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Hope you like

I had a vision where we met in a hotel. All the superfluous details were skipped. Just as they would be in real life. All the anxiety and fear is not what you remember years later.

You were naked. Raw and primal with no panties either which was interesting. You were on your knees. I was taken aback by your beauty. As if you belonged in a magazine and not before me. Submitting yourself completely.

You were fixated on my cock. As it moved closer to you. I gave you no commands. So when it was close enough you wrapped your little hand around the base. Your mouth opened in a wide O and you took it in. I could say, romantically that you wanted inside your pussy but that would be a lie. A male fantasy. The truth was you wanted in your mouth. Just as you imagined and even dreamed about.

Your hair was wavy. Not straightened but not curled either. I was amazed at its softness. Its luxuriousness. I enjoyed it for a bit then wrapped my hand tighter and pulled slightly but not enough to control your head which was now totally engulfed on my thickness, moving in and out of your mouth as you sucked sweetly. My cock indescribably tasty.

You reached up with your left hand to brush away your hair from your face. I took your hand and pulled it up to my chest and placed it over my heart. Then I spoke.

“Feel my heartbeat for you princess. I have wanted you right here for so long. Feels like forever. And your mouth, my goodness. I’m glad we aren’t limited by a script. Because I must let you finish. I know that is what you want as well. Now take this hand and gently cup my balls. Feel how tight they are pulled in to my body. They are so full for you. Wanting to be drained. To have sweetness digested and coursing through your very heart. My little cum slut. I hear that whimper. I know your body aches for me but first things first. You want my cum. Oh fuck yes I want it sucked all weekend. I want all of you. Totally, completely. That’s it baby, hurry, make me cum so I can taste you too. So I can ravish that pussy and make it mine forever. Oh God yes, just like that. I’m almost there. Oh yes I’m going to cum. For you baby, all for you. Oh God YES OhhhAgggggg damn. Still cumming. So much. So much for my sweet princess.”

I pulled you up by your hair and kissed you hard tasting my seed. Pulled you over to the couch and bent you over my lap.

“Present your ass like you want it spanked slut. That’s better.”

I spanked you hard. Methodically. Coldly. My hand tight in your hair while my other hand kept your legs from kicking. Then I picked you up and carried you to the bed. Threw you down sideways on the king sized bed and started eating your pussy. Licking your clit steadily up and down as two fingers entered you and pressed down giving you a full feeling in your vagina. I knew you would cum quickly. We’d have time to revisit all our treats later. You came hard on command.

I pulled you like a rag doll to the center of the bed. No time for ropes, instead I pinned you down by the wrists with my strong arms rendering you helpless. I released one arm.

“Guide me in slut. Just the head for now.”

I felt your little hand seize my cock and guide me to your wet pink gate. The mushroom head popped inside as you struggled to get deeper on my cock.

“Quiet your hips, slut. I’ll fuck you when I’m good and ready. Now kiss me like you want to get fucked.”

I sucked on your tongue as you whimpered. My cock still head deep in your aching cunt. My pussy. Always mine.

“Tell me it’s my pussy, slut.”

Please, it’s your pussy Master. Please claim it, Sir.”

I pulled out. Wrapped your slutty knees around my shoulders pressing then back to your full breasts. I pinched both nipples hard. Rubbed my cockhead up and down your wet slit then impaled you on my thickness. I wrapped one hand deep in your hair pulling your head back and biting your shoulder while my other hand still pinched a hard nipple. Your tight cunt clinched my cock as if to never let it go. You watched my bulging muscles as my hands interlocked with yours pinning them above your head. I fucked you hard. Almost violently but it’s what you wanted. What you needed from me. Later we’d make love by candlelight and soft music but for now our sex relished in raping each other. Until we both came screaming into the night.

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My Forty Days in the Wilderness.

I needed a break from it all. It was becoming stale. Predictable. Pornographic. Somewhere along the way I lost my voice. My purpose. But I have many voices. Many facets. But in the end I can only please myself. Anything else is not genuine. The only promise I will make is that I’ll write today. Today is really the only reality we have when you think about it.

I needed a break from it all. It was becoming stale. Predictable. Pornographic. Somewhere along the way I lost my voice. My purpose. But I have many voices. Many facets. But in the end I can only please myself. Anything else is not genuine. The only promise I will make is that I’ll write today. Today is really the only reality we have when you think about it.

First I have to do my morning meditations. Then I have to do Pilates. The more I push back Pilates, the less likely it will get done. Friday is Yoga. Monday is Yoga class. I wish there were more classes. I talked to the guy last night and he said he wants to have more. I don’t see it happening though. He’d need both a morning and an evening class. And he already has two other classes to teach. Too bad I don’t live in a larger town. 

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I would say I’ll do a blog tomorrow but who knows. I’d like to post more stuff. I know tomorrow I don’t have to be anywhere in the morning.

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And you thought I forgot you

There is no such thing as time anyway. So we don’t need a beginning. We don’t need a storyline. All we need is you naked before me.

Naked except for a pink thong. Must be Friday. Lets say it’s morning. Mid morning and we haven’t had morning sex yet. My favorite time. The only thing that coffee can wait for. But lets say we showed restraint and had coffee and breakfast.

Lets say we ate out. At the little family place downtown I like so much. Because it’s nice to be served and have some time for small talk and not have to cook or clean up.

So now we fast forward to you in my den naked except for your pink thong. It’s late spring and nice and warm. But not hot. Except between your legs. You woke up horny. I could tell. I purposely made you wait a little. Not long, it’s only 9:30. And quite honestly you just love being with me. So the sex can wait. A bit.

While we are pretending, we can pretend that you got there kind of late yesterday. The sun was still up but going down. So I didn’t flat wear you out. I did get the four orgasms I needed. Could have had more, like you did, but we have the next two full days together. I have to pace us or parts of you will start to wear out. Not so much your cunt because you are as insatiable as I am. But other things like nipples, and spanking/flogging of your ass, spanking the pussy, all have to be paced to last for three nights.

So really it was just a lot of fucking last night because I missed being close to you.

But now I’m pinching your nipples. This isn’t your first rodeo with me so you know there is a lot more to us than just fucking. Stuff that drives you crazy. Your panties are soaked. They got that way about 10 minutes after I put them on you after our shower. Before breakfast.

I stop as if I forgot something and go get the leather wrist and ankle restraints. To your ankles I hook a spreader bar. Your wrists I cuff behind you. Then you hear me walk off into the bedroom. The sound of ropes being moved about and tied. Then you feel me behind you. Wrapping a black scarf around your eyes and tying it off. Very long cotton scarf so I don’t have to worry about the knot tangling in your hair. You feel me press against you. My hard cock fits like a wiener between your cheeks. It’s amazingly hot temperature wise.

“How do you feel my princess?”

“Tingly, excited, horny, needy, wanting to please you.”

“You always do please me, you know this don’t you?,” I say, pulling your head back roughly by your hair.

“Yes, Master, I know I please you. It’s not hard, you seem to guide me in that direction.”

I kiss your exposed neck. Give you five solid wacks on the ass with my little birch paddle. You whimper.

“You like that don’t you? You could have so many guys wrapped around your little finger yet you chose me who wacks your ass with a paddle when you least expect it, and yet you love it. Why is that?”

“Honestly I don’t know Master. All I know is I was yours before you ever said hi to me.”

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A new month means a new start

Time seemed to slow as your little hand rapped four times on the hotel room. You legs were shaking as they resisted the cry from the part of you that wanted to flee. But, no, this is what you have wanted. For so long. So many nights you would stop by here looking for foreplay. Looking for a reason to get wet then retire to your bed for what only existed in your mind. Now it was real. You saw the knob turn as if in slow motion. The door opened. It was me.

I saw the frightened deer look in your eyes and pulled you gently into the room by your wrist. I held you tightly for what seemed like forever but was only a minute. I smelled like Polo Black. You felt small and safe in my arms. A kiss on your neck. A warm whisper in your ear.

“So good to finally hold you. I always knew it would happen one day. You don’t have to say anything just yet.”

My hands moved inside your sun dress and slipped inside your pink panties. They met no resistence. Just a sigh from your pretty lips as I kneaded your sweet full ass. I kissed you gently. Our tongues meeting then parting much too soon for you.

“We are moving so fast. In another life I’d do it differently. But it is what it is. I know what you want. There is no time for shame. This is what we want. What we have planned for so long. Get on your knees.”

You were thankful because your legs were beginning to shake. I pulled off my shirt. And stepped out of my shorts and briefs in one move reveling my hard cock you knew from pictures so well.

“Take it in your little hand. Feel its heat and firmness. Stroke it lightly. Yes, you may suck.”

You sighed as you took me in. Tasting a thousand times better than you even imagined. My hand gathered up your long hair at your neck and knotted it in my hand. Just applying pressure. Not guiding your motion.

“You are a good little cock sucker. I know you want to finish but lets move to the bed first. I want all your clothes off, yes, even your panties, and I want you to suck me like you’ve been taught. With your privates towards my head for my enjoyment. After I cum you’ll get your first spanking. I know you are looking forward to that. Then I’ll tie you up and when I’m ready I’ll let you cum. Before I claim my pussy with that cock you love to suck so much.”

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