comes to her. We shall ride to Paris tomorrow under a white flag with our terms. Oh, and gag her filthy mouth as well. And you, my pretty, don’t worry. The night will come when you beg me to take you. But it won’t be tonight. No matter how hard your nipples are under that pretty dress.”

“Fuck you. The first chance I get I’m severing that tiny cock between your … ”

“Gag her now, Captain. I’m in no mood for her whorish mouth.”

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Time to plant more corn!

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