I thought about you today. In the bath. An older woman was with us. Not old, just a few years older than you. Just a nice lady. Curvy, but not buff or anything. You liked her.
We were all naked. I was standing behind you holding you to me and she was on the bed. I told her to masturbate for you. Watching her was getting you hot. You hadn’t had any sex all day. You started grinding your ass into me seeking my cock but I wanted no part of it. Yet.
She said she was feeling a little uncomfortable being watched and didn’t know if she could cum. She asked if it would be if you kissed her and touched/squeezed her breasts and nipples while she touched her wet shaved pussy. I said ok but get directly to the side of her and point your ass back towards me so I could watch.
We could tell immediately that she was more into it. Moving her hips like she was being fucked while her fingers worked her swollen clit. I fingered your pussy with two fingers. Amazed as always at how tight you are.
It was 2:45. I told you that you could do anything you wanted with her. Just be sure she left by 4:00. I wasn’t going to watch or even be in the house. But I wanted you in bed when I got back. You could go to the bathroom if you liked.
But she’ll let you do anything you want. Or whatever you want to do to her is fine too. I don’t care. I don’t even want to know. Just enjoy her. If you like her, then we might arrange to see her again sometime.
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