To be continued.

You felt the tension. However, since it was our second meeting it was from lust not fear. I transformed that first night into something even you couldn’t believe. I don’t know who the most sexual woman out there is but you were near the top after that. Yes, it had been too long but that was ok. You were five miles from the hotel. You bit your lip and tried not to speed.

I was in the room already sipping coffee and reading TheFirst Wive’s Club. I was calm having already planned the first hour or two like I always do. Also excited to see you again. I didn’t think I’d ever get to meet you. And now I’m seeing you again.

You walk through the lobby. The girl at the desk gives you a smile and looks like she’d love to eat your pussy if she could. Odd, but that’s what you sensed. Your heart races as the elevator lifted you closer to me. Down the hall you walked feeling the wetness on the light blue panties. You knock on the door anxious to see me.

I let you in and walk back to my chair.

“See the towel in the floor slut? Take off your shoes and stand on it. Now undress slowly. Very nice, I can tell you have been working out. Now touch my pussy. Touch your clit. Keep your eyes down don’t eyeball me slut. You have two minutes to cum or you will get the cane.”

Normally you cum quickly but just hearing about the cane scared you. You started rubbing your swollen clit trying to push all the “why’s” out of your head. You wish you could see me. Watching you. But you feel the burn of my eyes,

“Minute and a half to go, slut.”

“You felt dirty for a second then pushed that thought out and started thinking about sucking my cock. You have cum many times from just thinking about sucking my cock alone. I can tell you are getting close.

“One minute. Enough of this. Cum for me now.”

I sip my coffee and enjoy the show. You cum very hard and I know you’d rather feel my touch but I don’t care.

“Now why did I have you do that slut?”

“Because you can, Master. Your wish is my command.”

“Good answer. For that you get to suck my cock right away.”

To be continued.

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  1. I like this one…………

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