I thought about you today. In the bath. An older woman was with us. Not old, just a few years older than you. Just a nice lady. Curvy, but not buff or anything. You liked her.
We were all naked. I was standing behind you holding you to me and she was on the bed. I told her to masturbate for you. Watching her was getting you hot. You hadn’t had any sex all day. You started grinding your ass into me seeking my cock but I wanted no part of it. Yet.
She said she was feeling a little uncomfortable being watched and didn’t know if she could cum. She asked if it would be if you kissed her and touched/squeezed her breasts and nipples while she touched her wet shaved pussy. I said ok but get directly to the side of her and point your ass back towards me so I could watch.
We could tell immediately that she was more into it. Moving her hips like she was being fucked while her fingers worked her swollen clit. I fingered your pussy with two fingers. Amazed as always at how tight you are.
It was 2:45. I told you that you could do anything you wanted with her. Just be sure she left by 4:00. I wasn’t going to watch or even be in the house. But I wanted you in bed when I got back. You could go to the bathroom if you liked.
But she’ll let you do anything you want. Or whatever you want to do to her is fine too. I don’t care. I don’t even want to know. Just enjoy her. If you like her, then we might arrange to see her again sometime.
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I doubt many here remember Mandy

Mandy’s lithe body was stretched out on the crisp sheets. No, she wasn’t bound, no where ready for that yet. Nearly naked, just down to her pink thong. She did succumb to the black scarf that hid her pretty eyes. A little nervous, but yes, she liked being nearly nude for the pleasure of a man’s eyes.

I wanted to touch her slowly. As if I was blind as well with my first woman. Her full breasts. Her sultry curves. My hand finding the soft band of pink cotton but avoiding her sex. A woman is best cooked slowly.

I could tell by her breathing. The subtle movement of her hips. Soft moans and sighs that she ached for more. And it wouldn’t have to be my fingers or tongue, no, she’d happily touch herself with familiar fingers if I asked. She loved to play the actress.

Her back arched as my warm mouth found a hard nipple.

“Please,” she moaned.

“Yes, Mandy, I know. I know what you want. I don’t know how or why but I have always known.”

My fingers traced the seams of her wet panties along her tender inner thigh. Very wet.

“So here’s the deal, sweetie. I will give you what you want. I will allow you to touch your swollen wet pussy. As I breath and kiss the moans from your lips and suckle your nipples. Letting you go as slow as you want. Even double dip a second time if you wish. In return, you will give me what I want. All that I want. Knowing my needs approach insatiability. Within the limits we discussed of course.”

“Yes, please, may I?”

“Yes, since you asked nicely you may. First let me remove your panties. And I must lick you first. Long primal animalistic licks just to taste your sacred musk.”

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Something new in the Daddy blog

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So you are tied down to my iron bed right now. Blindfolded and staked out in a X by the restraints and ropes. Naked of course on the Egyptian sheets. I left you with clothes pins on both nipples and four on each of your pussy lips. Or pegs if you happen to be British.

You got here this afternoon. Sucked me off. Then I tied you up and flogged you along with other instruments of pain. I’ve yet to fuck your pussy. Thought we’d go out to dinner first. And now here you are. Wet and needy.

You feel the mattress sink. My mouth kissing yours. Biting your lip. Sucking on your tongue. Then you squirm as you feel a soft feminine tongue on your clit. Unexpected, but we had discussed it before. She brings you to a quick orgasm. You scream as I remove all the pins from your aching cunt lips as you cum. Next you hear the popping of a medical glove fitting over a hand. Cool lube being spread all over your shaved pink pussy. A couple of slender gloved girl fingers working inside your pussy now. Three, then four. You gasp as her small fist disappears inside your fist virgin cunt.

You are moaning now. Close to cumming. Her fist locked inside your tender hole waiting on your orgasm to push it out. It doesn’t take long. You cum hard freeing her hand. Your head sinks as she straddles your face and lowers her wet cunt to your lips. You lick her like a hungry kitten. She turns around to hold your legs high while I pound your pussy with my hard cock. She’s grinding her pussy on your face now. Humping it. Masturbating with your lips and chin. You start to cum again I and pull the clothes pins off your nipples making you scream again.

We unhook the restraints and flip you over. Leaving the blindfold on. I’m holding your hips tight grinding my cock into your pussy. You can see her but she’s licking my asshole. Forcing her tongue up my little hole as she caresses my balls with her smooth little hand. She wants me to cum inside you. So she can take her time cleaning out our juices from your cunt. Yes, I’ve cum twice already but sometimes I surprise myself.

I grab hold of your ponytail and fuck you with hard short strokes. On the backstroke I feel her tongue forced deeper in my ass. It’s too much and my turn to scream.

She kissed you on the cheek, gets dressed, and walks out. Making you wonder if the mystery lady will ever return.

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So no blog today

But I promise to do a good one tomorrow. Scout’s honor.

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So you are wet willing and wanting more? Well it has been two weeks. Just makes you healthy and not a slut. Well, I guess you could say you are my slut. But that’s been overdone. The point is you are here and naked and kneeling in the den as I finish a blog upstairs.

I gave you time to bathe and lotion and do whatever women do to feel pretty. And I do appreciate your efforts. It’s just that we have forty-eight hours so no need to rush.

My cats have both rubbed against you as if they too were claiming you. Good thing you are not a cat hater. You have heard me walking around upstairs and wish I’d come down. You want to touch yourself but surely that would be ill advised if I found out. And I do seem to know what you are doing all the time. Perhaps that clock has a camera inside secretly filming you. You wouldn’t really object. You have no limits and no objections. Just simply wanting to please me in any way possible.

My cock starts to stir in my shorts as I write about your hard nipples. I assume they are hard. I know they will be soon enough. I have followed your workout blog with great interest the last two weeks. Watching you train your body for my pleasure. Some may find this insulting but you have a warrior spirit and see sex as a battle of bodies at times. And that deep seated need to strive for perfection. I always tell you that you are perfect but you have always been your harshest critic.

I find myself torn as I write. Should I take this as far as I can with hundreds of words of descriptive detail for the ones who come here for foreplay or should I go satisfy myself. But that makes you wonder if she is real. She is you, and you aren’t here, so it can’t be real can it?

I do have a surprise for you. I’ve converted a spare bedroom into a dungeon. It’s a work in progress. I don’t know that will even use it this weekend. It’s about you and me right? Not dungeons or dragons or toys or any of that stuff. Nothing wrong with a little spice I guess.

At last you hear me walking down the wooden stairs. Really me this time and not the cat who is almost as loud. You are placed by design where you can’t see me enter the room. I take the long black scarf and wrap it around your eyes a couple of times before tying it off in the back. I love it. It’s so long and easy to work with.

“How was your trip, dear?”

“It was a beautiful drive. Why must you keep me waiting so long Sir?”

“Oh, it hasn’t been that long. Twenty-five minutes since your bath drained. With the other things you do I figure you have been here about ten minutes. You should try meditating.”

“I’ve been meditating on my last visit. Want to feel?”

“I can see; I don’t need to feel.

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Here is to April!

The room is cold. Sixty-eight degrees. Making your nipples hard. Or is it me? Quite a contrast to the ninety-eight outside. You wore a dress. Not knowing what I’d like. But from what you have read, you know I write about cotton sun dresses.

I sense your uneasiness. With an undercurrent of excitement. It’s not like you to just show up to a hotel to meet someone off the internet. Yeah, you feel like you know me, but standing there you wonder. Do you really? Can you do this as your very knees start to betray you?

I walk behind you. Your heart skips a beat as I undress the dress and slip it down around your feet on the floor. I unhook your bra and free your full softball sized breasts. My warm hands replace the bra squeezing them and then pinching your nipples.

“Next time, dear, don’t wear a bra.”

“I’m sorry Sir, you didn’t mention it before.”

“Had it been important I would have. Just lose the bra whenever we are alone. They are nice and firm. You don’t really need one.”

“Yes Sir.”

You feel your panties being pulled down just over your ass. You watch as I go to my suitcase and pull out the English riding crop. I circle your breasts in a figure eight then lightly slap both nipples.

“Do you remember why I said I like my crop, slut?”

“I believe you said it is an instrument of power, Sir.”

“Very good. It’s not something I want you to fear.”

You watch as I walk back around behind you. I spank each cheek about ten times making you gasp.

“Did that hurt?”

“It was a little intense Sir.”

“But did it hurt?”

“Bearable Sir. No, I guess I’d say it didn’t hurt. Not like I imagine you could hurt, Sir.”

“Some use pain as a punishment. But to me, submissives are like feet. One pair of shoes is not going to fit all. One person’s pain is another pleasure.”

“I don’t think I’m a pain slut, Sir.”

“Well there is very little you actually know at this point. And I’m not being flippant. We learn from experiences and not from fantasies. I would like for you to stay. But you are free to leave now if you like. If you stay, I expect an honest effort to both please and obey me. The only thing I will promise you is that if you are willing we will do this again. Rarely do it outright release someone I take under my wing unless they do something grievous or for outright insubordination.”

“If it pleases, you, I’d like to stay Sir.”

“Very well. You have had a long drive. Let me run you a bath.”

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