So you are tied down to my iron bed right now. Blindfolded and staked out in a X by the restraints and ropes. Naked of course on the Egyptian sheets. I left you with clothes pins on both nipples and four on each of your pussy lips. Or pegs if you happen to be British.

You got here this afternoon. Sucked me off. Then I tied you up and flogged you along with other instruments of pain. I’ve yet to fuck your pussy. Thought we’d go out to dinner first. And now here you are. Wet and needy.

You feel the mattress sink. My mouth kissing yours. Biting your lip. Sucking on your tongue. Then you squirm as you feel a soft feminine tongue on your clit. Unexpected, but we had discussed it before. She brings you to a quick orgasm. You scream as I remove all the pins from your aching cunt lips as you cum. Next you hear the popping of a medical glove fitting over a hand. Cool lube being spread all over your shaved pink pussy. A couple of slender gloved girl fingers working inside your pussy now. Three, then four. You gasp as her small fist disappears inside your fist virgin cunt.

You are moaning now. Close to cumming. Her fist locked inside your tender hole waiting on your orgasm to push it out. It doesn’t take long. You cum hard freeing her hand. Your head sinks as she straddles your face and lowers her wet cunt to your lips. You lick her like a hungry kitten. She turns around to hold your legs high while I pound your pussy with my hard cock. She’s grinding her pussy on your face now. Humping it. Masturbating with your lips and chin. You start to cum again I and pull the clothes pins off your nipples making you scream again.

We unhook the restraints and flip you over. Leaving the blindfold on. I’m holding your hips tight grinding my cock into your pussy. You can see her but she’s licking my asshole. Forcing her tongue up my little hole as she caresses my balls with her smooth little hand. She wants me to cum inside you. So she can take her time cleaning out our juices from your cunt. Yes, I’ve cum twice already but sometimes I surprise myself.

I grab hold of your ponytail and fuck you with hard short strokes. On the backstroke I feel her tongue forced deeper in my ass. It’s too much and my turn to scream.

She kissed you on the cheek, gets dressed, and walks out. Making you wonder if the mystery lady will ever return.

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