Well, I meant to do a post today

But it is not going to happen. I could throw something together but I want it to be a good one. So I’ll have one tomorrow morning. Set aside a couple of hours in the morning.

I meant to shave my balls but ended up shaving everything down there.

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So I was thinking

Maybe to branch off and do a Daddy/little girl blog?  I know people either like that stuff or hate it. That way you’d have a place where you could always find some and this blog could go on without it. I guess you just want  SOMETHING right?
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New post coming today

I’ve been a little slack this year. As far as postings go. Had some family issues that are now settled. So I hope I’ll be in a better mood and giving you what you come here for.

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Less than 5000 views to 100,000

Thank you J for getting me started. Even though I know you don’t visit. And to al my readers who have stuck with me through thick and thin.

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Now I don’t like to brag but that’s a sexy picture.

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You thought you were coming here. But I ushered you into the backseat of my car, hogtied you with my little leather hogtie thingy, blindfolded you and threw a blanket over you so no one could see you from outside. No nosy truck drivers. You were confused and a tiny bit frightened but you knew deep inside that I would never harm you. After about 40 minutes you felt the car winding up mountains steep curve one and then the next. But you had no idea where you were or how to get home.

You felt the car turn down a bumpy gravel road for a while and then it made a tight circle and stopped. I untied you and removed the blindfold and let you sit up. You could see we were at a secluded cabin in the mountains. A cute little A frame chalet.

“Do you have to pee, slut?”

“Yes Master.”

“Then pee beside the car so I can watch. Here is a pack of tissues.”

You pulled down your shorts and squatted but nothing came out.

“Master, please, I have a bashful bladder. May I go inside?”

“No but you can go back inside the car. There is a whole case of water in the backseat. It’s best you get started on it. The quicker you can pee the quicker we can go inside.”

You were not very happy but knew better than complain. They were the short fat bottles. Not very big. You drank the first one quickly and started on the second.

“It won’t be long now, slut. Nature will take its course. I know you are wondering why. And there is no reason other than I said so. And that’s good enough isn’t it?”

“I guess.”

“You mean “Yes Master” don’t you?” I can easily turn one of those bottles into an enema. I don’t think you’d find that very pleasurable.”

“No Master, I will pee for you soon.”

“Keep drinking.”

You finished the second and opened the third.

“Master, I think I need to pee now.”

“Well finish the bottle. I want you to know and not think.”

I could tell you weren’t happy. But all this would be over soon enough.

“Please, Master, may I pee for you. Please?”

“Yes, but leave those shorts and panties in the car. You won’t be needing them tonight.”

You pissed like a drunken sailor into the mountain soil. I was kind enough to wipe off your shaven pussy for you.

“The gravel walkway is a little sharp on your bare feet so I will carry you inside.”

You put your arm around my neck as I lifted you into my arms. As we approached the back door it opened. Mistress Ana was standing there in a red corset with matching panties .

‘slut, meet Mistress Ana. You will entertain her for a few hours before she has to go back down the mountain. Then we’ll have the rest of the weekend to ourselves.”

“Master, we didn’t agree to this. I don’t know if …”

“Oh, don’t be a baby slut. She an old friend and if you don’t do as she says you’ll insult both her and myself. You might find you like her.”

“Ok, Master. I will try.”

“Do you have a name slut?” Mistress Ana asked.

“I did. Master says I must earn a new name and to call me slut.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you. I know you would be more comfortable topping a woman. But this isn’t about what you want is it, slut?”


“No? I thought you said she was trained, WriterDom?”

“Well, somewhat Ana, she is a brat at times. Maybe you can help straighten her out,” I said.

“Such lovely hair, slut,” said Ana. Do you have a hairbrush dear? Of course you do. But it’s probably still in the car. WriterDom, is ok if I beat her ass with my hairbrush? I think she needs more discipline.”

“I think that is a splendid idea Ana. She can bend over the arm of that big soft couch and suck my cock while you spank her. Or at least hold it in her slutty mouth. Go bend over the couch arm slut. And be quick about it.”

“She is a lovely young thing. Is she really as orgasmic as your stories claim? They are kind of hard to believe,” Ana said.

“We have time, Ana. You can fuck her if you like with your strap on and see for yourself. I don’t mind sharing her with a woman, you know. I know she needs to be fucked. While you are getting ready she can suck my cock. She is such a cock whore.”

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I think you’ll like the blog today

I’m not going to rush it. Just write a little all day and send it when the sun goes down.

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Too sexy for my shirt.

Kettlebell. 25 pounds. My brother in law let me have this redneck fishing cap when I needed one. He’s not a redneck though. Even worse, a Yankee. I would show my face but some of you would camp in my yard and never leave if I did.
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Daddy’s Naughty Girl

Once again this is age play and not incest. Everyone is over twenty-one and just having fun.

“Who is your Daddy?”

“You are Daddy.”

“Show me that pussy, sweetie.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Open it up wide, as wide as you can.”

“It won’t open too far Daddy. I’m a virgin.”

“Has a boy ever touched you there?”

“Yes, Daddy, He put his finger inside and it hurt so much.”

“You don’t think you are a little slut for letting a boy do that?”

“Yes, I’m a slut Daddy. I touch it all the time. I don’t think about boys though Daddy, only you.”

“Did he lick you there?”

“Oh no! No Daddy. It’s not clean.”

“You are clean now. I just bathed you thirty minutes ago.”

“No, it’s dirty. Mommy says so. But it felt good when you washed me there Daddy.”

“I’m going to lick you there.”

“Oh don’t Daddy. Just touch me.”

“I’m going to these leather things on your little ankles. They won’t hurt.”

“Why Daddy? They look scary.”

“And these on your wrists. See, they don’t hurt at all.”

“It’s weird Daddy. I don’t like it.”

“Now I”m going to clip them to this rope on Daddy’s big iron bed.”

“Daddy, no, you can see my privates too well.”

“Now your wrists so you can barely move at all.”

“Let me go, Daddy. Please?”

“You talk too much. Daddy is going to stuff your mouth with your little pink panties. You better be quiet too.

You shake your head back and forth as Daddy’s big tongue starts licking your there in your naughty place. But then you stop and start moving your hips. And moaning. I take the panties out of your mouth.

“Please, don’t stop Daddy, don’t ever stop. I love it.”

“Are you going to cum for me?”

“Come where Daddy? I don’t understand.”

“You know, like when you touch yourself there late and night until it feels very very good? I hear you every night.”

“You know my dirty secret Daddy? Yes, I think it will happen soon. Don’t stop Daddy.”

“If I let you cum will you put Daddy’s peepee in your mouth and suck on it?”

“Oh yes, Daddy, I wanted that every since I peeked in the door and watched Mommy do it. She liked it very much. I will try anyway. Oh Daddy, my dirty secret is about to happen!”

“Mmmm make it cum hard for Daddy!”

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wed  42-24
thurs  47-26
fri   36-27
sat  50-28
sun 53- 27
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Something new for a change

I love the way you arch across my lap. Your perfect ass just begging to be spanked hard. I give it a little rub. Kneading the cheeks a little. Then spank each cheek hard ten times. Stopping to strum my fingers across your wet and open very wet pussy.

“You like that don’t you slut?”

“Yes Master. Harder please!”

“Harder? You want Master to hurt his hand?”

“No Master, I … ”

“Shut up, slut. I’m not in the mood for your mouth or your wants. Fine, hard you want but with my new hard plastic large hair brush.”

You feel my hand tighten in your curly locks. Then the brush smacking your ass. Unmercifully it comes down blow after blow. So many you know I’m not counting. You try to rise up but I shove your head back down. Meanwhile the blows keep coming. Bruising your delicate ass. Making it as red as a baboon’s ass. I hear you sob and I stop. I feel your wet pussy with two fingers and your mouth with two from my other hand.

“All over slut. Please don’t cry. I don’t like for you to cry when I fuck you. And I’m going to fuck you from behind. On the iron bed. Connecting your wrist restraints high on the headboard so you can grab the cold iron in your little hands to brace yourself for Master’s big cock. I’m going to fuck you hard. A deep primal fuck and when I cum I’m going to stay inside you. Hard. Waiting the minute or so before I can fuck you again. Don’t wait for me to ask you to cum but rather cum as much as you want. It’s not like you can hide it. Once I cum the second time I’ll free you. Lie on my back. Let you kiss me. My mouth, neck, down my chest, flat stomach, to my cock. Get it hard then ride my hard cock for as long as you can. Soak the bed with your cum. Mixed with mine. Then I’ll give you a bath and we’ll talk about your ass. No, not your ass cheeks they are done for the night but your asshole. Sweet little asshole. Nice and clean. Now crawl to the bedroom.”

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I need someone to inspire me!

Not getting much inspiration lately.  
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