A new month means a new start

Time seemed to slow as your little hand rapped four times on the hotel room. You legs were shaking as they resisted the cry from the part of you that wanted to flee. But, no, this is what you have wanted. For so long. So many nights you would stop by here looking for foreplay. Looking for a reason to get wet then retire to your bed for what only existed in your mind. Now it was real. You saw the knob turn as if in slow motion. The door opened. It was me.

I saw the frightened deer look in your eyes and pulled you gently into the room by your wrist. I held you tightly for what seemed like forever but was only a minute. I smelled like Polo Black. You felt small and safe in my arms. A kiss on your neck. A warm whisper in your ear.

“So good to finally hold you. I always knew it would happen one day. You don’t have to say anything just yet.”

My hands moved inside your sun dress and slipped inside your pink panties. They met no resistence. Just a sigh from your pretty lips as I kneaded your sweet full ass. I kissed you gently. Our tongues meeting then parting much too soon for you.

“We are moving so fast. In another life I’d do it differently. But it is what it is. I know what you want. There is no time for shame. This is what we want. What we have planned for so long. Get on your knees.”

You were thankful because your legs were beginning to shake. I pulled off my shirt. And stepped out of my shorts and briefs in one move reveling my hard cock you knew from pictures so well.

“Take it in your little hand. Feel its heat and firmness. Stroke it lightly. Yes, you may suck.”

You sighed as you took me in. Tasting a thousand times better than you even imagined. My hand gathered up your long hair at your neck and knotted it in my hand. Just applying pressure. Not guiding your motion.

“You are a good little cock sucker. I know you want to finish but lets move to the bed first. I want all your clothes off, yes, even your panties, and I want you to suck me like you’ve been taught. With your privates towards my head for my enjoyment. After I cum you’ll get your first spanking. I know you are looking forward to that. Then I’ll tie you up and when I’m ready I’ll let you cum. Before I claim my pussy with that cock you love to suck so much.”

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  1. Worth the wait WD.

    And thought about by any little pet meeting her Master in person for the first time.

  2. god I think i just came..

    keep em’ coming.

  3. Thank You 🙂

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