Daddy’s Naughty Girl

Once again this is age play and not incest. Everyone is over twenty-one and just having fun.

“Who is your Daddy?”

“You are Daddy.”

“Show me that pussy, sweetie.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Open it up wide, as wide as you can.”

“It won’t open too far Daddy. I’m a virgin.”

“Has a boy ever touched you there?”

“Yes, Daddy, He put his finger inside and it hurt so much.”

“You don’t think you are a little slut for letting a boy do that?”

“Yes, I’m a slut Daddy. I touch it all the time. I don’t think about boys though Daddy, only you.”

“Did he lick you there?”

“Oh no! No Daddy. It’s not clean.”

“You are clean now. I just bathed you thirty minutes ago.”

“No, it’s dirty. Mommy says so. But it felt good when you washed me there Daddy.”

“I’m going to lick you there.”

“Oh don’t Daddy. Just touch me.”

“I’m going to these leather things on your little ankles. They won’t hurt.”

“Why Daddy? They look scary.”

“And these on your wrists. See, they don’t hurt at all.”

“It’s weird Daddy. I don’t like it.”

“Now I”m going to clip them to this rope on Daddy’s big iron bed.”

“Daddy, no, you can see my privates too well.”

“Now your wrists so you can barely move at all.”

“Let me go, Daddy. Please?”

“You talk too much. Daddy is going to stuff your mouth with your little pink panties. You better be quiet too.

You shake your head back and forth as Daddy’s big tongue starts licking your there in your naughty place. But then you stop and start moving your hips. And moaning. I take the panties out of your mouth.

“Please, don’t stop Daddy, don’t ever stop. I love it.”

“Are you going to cum for me?”

“Come where Daddy? I don’t understand.”

“You know, like when you touch yourself there late and night until it feels very very good? I hear you every night.”

“You know my dirty secret Daddy? Yes, I think it will happen soon. Don’t stop Daddy.”

“If I let you cum will you put Daddy’s peepee in your mouth and suck on it?”

“Oh yes, Daddy, I wanted that every since I peeked in the door and watched Mommy do it. She liked it very much. I will try anyway. Oh Daddy, my dirty secret is about to happen!”

“Mmmm make it cum hard for Daddy!”

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  1. i wish i could have a Daddy

  2. me too…mmm

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