I doubt many here remember Mandy

Mandy’s lithe body was stretched out on the crisp sheets. No, she wasn’t bound, no where ready for that yet. Nearly naked, just down to her pink thong. She did succumb to the black scarf that hid her pretty eyes. A little nervous, but yes, she liked being nearly nude for the pleasure of a man’s eyes.

I wanted to touch her slowly. As if I was blind as well with my first woman. Her full breasts. Her sultry curves. My hand finding the soft band of pink cotton but avoiding her sex. A woman is best cooked slowly.

I could tell by her breathing. The subtle movement of her hips. Soft moans and sighs that she ached for more. And it wouldn’t have to be my fingers or tongue, no, she’d happily touch herself with familiar fingers if I asked. She loved to play the actress.

Her back arched as my warm mouth found a hard nipple.

“Please,” she moaned.

“Yes, Mandy, I know. I know what you want. I don’t know how or why but I have always known.”

My fingers traced the seams of her wet panties along her tender inner thigh. Very wet.

“So here’s the deal, sweetie. I will give you what you want. I will allow you to touch your swollen wet pussy. As I breath and kiss the moans from your lips and suckle your nipples. Letting you go as slow as you want. Even double dip a second time if you wish. In return, you will give me what I want. All that I want. Knowing my needs approach insatiability. Within the limits we discussed of course.”

“Yes, please, may I?”

“Yes, since you asked nicely you may. First let me remove your panties. And I must lick you first. Long primal animalistic licks just to taste your sacred musk.”

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