I am back

You take my breath away as you stand before me naked. You are in the inspection position with your hands behind your neck and your smooth legs spread. I can she you have just shaved your pussy. My pussy. It is very smooth and very wet. I can smell your sex.

I reach out and squeeze your nipples. They are hard and aching. You feel a jolt all the way down to your clit.

“Who’s nipples are these, slut?”

“Your nipples Master.”

“Bend over and grab your ankles.”

You don’t know what to expect. You never do. You feel my cock press again your gapping pussy. I ram it hard home. Just one stroke though.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

There is nothing you love more that sucking my cock. It tastes so good. Feels so thick in your mouth. Now it tastes like you but that’s ok because you taste good. You suck it good. Always with one hundred percent effort like I have trained you. But I stop you.

I take you to the bed. I throw your legs over my shoulders bending your knees back to your chest. I always fuck you hard this way. I want to make you cum. Make you gush all over the bed. I get dark thoughts when I fuck you like this. Like it’s a rape but you love it. You get too loud so I put three fingers in your mouth. You start sucking them. I feel your pussy tighten around my cock. I can tell you are ready to cum. I can always tell. You start to moan wondering why I haven’t told you. You start begging with your eyes unable to speak because of my fingers.

“If I let you cum will you squirt?”

You frantically shake your head yes.

“Then come little one. Drench me.”

Your pussy erupts in a flood of female cum soaking my balls and the sheets. It seems to go everywhere. You want to scream but my fingers are still in your mouth. I never felt you cum so hard. When you are done you are shaking.

I turn you over and fuck you from behind. Spanking your ass at the same time. I pull out when I cum. Shooting my cum all over your back.

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