I have my head resting on your soft spread thigh. I’m fucking you with a dildo. It feels so much different when I fuck it. So much better. We know you cum hard and fast alone with it but when I fuck you it’s better. You cum three times hard gushing everywhere. Then I tell you that you can have my hard cock now. The cock you want more than any other cock. The cock you have craved all this time.

I get on top just in a normal missionary. My leaner body feels good on yours. Yes, you liked me bigger too but I do feel good on your body. I feel your hands rubbing my tight little round butt and I know it turns you on. I’m kissing you rubbing my hard cock up and down your wet pink slit. You start to beg. Not with words but those sounds you make when you are turned on. You know better than to ask.

“How bad do you want my cock, Master?”

“Very bad, Master, please.”

“I will give you a shallow fucking.”

I fuck you with half my cock. You want it all but I’m the boss. After about twenty five strokes I go all the way in. You squeal with delight. I start fucking you very hard and you cum without asking. I’ll spank you later but don’t say anything. I just ride out your orgasm as you wet me with your cum. I fuck you more. Rough. Pulling your hair and biting you. Fucking you like a primal beast. You cum again, this time asking. Now you are sex crazed. You would scare a lot of men but I just use you like my slut. You cum several times before I can take my pleasure in you. I let you squeeze out the creampie in my hand and feed it to you. Then I turn you over and spank you hard for not asking.

Then we start all over again this time with you in doggie. You cum so much for me. More than you thought possible.

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