So you are wet willing and wanting more? Well it has been two weeks. Just makes you healthy and not a slut. Well, I guess you could say you are my slut. But that’s been overdone. The point is you are here and naked and kneeling in the den as I finish a blog upstairs.

I gave you time to bathe and lotion and do whatever women do to feel pretty. And I do appreciate your efforts. It’s just that we have forty-eight hours so no need to rush.

My cats have both rubbed against you as if they too were claiming you. Good thing you are not a cat hater. You have heard me walking around upstairs and wish I’d come down. You want to touch yourself but surely that would be ill advised if I found out. And I do seem to know what you are doing all the time. Perhaps that clock has a camera inside secretly filming you. You wouldn’t really object. You have no limits and no objections. Just simply wanting to please me in any way possible.

My cock starts to stir in my shorts as I write about your hard nipples. I assume they are hard. I know they will be soon enough. I have followed your workout blog with great interest the last two weeks. Watching you train your body for my pleasure. Some may find this insulting but you have a warrior spirit and see sex as a battle of bodies at times. And that deep seated need to strive for perfection. I always tell you that you are perfect but you have always been your harshest critic.

I find myself torn as I write. Should I take this as far as I can with hundreds of words of descriptive detail for the ones who come here for foreplay or should I go satisfy myself. But that makes you wonder if she is real. She is you, and you aren’t here, so it can’t be real can it?

I do have a surprise for you. I’ve converted a spare bedroom into a dungeon. It’s a work in progress. I don’t know that will even use it this weekend. It’s about you and me right? Not dungeons or dragons or toys or any of that stuff. Nothing wrong with a little spice I guess.

At last you hear me walking down the wooden stairs. Really me this time and not the cat who is almost as loud. You are placed by design where you can’t see me enter the room. I take the long black scarf and wrap it around your eyes a couple of times before tying it off in the back. I love it. It’s so long and easy to work with.

“How was your trip, dear?”

“It was a beautiful drive. Why must you keep me waiting so long Sir?”

“Oh, it hasn’t been that long. Twenty-five minutes since your bath drained. With the other things you do I figure you have been here about ten minutes. You should try meditating.”

“I’ve been meditating on my last visit. Want to feel?”

“I can see; I don’t need to feel.

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